Bronchitis And A Double Ear Infection

Those were the words around our house a couple of weeks ago.  It wasn’t me that was suck, and luckily those afflictions weren’t all for one person.  They were split between two people, but unfortunately they were our kids.

Both kids got sick around the same time.  What first appeared to be the standard cold that kids pick up after play dates grew into more persistent symptoms.  Neither was sleeping good, be it for nighttime sleep or for naps, and the congestion wasn’t going away.  After the fourth day, my wife decided to take the kids to the doctor.

Little Boy Beagle had bronchitis (with a touch of pneumonia) in one lung, and Baby Girl Beagle had a double ear infection.

We go to a great pediatrician and they set them both on the recovery rather quickly.  Within days, both kids were feeling better, and I’d say that the worse has passed (with the exception being that I fear that my daughter could be prone to ear infections…just like I was as a kid).

So, now that everything has passed, I thought I’d take a look at what these illnesses cost us.

Baby Girl Beagle’s Double Ear Infection

Hers was a quick fix.  She was put on an oral antibiotic, which she received twice a day for a week or so.  When my wife took Little Boy Beagle in for his follow-up visit (see below), they checked her at no charge to ensure that the infection had cleared.  We knew it had as she started sleeping better again.

  • Co-pay for doctor visit: $20
  • Prescription co-pay for antibiotic: $4

Total Cost: $24

Little Boy Beagle’s Bronchitis

He was diagnosed at the doctor office, but they wanted bloodwork and a chest x-ray to confirm the diagnosis and understand the severity.  They sent us a couple doors down to a radiologist office, who took the x-ray and confirmed the bronchitis.  He was put on a stronger antibiotic.  Because his illness was more severe, they wanted him in for a follow-up visit.  When he came in, they felt it hadn’t cleared, so they put him on breathing treatments with a nebulizer to send medicine directly into the lungs.  A second follow-up was required to verify that the treatments worked, and at that point he was given the all clear.

  • Co-pay for Doctor Visit: $20
  • Bloodwork: $10.93
  • Chest X-Ray Technican: $12.86
  • Chest X-Ray Reading: $25.49
  • Prescription co-pay for antibiotic: $10
  • Co-pay for first follow-up visit: $20
  • Charge for in-office breathing treatment: $22.91
  • Charge for rental of nebulizer: $0
  • Co-pay for second follow-up visit: $20

Total Cost: $142.19

We use a Flexible Spending account and put money aside expecting that we will have a certain cost throughout the year for illnesses, so all of the charges were put on the FSA card and we still have plenty of medical spending money available for our routine needs throughout the year.

It was awful seeing both kids sick, something no parent ever wants to see, but having good insurance and having the Flexible Spending account ready to go made the cost a secondary concern.

And, it was well worth any cost to see them both back to their old selves!

Do you track the out-of-pocket costs of illnesses?  Did you or your kids get sick over the winter months?

12 thoughts on “Bronchitis And A Double Ear Infection”

  1. That stinks! My bf had an ear infection and bronchitis this weekend, not fun! Luckily his insurance only requires him to pay $10 and $4 for the medicine.

    • $10 copays, that’s pretty good. The best I’ve had at this job was $15…then they doubled it to $30 but brought it back down to $20 this year.

  2. I used to not track expenses because of our FSA but now that we don’t have that, I’m a little more conscious of our out of pocket spending. For my daughter’s ear infection a couple of weeks ago, it cost us just under $25 out of pocket. I’m so not complaining!

  3. I used to get ear infections constantly as a kid. They hurt!

    That’s not so bad, cost wise. The only cost associated with me getting sick in Canada is time off work. Luckily I haven’t been sick in five years (knock on wood), but if I did it would cost me a couple hundred dollars because of lost time.

    • As mentioned, I did a lot too, so I really hope this isn’t a sign of things to come for my sweet daughter!

  4. It seems like a few people in the PF blogging world have sick kids, as I’ve seen some tweets about it. I personally don’t track my expenditures. I don’t really have that many to be honest. Well, actually, let me clarify that–I do track them as I use Quicken to classify all transactions (automatically as they are downloaded most of the time), but after that I don’t pay attention since I can’t use them on my 1040. And, since my premiums are paid by my employer, I don’t have any other expenses besides the copays.

  5. I don’t track expenses for illnesses, and luckily had a pretty good stock of cold medicine last week when I was sick, thanks to last year’s obsessive couponing. I had constant ear infections as a child, they are no fun! Hope your kiddos are feeling better.

  6. I hate it when my kids get sick, I wish they could just get better ASAP. I’m a softie when it comes to being bothered by them suffering 🙂

    The costs are there for people that are sick, whether young or older. For those of us older, it could mean losing income or not getting things done at work. Best to get better quickly by resting and following doctor’s advice! Health and wealth go together.

    • I’m the same way, I feel awful when they don’t feel good and wish I could take it away from them and into me instead.

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