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I had the opportunity to read The Spenders Guide To Becoming A Millionaire by Ilona Dolinska-Reiser.

Ilona is a native of Poland (I'm of Polish descent so this was of immediate interest to me), and came to America as a young woman with nothing more than $10 and her suitcase. In the roughly twenty years since, she has accumulated a net worth of $1.2 million and shared her story in the book.

I enjoyed the book and thought it was a fun read. The book is divided into chapters, each with it's own set of financial lesson. The book is very narrative with the author not only going through the main financial points, but discussing how she learned these lessons and how she applied them to her life. Along the way, she is very candid about some of the mis-steps she took along the way, and how she was able to learn from them.

Dolinska-Reiser hits many key personal finance topics, and drives the point home very well by sharing how she came to understand and cultivate what she learned. Some of the topics she covers are:

  • Making savings automatic
  • Paying yourself first
  • Achieving your goals by first defining exactly what you are hoping to accomplish (a step that seems simple but that I know many people often overlook)
  • Staying motivated not just in the short term but for the long haul

For those looking for a simple, outlined ‘how-to' personal finance book, this probably isn't the best read for you. For those who are looking for a unique perspective and who can learn and better relate to personal experiences, I would definitely recommend this book.

You can purchase a paperback copy or it can be purchased via e-book through the author's website.

Disclaimer: I was provided an e-copy of this book for review.