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I've written several times how much I love to read.  The thing is, I've loved to read since I could.  So, now that my kids are of reading age, I've gone back to remember some of my favorites.  These are some of the books I remember that I loved as a kid.  As you can see, I'm even trying to pass along my love of these great books.

Ramona Books (Or Anything By Beverly Cleary)

Probably some of my favorite books are of Ramona Quimby.  She was the star of a series of books featuring a rambunctious, misunderstood little girl, and the series of many adventures.  I read these books over and over again.  They made me laugh and I got a lot of the feelings that she expressed as a kid.  These books are timeless.  I'm now enjoying reading these to my daughter.  She looks forward to our reading time and brings these to me!

While Ramona was my favorite series of books, I read just about everything else that Beverly Cleary wrote.  She really wrote a lot of great characters.  I can't even imagine how many kids grew up with her books as their favorites.

The Great Brain Books

The Great Brain was another favorite series of mine.  This featured mainly J.D. and Tom, two brothers growing up in the late 1800's in Utah.  Although the setting was in a much different time period, you feel like you're right there.  It makes you appreciate the world we live in.  For example, one of the highlights of the book was when the family got an indoor plumbing!  The series of adventures are awesome.  I started reading this to my son and he loved it.  Now, he's reading them himself!

Garfield Books

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The Garfield strip has been going on forever, it seems like.  It still remains one of my favorite things to read every Sunday.  Back when I was a kid, they started packaging some of the ‘best' into books.  When I started reading, there were only a few books.  Now there are over 60!  My son loves checking these out from the library and shows me some of the favorites that I remember.

James and The Giant Peach

Roald Dahl is one of the most celebrated authors of kids books, and with great reason.  Many of his books are classics.  Many cite Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory as his best book.  While that is a close second, I loved James and The Giant Peach the most.  There was just something about being taken away across the world in a giant piece of fruit.  I read this book over and over again.  The funny thing about this was that I never even saw the movie.  I think I heard it wasn't all that great.  Some books, maybe, are simply left in the imagination, perhaps.

Not Quite Human Series

The others on this list may ring with a lot of people.  One can likely find them in a library.  Probably not so much with this series.  This was a series of books about a man who built a robot that he called Chip.  The robot was built as a humanoid teenage boy, and the series was having Chip attend school while trying to keep his identity under wraps.  I don't remember too many of the details, and it's out of print.  So much of the technology is  dated, but I look back fondly on these books.  Maybe I'll have to check out eBay and try to find some old copies.

There were hundreds of other books that I loved reading as a kid.  Many I'm sure I don't even remember but if I saw them again, I'd add them to the list.  All I know is that reading gave me the ability to enter different worlds.  As a kid, when imagination is as big as the universe, that was a great place to be.

What are some of your favorite books you remember as a kid? I'd love to hear in the comments below.