Our Broken Promise Is Now Broken

Our Broken Promise Is Now Broken

It was seven months ago that I posted about how I broke a promise regarding a new TV, specifically that I decided to replace our 15 year old 32″ tube TV with a new flat screen TV, even though I’d said a while back that I’d keep the tube TV until it died (my guess, that TV is still out there somewhere, as good as ever).

For seven months I had no regrets.  Until I turned it on the other day and saw some lines running up the center of the TV.  And a surefire spot at the bottom where it had likely suffered a crack.


I still have no idea what happened, although my guess is that the kids may have been playing with something and hit it.  I have seen our two year old throw some toys, and unfortunately she has thrown some ‘hard’ toys as well as the typical toys that are OK to toss around (balloons, soft balls and the like).

It’s weird because when the TV is off, I can’t see the cracks at all.  I’ve held a flashlight up to the screen and looked as close as I can, and can’t see anything.  I’m thinking that maybe the actual crack is under the lip of the plastic edge of the set.

Still, I’m a little sick thinking about it.

The TV is under the original warranty, and I also have a SquareTrade warranty that kicks in after that one runs out, but from everything I’ve seen, any sort of crack is pretty much going to be denied.

Fixing it seems pretty questionable as well.  Most people who have posted about these things have found that replacing the panel is just as expensive as the TV was originally.


mb-201309tvAs of right now, we’re still using it.  You can see from the attached photo how things look.  The lines are noticeable, but they’re in a pretty limited range of the viewing area.  The biggest bummer is that it’s basically in the dead center of the screen.  You can see at the very bottom the black / cracked areas where the damage likely took place.

After I found it, I brought my wife downstairs to show her.  I asked the kids if they remembered anything, and I got a variety of answers.  Either way, they’re too young to remember or really know what happened.  Even if it was something that they did or remembered doing, what am I going to do, take the money from their college fund to replace it?  No, it’s one of those things.

For now, we’re trying to keep a better eye to make sure that they aren’t throwing things.  If and when we replace this TV, it would be beyond ridiculous if the same thing happened again.  Though, since I have no proof, who knows?  Could it have just cracked from vibrations or from some weakness in the manufacturing process?  I guess we’ll never know.

The plan

So, what’s the plan?  Nothing for now.  As I’ve said, the TV is still viewable, though it does get distracting.

What I’m thinking is that since the damage seems to be fairly isolated, we might replace the TV when we find a deal that’s as good or better (I paid $449 for this TV), and move it down to the basement.  We have a play room down there that currently has 27″ and though it was a low priority, I was going to jump on a 37″ or similar set that I could find for $250 or so.  Since we aren’t down there very much, the damage is something we could live with, and say we spent $450 on a replacement, the total difference between what we were planning on spending for the downstairs TV would be roughly $200.

It’s not chump change, but it’d be something I could swallow.

My only concern with this plan is moving the TV.  I’m afraid that since there’s already a crack, picking it up and carrying it downstairs could put stress on the already weak panel and make it unusable by the time we got it downstairs.  I guess that’d be a risk we’d have to take.

With the new TV, I wouldn’t have to buy a warranty, since the SquareTrade warranty we bought would be able to be transferred over to the new set.  So the total out of pocket would be whatever we paid.  Small consolation.

Either way, the thought remains the same.


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  1. Are you sure it’s a crack and not something else? Call the manufacture or store-wherever your warrenty is from and play dumb? SaSay the linea just started showing up?

  2. Shouldn’t the warranty cover you? There seems to be a trend with electronics that it is too expensive to repair and we just replace. It was good it occurred during the warranty. My last Flat screen died after 10 years.

  3. Get your manufacture info out and call the manufacturer, In addition, if you paid with a credit card (i.e. American Express) they will double the warranty so a one year warranty becomes a two year warranty. In addition, IMHO it makes no difference how this product failed…it failed and the problem needs to be taken care of. I doubt seriously that one of the kids threw something and hit the screen that caused the problem. The more likely culprit is an electrical problem …spike etc…I’d call the manufacturer….right away….let them know that your not happy and need their help.

  4. Duct Tape
    I heard you can fix anything with duct tape.
    Ok – maybe not the centre of a tv screen.
    I would also try the play dumb routine first to see if it gets you anywhere – You’ve got nothing to lose.
    Other than that – I guess you have to either live with the lines or buy a new one.
    Have you thought about getting a pre-owned to save some money?

  5. It looks like a crack to me. I think you will just have to go with your plan to use it in the game room or just live with the picture as is. Moving the TV should not make the crack worse. I know several people who have useable smart phones with cracks in them. The cracks haven’t grown with use. As you mentioned, my concern would be how to keep it from happening again. You might consider a wall mount to put it up higher, or a projector TV, as Mrs. Pop suggested.

    • That’s true, I never thought about the cracked screen problem on cell phones, but I know that the TV screens are a lot heavier and I wasn’t sure if the stress placed on the heavy glass while being lifted would harm it. We’ll see.

  6. If it doesn’t cost you anything, call the manufacturer, who knows maybe you’re lucky 🙂

    Anyway .. it’s a very tough situation to be in, that’s for sure. It’s good it won’t mess up your finances (if it needs replacing), but it’s surely not something to make you happy

  7. Crap and I’m sorry. But it might not be your fault (or your family’s fault)! My inlaws have had 3 flat screens in 3 years and they were all replaced by the manufacturers for defects. They had a yellow screen blog pop up on one, a line thing (horizontal) on one, and the sound crapped out on one. I would get it checked out if I were you just in case. Good luck!

    PS I second the vote for a projector – we have a great Epson projector and 100 inch screen. It’s awesome and my dogs can’t touch it.

  8. Definitely looks like some sort of crack in the screen. I don’t know how cheap you are trying to do this, but one option if you still have the tv stand for your old tube tv is to just go buy another one. I see 32″ tube tv’s at good will for $25 all day long. Often the nicer Sony Bravia/Trinitron ones. That could be an option to tide you over. Although I did just see a 70″ LED at Walmart for $1200….tempting lol but the frugal side of me would never have it.

    • No, whatever I get will likely be a flat screen of similar size and such. I can’t see going back to a tube TV, given that this is our main TV. As I’ve mentioned, this is still usable so as much as it is bothersome, I have the luxury of being able to seek out a deal that I’m satisfied with rather than sacrifice on quality or price because I needed to make a rash decision.

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