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There are many website builders out there that can help you build your own website even if you don't possess technical skills like coding and programming. We've compiled a list of the best website builders to consider if you're planning to create your own website from scratch.

1. SiteBuilder



There’s a lot to love about SiteBuilder. They offer website building and hosting services in one place for a very reasonable fee. SiteBuilder doesn’t have the fame or the resources that some of the other website builders offer, but it’s still got more than most people will ever need. That includes more than 1,200 customizable templates, drag & drop design, apps, add-ons, and more.

One of the things we liked best about SiteBuilder is the affordability. Basic websites cost $3.94 per month, and an eCommerce site will cost you $9.22 per month. That’s far cheaper than any of the other website builders and hosting options we’ve looked at.


  • More than 1,200 template options
  • Ecommerce plan starting at $9.22/month
  • More than 200,000 Users
  • Domains are free for first year
  • High Uptime
  • Good Customer Service


  • Requires additional $5/month for email through GSuite by Google
  • Ecommerce only on most expensive plan

Best For:

Beginners and those looking for a low-cost option.







Quick Notes:

Good low cost website builder for people who need a basic website. eCommerce services cost a bit more, but are still less than the average hosting service. Lots of perks, no forced ads

2. Ucraft


Ucraft is a great option for people that are looking for an easy-to-use web builder and hosting service combined. They offer four different pricing options, ranging from free to $39/month. The main difference between the plans is the number of templates you’re given, the inclusion of email, ads on the page, and ecommerce options.

Another benefit is that Ucraft offers free domains. That means you can combine your hosting and domain registration into one easy task, instead of keeping track of multiple different expiration and renewal dates.

We really like how much Ucraft offers on their free plan. You get disk space and bandwidth, 18 website templates, and everything is hosted on Google’s servers.

The drawbacks for Ucraft center around some of the little things they’re missing. First, their templates aren’t drag & drop, so you don’t get quite the level of customization you’d get with other services. Their customer service is also a bit lacking, mainly functioning in the form of online chats and forums. That means you might have to do some work to get the answers you need.


  • Extremely high-quality templates
  • Better than average pricing
  • Lots of extra features – logo builder, multi-lingual support, and more
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Offers free plans with great benefits


  • No drag & drop
  • Customer support is lacking

Best For:

Simple + Easy Design


Free/$10/$21/$39 per month, depending on plan


18/70 depending on plan



Quick Notes:

Solid basic website builder and hosting service. Easy-to-use interface and lots of features, even on free plan. May not be the best option for some ecommerce stores.

3. Site123


Site123 is an easy-to-use website builder that is a great choice for many aspiring website owners. The site itself offers four different levels of plans that are easy to understand. That means you can be sure you’re getting the right plan for your particular needs.

Site123 is a great option for simple websites. The number of template choices that you have to choose from is very high. Moreover, all of the templates are extremely customizable. As a result, it’s very easy to design a website that perfectly encapsulates your personality and/or brand.

Another perk of Site123 is that three out of the four plans they offer come with email included. That’s an awesome benefit, especially for small and growing businesses. Most other website builders and hosting companies charge extra each month to provide you with email service. The result is that you either pay extra or use an email address that isn’t associated with your domain name, which looks unprofessional.

The biggest drawback to Site123 is their customer support. Most of the customer support they offer comes in the form of live chat. However, the operators and/or bots operating the live chat mostly just link you to knowledge base articles related to your questions. That means you’ll have to do much of the work yourself.


  • Lots of ecommerce support makes it easy for people looking to open a webstore
  • Several hundred design templates to choose from
  • Free email on three out of the four plans offered
  • Strong uptime – more than 99.99%.


  • Lackluster customer service – mostly limited to live chat that directs you to knowledgebase articles
  • Higher-level plans can get fairly expensive at up to $28 per month

Best For:

Ease of Use


$10/$16/$22/$28/month for basic, small business, business & ecommerce, and gold plans


Several Hundred



Quick Notes:

Most plans include free email, large dedicated support section for ecommerce, drag & drop interface. However, poor customer service and pricing that can get expensive may turn off some users.

4. GoDaddy


GoDaddy is one of the most well-known website hosting and website builders on the internet. The company made its fame with racy ads. As a result, many non-professional website managers use GoDaddy hosting and website building.

GoDaddy’s website builder is called GoCentral. One of the best things about this website builder is that they have 24/7 live chat and phone support. Most of the other website builders on the market don’t offer nearly this level of customer support.

Another benefit of GoCentral is that the website builder itself is very easy to use. There’s lots of help tips and the layout of the builder is extremely intuitive. That means it won’t be a problem to design your site the way you want it to look and get it up and running in no time.

GoCentral also makes it easy to incorporate common extras that people want on their site. For example, you can add a PayPal link just be dragging and dropping a PayPal icon to where you want the link to be. All you need to do after that is link your account, and your site is set up to receive PayPal payments.

There are a few downsides for GoDaddy. First, there’s not as many customization options as you get with other website builders. This is the trade-off you get when you make a website builder easy to use. Another downside is that there aren’t as many free features with the plan. For example, you don’t get free domain name registration with any of the plans you find at GoDaddy. That means you’ll have to pay an extra fee to secure your domain through GoDaddy or pay another service to get your domain name, creating another bill to keep track of.


  • Very easy to use with lots of information available due to popularity
  • 24/7 live chat and phone support
  • Great uptime means you can rely on the fact your website will be up and running for business


  • More expensive than some of the other options
  • Lack of extras – no free domain name
  • Fewer customization options than other website builders

Best For:

Performance-minded individuals and businesses


starting at $5.99 per month




Medium to low customization options

Quick Notes:

Easy to use, lots of support and customer help. Can make websites from a mobile device. Customization options that exist are easy to use, but there are fewer customization options than other website builders.


Wix is a popular website builder that’s used by everyone from ecommerce operations to artists, bands, bloggers, and more.

There are several plan options for Wix, including a free plan. This is a good way to get started building a website, as you can practice producing content and refining your site until it’s just right without incurring any costs.

Wix also has a large customer support base. There are thousands of articles and videos online that explain how to use the different features the website builder offers and how to get the most from those features.

Another thing that we like about Wix is their Artificial Design Intelligence, or ADI. This service asks you some basic questions about yourself, your brand, and your objectives. It then helps you create a website that matches your tastes while preserving or establishing the brand image that you want.

One of the biggest drawbacks for Wix is that the free plan includes a lot of Wix ads on your site. In fact, this is also the case with the cheapest paid plan. That means you’ll have to shell out some cash if you’re not trying to advertise for Wix.

Another problem is that you can only do ecommerce on the two most expensive plans. The cheaper plan and the free plan don’t support payment gateways and portals, so you’ll need to spend some serious money to open a webstore using Wix.


  • Lots of plan options
  • Easy to use
  • Free plan available
  • Lots of uptime
  • ADI website builder enhances service


  • More expensive than some of the other options.
  • Lowest paid plan doesn’t remove ads from the site
  • Ecommerce is only an option for the two most expensive plans

Best For:

Artists and designers


Free site available, paid site plans start at $5 per month




Very High

Quick Notes:

Lots of features and easy-to-use interface make Wix a great option for artists and designers that want to show off and sell their work online. Uses artificial design intelligence to help you tailor your website to your personal tastes.

6. SiteJet


Freelance and professional web designers around the world use SiteJet to build websites for clients. That’s because SiteJet is easy to use and manage, while at the same time offering a host of powerful tools that allow you to track your sites performance, make complex and detailed modifications, and more.

Another awesome thing about SiteJet is that it makes it easy to manage multiple websites. This is a boon to anyone who’s ever had to deal with the hassle of going through multiple different website builders to work with clients or on their own projects.

SiteJet gives you the ability to fully modify the design of your site, as well as use HTML, JS, CSS, and more to achieve the perfect level of customization for your skill level and needs.

Our biggest issue with SiteJet is that there’s no free starting plan. That means you’ve got a higher starting price than you’d get with other website builders. That’s why we recommend SiteJet for people that do a lot of web design, know how to code, and/or need to manage multiple different websites from one place.


  • Lots of advanced customization options – supports HTML, JS, CSS and more
  • Live editor means you can see how your website is changing in real time to make sure it looks perfect
  • Lots of template options make it easy to start designing your site right away
  • Great management tools for multiple websites


  • No free plan
  • High starting price
  • May be more complex than some businesses or individuals need.

Best For:

Professional freelancers and web designers that want power and ease of use in one place. Those with multiple websites to manage.




Thousands of templates


Extremely high – can modify anything in the template or site to suite your needs

Quick Notes:

Best site builder for customization and professionals, those who need to manage more than one website. Powerful engine is still easy to use and comes with lots of advanced features and analytics abilities.

7. Webflow


Webflow is a site design and hosting service all in one. You can use Webflow to design and host your site, or just use it to design your site and host it somewhere else.

The site builder is full of features to help designers get the perfect look for the site. You can build flexible and responsive layouts to ensure that your site looks great no matter what kind of device it’s viewed on. This level of power lets you tailor and customize your site to appear best on difference devices, instead of relying on an automatic adapting template to choose how your site will look when viewed from a mobile device.

Additionally, Webflow’s content management system is very adaptable and lets you add basic content as well as more advanced things like pages for portfolios or different formats of blog posts which makes this the best blog platform for people with little blogging experience.

You also get unlimited bandwidth, unlimited websites, and the ability to connect an existing domain. Only the paid plans offer CMS and code export though.

One of the drawbacks you get with Webflow is that, while the content manager is powerful, it’s not the easiest thing to use. The layout isn’t intuitive at first. However, once you get used to where the different tools are located you can easily push out pages on Webflow with a quickness.

Webflow does offer a free plan, but from there their prices tend to jump. Their “lite” plan costs $16 per month when billed annually. The Pro plan costs $35 per month billed annually. That means you’ll be paying more than $400 per year for your site, so you need to make sure you’re getting the most value possible out of it.

Webflow also isn’t the best website builder for people that have no knowledge of coding. You’ll need to know a good bit of code in order to get the most out of Webflow. The site has a steep learning curve, so it’s possible that you’ll feel overwhelmed and want to bail if you don’t have the coding knowledge needed to keep up.

Finally, there’s a couple things that you don’t get with Webflow that many other web hosting and website builders offer. For example, you can’t get a free domain with Webflow, which is a bit annoying.


  • Free trial available
  • Allows custom domain names
  • Built-in SSL
  • CSS and JS managers for paid plans
  • Integrated CMS for easy use


  • Must be able to code to get the most out of it
  • No free domain name

Best For:

Advanced website builders


Free/$16/$35 depending on plan level




Very high

Quick Notes:

Great website builder for people that know how to code and are looking to get the most out of their websites. Lack of free domain raises the price of doing business and the necessity of code knowledge limits the people who will find this service appealing.

8. Weebly


Weebly is a great website builder for small businesses and bloggers. It has a great combination of ease of use and advanced customization options. As a result, it’s a website builder that anyone can get the most from, regardless of your coding experience or ability.

One of the nice things about Weebly is that it divides the different templates on offer into different categories. That makes it easy to narrow down your options so you can pick a template or theme and get started.

We also like the fact that Weebly includes a built-in code editor. That means you can add anything you want to your website, from payment portals and widgets to advanced services like live chat and more. It also means that you’ll be able to customize the appearance of your website to make sure it’s just right.

Another reason we really like the included code editor is that it makes it easy to cut down on costs if you’re designing a website but find out you need some help. You can do a lot of the work yourself, and then hire a freelancer to finish up and take care of the elements that are beyond your ability.

The last benefit we’ll talk about for Weebly is the fact that it includes a free domain name with all paid plans. This lowers the effective rate of your plan and saves you money in the long run. It also makes it easier to get your site started, as it’s one less hassle you have to deal with.

The drawbacks for Weebly are present but limited. Our first issue is that you can’t attach an existing domain to a free plan. That means you’ll have to pay for the builder or start your business over at a new domain name, losing all of the authority and recognition you’ve worked to build up.

You also can’t run any ecommerce businesses off of the free plan or the lowest paid plan. You also need to pay separately for email service. This is an essential, as it helps convey the legitimacy and professionalism of your site. That can make Weebly a bit more expensive than other options in some cases.

Finally, some of the other website builders we’ve looked at have better support options than Weebly offers.


  • Lots of upgrade options for you to use as your site grows
  • Easy to use website builder and code editor included
  • All paid plans include a free domain name


  • Lowest paid plan, “connect” still has forced ads
  • Not as flexible as some of the other website builders we’ve reviewed

Best For:

Small businesses and entrepreneurs


starts at $4 per month




High – code editor included for unlimited customization options

Quick Notes:

Weebly offers an easy to use website builder that comes with a code editor. That means it should appeal to website design professionals as well as those just starting off. Free domain with paid plans plus excellent speed and uptime.

Comparison of Different Website Builders

It can be hard to pick the best website builder for your needs. That’s why we put together this handy table. It lists all of the website builders that we reviewed above, as well as some other options. You can use this chart to help narrow down your options and easily pick the best website builder for you.


Best For


Free Plan Options?

SiteBuilder Basic Sites/New Builders $3.94/month No
Ucraft Simple + Easy Design $10/month Yes
Site123 Easy to Use $22/month No
GoDaddy High-Performance $5.99/month No
Wix Designers and Artists $5/month Yes
Pixpa eCommerce with All the Frills $5/month No
BandZoogle Bands and Visual Artists $8.29/month No
Sitejet Experienced Freelancers $11/month No
Webflow Small Business Owners $16/month Yes
Weebly Text-heavy small businesses $4/month Yes
Squarespace Simple plan options, lots of performance $12/month No
Template Toaster Drag & Drop Design $49/month Yes


General Website Builder Questions

This section answers general questions about website builders.

What is the best website builder?

That depends on what your needs are. If you’re looking for a basic website, we recommend SiteBuilder. If you need something more advanced, then SiteJet is a good choice.

What is the best free website builder?

Wix is one of the best free website builders. It gives you lots of options and features. You can upgrade your plan if you want to remove any Wix advertising or get more power for your site.

Are there any free website builders?

Yes, there are lots of free website buildres. Ucraft, Wix, Webflow, Weebly, and more all offer free website builders with their service.

How do website builders work?

Website builders give you a selection of pre-designed pages, called themes. These themes are customizable and allow you to easily build your own website.

What is the best free website builder software?

WordPress is probably the best free website builder software. WordPress works with lots of different web hosting services and has lots of resources and support available.

What is the most popular website builder?

GoDaddy is the most popular website builder. The company’s ads are very effective, and so people who don’t build websites as their profession tend to think of it first when they need to design a website.

How to choose the best website builder?

You can choose the best website builder for you by deciding on what your priorities are. Use this list of priorities to eliminate options until you’re left with the best one.

What is a drag and drop website builder?

A drag and drop website builder lets you take art assets and place them on the page with your mouse. That makes designing your own website much easier, because you don’t need to code anything.

How much do website builders charge?

That depends on the specific website builder and the plan that you buy. Some website builders run for free, while others can charge as much as $49 per month.

Which is the best free website builder and hosting?

Wix provides a free website builder and hosting. However, you’ll need to deal with Wix ads and a possible extension on your website with this option.

Best Website Builders for Specific Groups

We’ll answer questions about the best website builders for specific types of groups and people in this section.

What is the best website builder for beginners?

We think that SiteBuilder is the best website builder for beginners. It has lots of features that are easy to use and offers everything you need to get your website up and running.

What is the easiest website builder for beginners?

Ucraft is a website builder that’s very easy to use for beginners. The only problem is that it doesn’t offer the level of customization that some more advanced builders provide.

What is the best free website builder for small business?

Webflow when it comes to a free website builder for small businesses. This website builder has great ecommerce options and lets small businesses thrive.

What is the best website builder for business?

That depends on how big your business is. Webflow is a good option for small businesses, while Squarespace is the best option for medium to large businesses.

What is the best website builder for ecommerce?

Pixpa is a great website builder for ecommerce. It offers convenient hosting and processing options while giving you all the frills you need to make your site great.

What is the best website builder for affiliate marketing?

For something like affiliate marketing, SiteBuilder is the best option. It has some of the lowest rates and doesn’t force you to run ads on your site, so you can maximize your affiliate possibilities.

What is the best website builder for photographers?

BandZoogle and Wix are both good options when it comes to a website builder for photographers. These website builders make it easy to display and sell your art.

What is the best DIY website builder?

We think that Sitebuilder is the best DIY website builder. It has incredibly affordable pricing plans and is very easy to use, without sacrificing power.

What is the best website builder for artists?

Artists will benefit most from a website builder like BandZoogle or Wix. These site builders are easy to use so you can put up your art without worrying about problems coding.

What is the most user-friendly website builder?

Ucraft is the easiest website builder to use. It is designed for people that don’t have any experience building a website.

Specific Website Builder Questions

These sections cover questions about specific website builders. We’ve sorted the most popular website builders into their own subcategory.

GoDaddy Questions

GoDaddy is an extremely popular website builder, so it’s no surprise people have a lot of questions about it. We’ll answer those questions here.

How does GoDaddy website builder work?

The GoDaddy website builder uses a simple drag and drop interface to let you place assets and text around your website.

How to cancel GoDaddy website builder?

You’ll need to log in to your GoDaddy account and navigate to the billing section. From there, you can manage what you pay for and can cancel the GoDaddy website builder.

How to delete GoDaddy website builder?

First, log into your GoDaddy account. Then, click on the Website Builder/Instant Page. Click on the account you want to cancel. You can click cancel from the Overview tab.

How to login to GoDaddy website builder?

You can login to the GoDaddy website builder by logging into your GoDaddy account. From there, look for an option to manage or go to GoCentral to get to the builder.

Is GoDaddy a good website builder?

GoDaddy is an alright website builder, it has a range of features and options, but is priced a bit higher than it is worth in our opinion.

How to add a favicon on GoDaddy website builder?

After you log into your Website Builder account click edit site. Then, click the three-bar icon tin the top righthand corner of the window. Pick the site features tab and then add image in the Favicon section.

How to add PayPal to GoDaddy website builder?

You can add PayPal to GoDaddy website builder by going to the design your pages section of the site. Click on apps and then drag and drop the PayPal icon over a Drop Zone.

How to add Google AdSense to GoDaddy website builder?

Once you’ve created your AdSense account, just go to the edit/edit site tab. Then under site settings, click display ads.

How to upload files to GoDaddy website builder?

When you log into your account and go to the website builder, click manage next to the account you want to use. On the page designer site, go to the manage menu and select Upload Files.

How to add keywords to GoDaddy website builder?

From your GoDaddy account click on search engine visibility V1. Click manage next to the account you want to access, and then go to the optimize menu.

How to create a blog on GoDaddy website builder?

It’s easy to create a blog on the GoDaddy website builder. Just use the builder’s tools to design a page and start adding entries to your blog. Learn more about how to start a blog.

How to add video to GoDaddy website builder?

Click on the design your pages option and then pick the page you want to add a video to. From there, click the HTML button and enter the address of the video you want to add.

What is GoCentral website builder?

GoCentral is the name of the website builder powered by GoDaddy. That company offers it to customers to help them build their website.

How much is GoCentral website builder?

There are a few different pricing options, depending on your plan. A personal ad-free plan costs $5.99, a business plan with PayPal integration costs $9.99, and a Business Plus Plan gives you even more features for $14.99.

WordPress Questions

We’ll answer your most common questions about the WordPress website builder in this section.

What is WordPress website builder?

WordPress is a website builder that lets users design their own website from a stockpile of basic themes. These themes can be customized. WordPress also includes lots of helpful apps and features.

Is WordPress a good website builder?

Yes, WordPress is a good website builder. There are lots of apps and widgets you can add to your site. You can also find a huge array of themes that are fully customizable.

Wix Questions

This section covers questions about the popular website builder Wix.

How much is Wix website builder?

That depends on the plan you get. The cheapest non-free option for Wix costs $5 per month.

How to use Wix website builder?

The Wix website builder is easy to use. You can use the toolbar on the left-hand side of the screen to select different functions, and then decide where to place them on a given page of your website.

How good is Wix website builder?

Wix is a very good website builder. It offers lots of different options, so no matter what kind of website you are making, you can make it in Wix.

Is Wix website builder free?

Wix does offer a free website builder. However, when you use the free option you might have limitations or have to display Wix ads on your site.

Questions About Other Website Builders

We’ll cover questions about website builders that aren’t GoDaddy, WordPress, or Wix in this section.

How to use 1and1 website builder?

1and1 website builder is powered by WordPress. That means you can use any of the widgets, apps, or tools that you’d use for any other WordPress-powered website to build a site with 1and1.

How to use Bluevoda website builder?

Bluevoda uses a drag and drop interface to help you place things on your website without having to code. That means it’s easy to use for anyone to learn how to set up a website.

How to use Canvas website builder?

The Canvas website builder uses an intuitive interface to let you place objects, text, and more on your webpage. Just use the toolbar to pick what you want to do, then do it.

How to use HostGator website builder?

The first step to using the HostGator website builder is to log on to the billing portal. Then, click manage and click add in the HostGator Website Builder to start managing your website.

Does Google have a website builder?

Google offers a single-page website builder for small businesses that’s called “Website.” The builder is free and lets you edit a website on either desktop or mobile.

Does Square have a website builder?

Yes, Square offers a Squarespace website builder. It costs $12 per month and is noted for having lots of options and a high level of performance.

How to use Weebly website builder?

You can use the Weebly website builder fairly easily. There’s a taskbar along the side of the builder that lets you choose what kind of thing you want to do on the webpage. Use these tools to design your website.

Is Dreamweaver a good website builder?

Dreamweaver is a fine website builder. It runs on WordPress, so almost anything that you can do in a WordPress site you can do in Dreamweaver.

How to use eHost website builder?

To use your eHost website builder, just log into your account and choose the edit your website. After that, the builder will show your website and allow you to add to it or make changes.

Is Shopify a website builder?

Shopify is a website builder and more. It’s an ecommerce platform that comes with a website builder, payment processor, and other features to help you start selling things online.

Does Microsoft have a website builder?

As of this writing, Microsoft does not have its own website builder. Instead, you’ll need to use another company’s website builder product.