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I love to read.  I have loved it since I was a kid.  It's something I try to do every day.  Here are some books I read during the first two months of the year.

Books I Read In January 2017

  • Monsters In Appalachia by Sheryl Monks.  I love a good set of short stories and this did not disappoint.  As you might guess, they're centered around the region known as Appalachia, an area known already for many struggles.  The people here definitely fit the bill.  Rating: Four stars (out of five).
  • The Whistler by John Grisham.  I've read every book by Grisham since he started writing.  He's been around for so long and has written so many books, that it's now sort of hit or miss.  This one was definitely a

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    miss for me.  It was about a whistle blower within the judicial system.  Not his best work.  Rating: Two-and-a-half stars.

  • The Unseen World by Liz Moore.  This was a really cool book.  It is a combination of a mystery, coming of age,  family history, with a touch of science fiction thrown in.  A girl sees her father start slipping away to Alzheimer's, and as she grows up and into adulthood, she uncovers many secrets.  I love this book more than any other I've read so far this year. Rating: Five stars.

Books I Read In February 2017

  • The Things We Wish Were True by Marybeth Mayhew Whalen.  The events take place in a community pool over the course of a summer in small town North Carolina.  This is a book that is character driven, with a whole bunch of characters narrating chapters.  Lives change, relationships develop, and self-learning takes place.  Not bad at all.  Rating: Four stars.
  • Furious by T.R. Ragan and Outrage by T.R. Ragan.  These are the first two books of a trilogy with human trafficking as the focal point.  A woman sees her husband murdered and her children taken, and must uncover truths that had never crossed her mind as she tries to find her children.  The books are very fast paced and action packed.  As the trilogy probably could have been combined into one longer book, they're quick reads.  I'm looking forward to reading the concluding book, which comes out this month.  Rating:  Both books – Four stars.
  • The Years by Nicholas Delbanco.  I read this through the Kindle Lending Library.  I think it was OK, but it probably didn't connect because it was about two people later in life that were lovers decades earlier and re-connect via a chance encounter.  The story goes back and forth in time.  It wasn't a bad read, but one that I was definitely ready for to be over.  Rating: Three stars.

And One Book I Didn't Finish

  • We Eat Our Own by Kea Wilson.  When I see a book that looks cool, I often select it to read.  So, I'm taking a chance on many and there are some books that I can't finish.   This was one of those books.  So, I gave it my standard 100 pages, but was done.  There is something about filming a movie in the rain forest and I think bad things started happening, and it seemed like it was going to involve cannibalism or something.  Anyway, I was glad to put this one down. Rating (on what I read): One star

Readers, have you read any good books lately?