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Everyone loves sales and deals on the things they need. This article will show you how to get the best deals by using sales and deals at the retail giant Target.

Best Target Sales and DealsAll About Target

Target is a popular discount retailer. They sell a wide variety of products, including home furnishings, office supplies, clothing, electronics, toys, games, sporting goods, hardware, and more. Many Target stores carry groceries, and some have a full grocery section. That makes Target a great place to get everything you need.

Types of Target Sales

Target runs three primary types of sales. These are:

  • Major Holiday Sales
  • Shopping Holiday Sales
  • Black Friday Sales
  • Clearance Sales/Daily Deals

We’ll take a look at each of these types of sales below.

Major Holidays

The first type of sale that Target runs are those for major holidays. These include federal and bank holidays like Presidents Day, Labor Day, and Memorial Day. The sales for major holidays usually start a day or two before the holiday and may go for a day or two after. Be sure to check with Target to see when specific sales are starting.

Shopping Holiday Sales

Target also has sales for major shopping holidays. These sales include events for holidays like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and back-to-school shopping. The sales for shopping holidays are more limited in terms of what’s on sale, but the items on sale always match with the nature of the shopping holiday.

Best Target Sales and Deals

Black Fridays

Black Friday gets its own special entry on the list because Target really goes all out for the biggest shopping day of the year. They have huge discounts on the most popular gifts, especially on toys and electronics. Their website also offers some great shipping deals for Black Friday.

Clearance/Daily Deals

Finally, Target runs a Clearance and Daily Deals sale. These items will be discounted up to 60% from their regular price. You can find clearance and daily deal sale items in their own section at your local Target or on their website.

REDCard Rewards Program

Target shoppers have two different options for rewards programs through Target’s REDcard. They can get a Target debit card tied to their existing checking account, or a Target credit card.

These special REDcards give several bonuses. First, customers get a 5% discount when they make a purchase with their REDcard. They’ll also get free shipping for online orders and an extra 30 days for returns. As a result, frequent Target shoppers can save a great deal of money with REDcard.

Coupons for Target Stores

In addition to their holiday sales and rewards program, Target also offers promo codes and in-store coupons. They do this through their own app, called Cartwheel. This app is available for free on iTunes and Google Play.

Cartwheel lets customers search through the different coupon offers and promotions at their local Target store. It also tracks the start and end dates for different promotions and other offers. You can get this list from the current promotions page.

Price Match Guarantee

Another great way to save money at Target is to take advantage of their price match guarantee. Target will match the price of any item if you buy it at Target and then find it for less on Target’s website, certain online retailers, or local competitor’s print ads. You’ll need to make the price match request when you make your purchase or within 14 days of the purchase to qualify.

The best way to take advantage of the price match guarantee is to keep an eye out for sales on the items you’ve purchased from Target recently. All too often people stop looking at prices on something once they’ve purchased it. But Target’s return policy gives you 14 days to find a better price. That means two full weeks for a purchase to go on sale anywhere to get you some money back.

Best Target Sales and Deals

Target Shipping and Returns

Online shopping is getting more popular every year. This makes a lot of sense. After all, why would you spend time going to the store if you’re purchasing something you don’t need right away?

Target recognizes this and so they have an excellent shipping and online return policy. When you order online you’ll get free standard shipping on all orders over $35. You’ll also get free two-day shipping on eligible items over $35.

If you want to shop online but need your item sooner, then Target is also a good option. Most items on their website are eligible for free in-store pickup. You can also get same-day delivery if you’re a member of Shipt.

Target return policy is also very generous. You can return most unopened items in new condition within 90 days for a full refund or an exchange. However, there are some exceptions to this policy. Electronics, for example, have a 30-day window for returns.

When it comes to online purchases, you can get free return shipping. You can also return most items in-person to a Target store. However, this policy varies by item, so be sure to check before you take your valuable time to bring an item to a store and then find out you need to ship it back to Target to return it.

Plan Your Target Trip to Maximize Value

You can find almost anything you need at a Target. Therefore, it’s important to plan your trip and watch for sales so you can stock up on items you want and need. You should also keep an eye open for the special shopping holiday sales Target offers. These sales are a great way to get things like school supplies on the cheap.

As you can see, Target has some amazing deals. Make sure to use all of these tips and tricks to get the best prices the next time you go shopping at this incredibly popular discount retail giant. Use the Cartwheel app to keep track of clearance items and daily deals. It will also show you promotions for items that will help make life easier. Remember, if you want something, you can probably get it for cheap at Target. This includes all kinds of items even including baby stuff.

For more great deals, read our reviews and check out our Walmart deals. You also might want to look into getting a Sam's Club membership instead. These are very good alternatives to Target.


General Target Questions

This section answers the general questions you have about Target and its sales. It will give you a good understanding of general Target policies and practices.

What's on Sale at Target?

Many items are on sale at Target. You should download Target’s app to see the current sales. The app is free and can be found on the Apple Store and Google Play.

How to Get Deals at Target?

The best way to get deals at Target is to use their Cartwheel app. The app will tell you what kind of deals the store is offering that day. You can also use a Target REDcard to get 5% off of your purchase.

What Is Today's Target Deal?

You can find today’s Target deal by checking their Target app. The app is free and you can get it on both the Apple store and Google Play.

Is Target Clearance Final Sale?

You are able to return Target clearance items. You must return the item unopened and in new condition. Also, the item must be returned within 90 days and have a refund.

Are Target Daily Deals Available in Store?

If you use the Cartwheel app then you can access your Target app daily deals in person at Target locations and stores.

Can I Return Target Online Purchase to Store?

For most items. You’ll need to check your purchase receipt from your online purchase to see if your specific item can be returned in the store.

What's on Sale at Target Next Week?

The best place to find out what’s going to be on sale at Target is by using their Target app. The Target app is on both Google Play and the Apple store, and it’s completely free to download and use.

Can You Price Rain Check for Target Deals?

You can get a rain check for an item if it isn’t available at your local Target store. The rain check will get you the sale price for the next 30-45 days, depending on the state.

Target Holiday Sales

This section covers your questions about Target’s holiday sales. Look for your answers about Black Friday and Cyber Monday here.

When Does Target Black Friday Online Start?

The 2018 Target Black Friday online sale started on Nov. 22 at 5PM. Some of the deals offered in store were available online, but not all of them. The start time can change each year.

Can I Shop Online for Black Friday at Target?

You can get some of the Black Friday deals at Target online, however you won’t have access to all of the same deals that are offered in the stores.

Can You Get Target Black Friday Doorbusters Online?

Black Friday doorbusters are not available online for Target. There are other great deals you can get online for Black Friday, but the doorbusters are not on the list.

Can You Get Target Black Friday Deals Online?

Some Black Friday deals are offered online at Target. The website won’t have as many deals and sales as the brick-and-mortar locations though.

When Are Target Black Friday Deals Available Online?

Target Black Friday deals went live at 5PM on Nov. 22 in 2018. The deals will always start on Black Friday, but the specific time the online sale starts can change.

Does Target have Online Black Friday Deals?

Yes, Target has online Black Friday deals. A number of items were available on sale at a steep discount, but online did not have the complete range of deals you got in the stores.

Does Target have a Memorial Day Sale?

Yes, Target has a Memorial Day sale every year. They reduce prices on a huge range of products both online and in their physical stores.

Is Target having a Cyber Monday Sale?

Target does have a Cyber Monday sale. The prices and deals offered weren’t as steep as the ones they offered for their in-person Black Friday deals, but they are still very good.

When Does Target Cyber Monday Deals Start?

Target’s Cyber Monday sale starts at a different time each year. In 2018 the sales started at 6am and continued until midnight. They included deals on free same day and next-day shipping.

Target Online

Lots of people have questions about Target’s online practices. We’ll answer questions about shopping online at Target here.

Can You Use Target Cartwheel Online?

Target moved the Cartwheel app into their general Target app in 2017. You can access your Target app deals online and buy them directly through the app.

Can You Buy Target Dollar Spot Items Online?

Yes, Target Dollar Spot items have their own special section on Target’s online store. You usually won’t be able to buy a single item. The section is also called Bullseye’s Playground.

How to Use Target Employee Discount Online?

You can use your Target employee discount online by logging into your account. This will allow you to apply or remove your team member discount.

When Does Target Restock Online?

Different items are restocked at different times, depending on the supplier. You can get Target to notify you if an out of stock item gets restocked.

Can You Shop Target Canada Online?

Target has closed all of its Canada stores. However, you can still shop at Target online and pay for international shipping if you wish to order Target goods in Canada.

Can You Buy Target Dollar Spot Online?

Yes, these items get their own section on the website. The section is also called Bullseye’s Playground. Depending on the item, you may or may not be able to buy single units.

How Long Will Target Hold My Online Order?

Target will hold your order at the store for pickup for 7 days. After that they’ll cancel the order and refund you to your original form of payment.

How Often Does Target Restock Online?

Target restocks online as often as possible. Their ability to restock is limited by their suppliers. You can get a notification if an item you’re looking for is not currently in stock.

How to Save Money at Target Online?

The best way to save money at Target online is by using the Target app. You can get great deals and shop directly from the app, saving you time and money.

How to Add to Target Registry Online?

First, log in to your account. Then, select your registry. Select add items and start shopping for products to add to your registry.

Does Target have Online Grocery Shopping?

That depends on where you live. Target has online and store-pickup grocery shopping for 800 stores in 25 different states. Target is planning on expanding this service in the future.

Does Target have Layaway Online?

Target doesn’t offer layaway online or in their stores. You can use a Target credit card to buy an item now and pay later. You’ll need to shop elsewhere if you want layaway.

Can You Register at Target Online?

Yes, it’s easy to register at Target online. Just create an account at Targets website. Log into your account and select registries and lists. Create a registry and start shopping.

Target Payment Methods

This section will answer your questions about the different ways to pay for the goods that you get at Target.

How to Use Your Target REDcard Online?

You can use your Target REDcard online just like you’d use a normal credit card or debit card. Simply enter the REDcard information when you’re checking out to get your bonuses.

Can You Use a Target Gift Card Online?

Yes. All you need to do to use a Target gift card online is choose gift card on the payment method section when you’re checking out. Enter your gift card information and the card’s value will be deducted from your total.

How to Use Target Gift Card Online?

It’s easy to use a Target gift card online. Just shop as normal. When you go to checkout, select gift card from the payment methods. Enter your gift card information to proceed.

Can You Use Manufacturer Coupons Online at Target?

You can use manufacturer coupons through the Target app. The app will already have all of the coupons that can be applied to the item available for you to see.

Does Target Online Take PayPal?

You can use PayPal to pay for things on Target online. However, if you need to return the item, then you’ll only get in-store credit, you won’t get a refund.

How to Use Target Debit Card Online?

You can use the Target debit card online just like you’d use any other debit or credit card. Enter the debit card information on the payment method page when you’re checking out.

How to Use Target eGift Card Online?

When you go to checkout after making your purchases, select gift card as your payment method. You’ll need to enter the gift card information and PIN number to complete the transaction.

How to Use Target Mastercard Gift Card Online?

The Target Mastercard Gift Card works online just like any other debit or credit card. Simply enter the card information when you’re choosing your payment method and you’ll be good to go.

Does Target Accept EBT Online?

No, Target does not accept EBT online. You can contact your local store to see if you can select pay with cash and do an in-store pickup, using your EBT card at the store.

How to Manage Target Debit Card Online?

Your Target debit card is linked to your regular checking account. You can manage it from your normal bank login. You just get special discounts when you use the Target card at Target.

How to Use Target Mobile Coupons Online?

You can use Target Mobile coupons online by making the purchases directly through the Target app. This will let you apply the mobile coupon to your purchase.

How to Get Target Employee Discount Online?

It’s easy to get your Employee discount online. You just need to log in to your account. You can then choose to apply or remove your employee discount to the purchase that you’re making.

Is the Target REDcard a Good Deal?

For many people yes. You can get 5% off any purchase you make at Target. If you do a lot of shopping at Target, then the REDcard can save you a lot of money every year.

Target Price Matching

This section answers your questions about Target’s Price Match Guarantee.

Does Target Price Match Online?

Target will price match their own online prices, print ads of local competitors, and major online retailers. There are some exceptions and exclusions, so you’ll need to check with the store about your specific item.

Does Target Honor Online Prices in Store?

In most cases yes. Target will price match their own website according to their Price Match Guarantee. There are some item exclusions, so you’ll need to check about your specific item.

Does Target Price Match Sale Items?

Yes, Target will price match sale items in most cases. They won’t price match and let you use a coupon or other discount to get the price lower than the price match.

Will Target Price Match a Best Buy Sale?

Yes, Best Buy is on the list of stores that Target will price match. They will also match local competitor print ads and online stores like Amazon, Macy’s, Walmart, Kohls, and more.

Can You Price Match Target Deals?

Target’s Price Match Guarantee states that they will price match on their deals, but you can’t also use coupons to drive the price below the matched price.

Target Gift Cards

Target Gift Cards are incredibly popular. We’ll answer your questions about Target Gift Cards here.

How to Buy a Target Gift Card Online?

You can buy eGfit cards and traditional plastic gift cards by searching for them on The options available will be the same as the ones you can get in stores.

How to Check Target Gift Card Balance Online?

It’s very easy to check your Target Gift Card Balance. They have a helpful gift card balance check tool that you can use to see how much money is left on your card.

Can You Reload a Target Gift Card Online?

You cannot reload a Target gift card online. You’ll have to take the gift card to the store. There are some types of gift cards that can’t be reloaded. The store will be able to provide you with more information.

How to Send Target Gift Cards Online?

You can send physical gift cards online by entering the appropriate delivery address when you’re checking out. You can also send eGift cards. The site will prompt you for an email address to send the gift card to.

How to Enter Target Gift Card Online?

You can enter a Target gift card online at the payment methods screen when you’re checking out. Select gift card and enter your gift card’s number and PIN to use the Target gift card online.

How Many Target Gift Cards Can I Use Online?

You can use up to six Target gift cards online in combination with a credit card or Target debit card. The site will charge your gift cards first before applying any remaining balance to your credit card.

Can I Add Money to a Target Gift Card Online?

No, you can’t add money to a Target gift card online. You’ll need to visit the store to reload money on to your gift card.

Will Target Have a Sale on their Gift Cards?

Target generally has an annual sale on their gift cards. In 2018, the sale happened on Sunday, Dec. 2. The cards purchased during the sale couldn’t be used until 10 AM central time Monday December 3.

Are Target Gift Card Deals Worth It?

Usually. If you spend money at Target fairly regularly, then you’ll save money by getting a discount gift card. That means it’s like a coupon for the whole store.

How to Get Dove Target Gift Card Deal?

This deal comes and goes depending on when Dove and Target offer the deal. You’ll need to check with them or pay attention to the Target app to get advanced notice of the special.

How to Activate Target Visa Gift Card Online?

You’ll need to follow the activation instructions that came with your card. It will involve entering the account number and the CVN from the card itself to activate it.

Target Shipping

This section covers the questions you have about shipping for orders you place on Target’s website.

How Does Target Ship Online Orders?

Customers have several options for shipping Target online orders. You can get order pick up, drive up where they bring the order to your car, same day delivery, and second day delivery. You can also get standard shipping.

Does Target Ship Internationally Online?

Target ships internationally to some countries. You’ll need to visit their international site at to see if they ship to the country you want to send your purchase to.

Can You Buy Online and Pickup in Store at Target?

Yes, Target offers both in-store pickups where you go into the store to get your purchase, and drive up  pickups, where the store will bring your order out to your car.

Can you use Target for dropshipping?

In our research it was not clear if Target allows this. You may want to read into their policies more. In the meantime we do talk about how to start a dropshipping business.

Target Sales on Specific Items

If you’re wondering about sales on specific items at Target, then this is the section for you. We’ll answer the most common questions about Target sales on different types of items.

When Is the Next Target Baby Sale?

You’ll need to follow the Target app in order to get information about their next baby sale. They don’t publish this information very far ahead of time.

When Do Target School Supplies Go on Sale?

Target generally has its back to school sale in mid-August. However, different stores will have a back to school sale at different times depending on when school starts in your area.

When Do Target Bathing Suits Go on Sale?

In the past, Target has had a BOGO bathing suit sale in mid-March. However, they offer new sales all the time. You can get more information on their next bathing suit sale by checking the Target app.

When Do Bikes Go on Sale at Target?

Traditionally Target’s biggest bike sales have been in January. There’s no word on whether or not they’re going to have the sale again in January the coming year.

When Does Target Patio Furniture Go on Sale?

Frequently Target will have a patio furniture sale in early July. The items on sale are on clearance, so you can expect great discounts on top of the line patio furniture.

Is Coke on Sale at Target this Week?

We recommend that you check out the Target app to find out if Coke is on sale at Target this week. Target will frequently have sales on Coke products, but the only way to know for sure is to check with them through their app or online.

When Is Target Toy Sale?

Target has several toy sales throughout the year. These sales usually happen in June, October, and January. Check when the season is getting close to an end to find toys on clearance.

When Does Target Have a Sale on Bed Linens?

There are almost always bed linens on sale at Target in the clearance section. You can also use the Target app to find out if there’s going to be a special sale on bed linens in the near future.

When Do Target Beauty Boxes Go on Sale?

Target Beauty Boxes generally go on sale at the end of the month and during major holiday seasons. The sale is usually buy one get one 50% off with free two day shipping.

When Is Target having Back to School Sale?

Normally the Target back to school sale happens at the end of July through the middle of August. Some stores have a different date range to adjust for when school starts in their area.

When Do Christmas Trees Go on Sale at Target?

Christmas Trees start to go on sale on Black Friday at Target. They also have a wide range of Christmas trees available on clearance just after the holiday, so you can be ready for next year.

When Does Halloween Go on Sale at Target?

In 2018 Target started their Halloween sales at the beginning of August. The sale ran for several weeks. The Target app will be able to tell you when the next Halloween sale will happen.

How Often Do Apple Watches Go on Sale at Target?

Not very often. Target reserves sales on Apple Watches for major shopping events like Black Friday. You should check their holiday sales to have the best chance for a discounted Apple Watch.

When Do Car Seats Go on Sale at Target?

You can usually find some car seats on sale at Target in the clearance section. Other than that, January and July are the most common times for baby items to by on sale at Target.

When Does Christmas Stuff Go on Sale at Target?

Generally, Target begins selling Christmas stuff just before or right after Halloween. However, their selection will expand the closer to the holiday that you get, until mid December when things start to go on clearance.

What Time Does Target Toy Sale Start?

The Target toy sales generally start at 8am. However, this time can change depending on the particular sale cycle, so be sure to check their app for the latest information.

Is Halloween Candy on Sale at Target?

Target usually puts Halloween candy on sale the day after Halloween, November 1. It’s not available year around, so get it while you can.

When Does Easter Candy Go on Sale at Target?

Easter candy gets reduced to 30% off the day after Easter. After a week, any candy remaining will drop to 70% off, but the pickings are usually slim.

When Does Target have Furniture Sales?

Furniture sales for Target vary seasonally. However, they mark down furniture for clearance every Wednesday, so that might be a good day to check for sale furniture.

When Does Target Valentine Candy Go on Sale?

Target Valentine candy goes on sale February 15th. The candy will be marked down by 30%. A week later the candy that’s left will be sold for 70% off.

When Do Rugs Go on Sale at Target?

The best time to get rugs on sale at Target is on Wednesday. That’s when they mark down housewares for clearance. They have occasional seasonal rug sales, but they don’t follow a set schedule.

When Does Target Have Car Seat Sales?

Target’s baby sales are not on a fixed schedule. Usually in June and January. However, they usually mark baby section items for clearance on Mondays, so that’s a good day to check.

When Does Bedding Go on Sale at Target?

The best day to check for bedding sales at Target is Thursday, when housewares and décor goes on sale. Bedding sales can also pop up, so you should get the Target app to have the latest information.

When Do Cribs Go on Sale at Target?

The most common time for a Target baby sale is January and June. You can also check the store on Mondays, which is when items from the baby department go on sale.

When Do Strollers Go on Sale at Target?

June and January are the best months to expect a sale on baby goods like strollers at Target. The store also does weekly markdowns for clearance. Most stores mark down baby goods on Mondays.

When Do Hunter Boots Go on Sale at Target?

Hunter boots are usually on sale at Target from the middle of April to the middle of June. The exact dates change every year. You can also check Target on Thursdays, when they mark down shoes for clearance.

When Does Target have Clothing Sales?

Target has a series of rotating clothing sales for mens, women’s and children’s clothing. You can also check on markdown days for the clothing you’re looking for. Monday is kid’s clothing, Tuesday is Women’s clothing, and Wednesday is men’s clothing. Shoes and Lingerie go on clearance on Thursdays.

How Often Are There Baby Deals at Target?

There are usually two major baby sales each year at Target. These happen in June and January. They also mark down baby items for clearance every Monday.

Other Target Questions

This section answers the questions you have about Target that don’t fit neatly into our other categories.

How to Delete Target Account Online?

The best way to delete your Target account is to contact their customer service number. Dial 800-591-3869. Wait for a customer service representative and explain that you want to delete your account.

Do Target Stores Sell Cigarettes?

No, Target stores stopped selling cigarettes at the end of September 1996. They do not sell cigarettes, cigars, or any other tobacco products.

Does Target Sell Cell Phones?

Yes. Target sells a wide variety of cell phones, including AT&T cell phones, Samsung Cell Phones, Apple Cell Phones, unlocked cell phones, and prepaid cell phones. Once you have your new phone check out low cost cell phone plans we have reviewed.

Does Target Sell Converse?

Yes, Target sells a wide range of converse products, including Chuck Taylor All Stars, Women’s Chuck Taylors, and other fashionable Converse styles.

Is there Dove Deals at Target?

Sometimes. Dove has teamed up with Target in the past to get free Target gift cards when you buy Dove products. You can follow the Target app to get a heads up when this special will run.

When Do Target Deals Start?

Target offers new deals all of the time. Some of the deals are daily and others are weekly. You’ll need to download the Target app to get more information on specific deals.

What Happened to the Target Cartwheel Deals this Week?

Target has discontinued the Cartwheel app as a stand-alone app. They’ve integrated it into the general Target app, which you can get for free on iTunes and Google Play.

Would the 15 off Deal by Target Apply to Phones?

Sometimes. You’ll need to check with your local Target store to get specific information on what phones the 15 off deal would apply to.

Does Target sell glasses or contacts?

Yes Target sells these items. You may want to compare them to other companies and consider ordering contacts online where many people say they save the most money.

Does Target sell printer supplies?

Yes you can buy cheap ink for printers either in person at your closest Target location or online on their website. It may be easier to exchange in person if you got the wrong one.