The Best Time To Schedule Your Annual Physical

Our health insurance has changed for the worse quite a bit over the past couple of years, as our contribution levels have skyrocketed, while deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses have increased.

One thing that hasn’t gone away is the preventative services premiums.  Annual physicals and all required immunizations are covered at 100%.  No co-pays or anything.  I think this might be mandated nowadays by Obamacare, but that’s so complex and convoluted, that I really have no idea.

All I know is that when it comes to having kids, the fact that all immunizations are covered is a huge money saver.

Our newborn daughter went in last month for her first series of shots, and they rang to the tune of $450.  That was actual payout by the insurance company to the office.

In terms of adults, everybody should get an annual checkup.  Everybody.

But, what’s the best time?

I think, it’s the fall.

Simple reason, two words: Flu shot.

I have been going in the fall for my annual checkup, and every time I’m able to get my flu shot which is then free.

It might be free anyways even if I went in special for that, but my guess is that an office visit would apply, in which case I’d be on the hook for $30, which is our co-pay for non-checkup visits.

So, if you’re not going to your doctor for an annual checkup, guess what?  Fall is coming so make an appointment now and plan on getting your flu shot as well.  Save some money and maybe yourself as well 🙂

That reminds me, it’s time to call my doctor’s office and schedule my visit.  Will you call today?

Do you get an annual checkup?  Flu shot?  When do you go? 

9 thoughts on “The Best Time To Schedule Your Annual Physical”

  1. Good morning!

    I am lucky that my job mandates a lengthy physical each year that they pay for (in January). However, I tend to schedule all of my other annual checkups in September…I am just about finished the rounds except the dentist, which is November. Hurrah!

  2. Oh, my goodness…FOUR HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLARS? And that's just the start… Well, I guess we can see why folks who are uninsured don't get their kids vaccinated.

    I'm no longer eligible for annual checkups because, amazingly, Medicare doesn't cover them. Apparently our wise leaders have decided it's better to pay for the consequences of undetected diabetes, heart conditions, and the like than to do preventive care that would result in less illness and less severe (i.e., cheaper-to-pay-for) illness.

    I do get a flu shot every year. That's been a godsend: I haven't gotten sick since I started taking them over a decade ago. Also got a shingles shot, another item that's only partially covered by Medigap. It cost over $140, as I recall.

    Stupid, isn't it? Shingles afflicts most victims for upwards of a year, and it's agonizing — people describe it as feeling like a fresh burn. If it gets into the nerves around your eye, it can damage your vision or even leave you blind in one or both eyes. Imagine what THAT would cost Medicare to treat! But by golly, the taxpayer can't afford to cover one or two shots that would forestall all that expense.

    Actually, it would be even cheaper to prevent shingles simply by requiring that all children get chicken pox shots before they enter school. Shingles is a flare-up of chicken pox virus acquired many years before.

  3. I don't get flu shots for myself or my kids. I'd rather have the flu, which I haven't gotten once in the whole time the flu shot has been in existance.

    I'm not against vaccinations at all, but I think we also need to be a little wary of what we put into our bodies. They are man made after all.

    I'm also fairly certain that chicken pox shots are required for school, but perhaps they are just recommended… but I'm pretty sure they are required.

  4. I don't bother with the flu shot. I haven't gotten sick with the flu in years and I have a pretty tough immune system. But an annual check up is a must.

  5. I have to get a physical each year by Sept 30 to save money on my health insurance. Its a great company perk that encourages well being.

  6. My wife is a RN and brings the flu shot to me. I go through a physical every other year, but see my doctor at least annually.

  7. That reminds me.. I need to get a physical. I have a PPO insurance, which is great because I can pick my own specialists. But because I don't have to designate a primary care physician, I always forget to get around to it.

  8. I get my female checkup every year and the timing is dictated by my insurance even though I have a PPO. Same thing with my daughter's annual well-child visits. But you reminded me that I need to make an appointment for flu shots. Thanks!

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