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Buying and Selling Phones With GazelleCash for the Holidays from Gazelle

It's the holidays and you know what that means…the treasure hunt for more money. Every year it seems that your gift list gets longer, and your pockets slimmer. While you can work overtime until your head spins, there are other ways to get cash for the holidays. No loans required. No staying longer at work required. No tedious dummy missions for family and friends. You can stay in your pajamas, get a cup of coffee and grab some of your old cell phones you have lying around. Then go online to to sell them and buy devices. Before we get into the details of how that works, lets fill you in on who and what gazelle is. It's one of the famous selling apps out there.

Game Changers

In 2008, one year after Gazelle opened their doors and began to spearhead the idea of reCommerce, they launched Their focus with the website was simple:

  • easy online trade-in service
  •  instant quotes
  • free shipping

It didn't take long for the site to catch on and 6 years later, Gazelle opened a store dedicated to selling certified pre-owned devices, eliminating the need to buy “new”. Today, not only can you sell online, but you can find their kiosks in malls, grocery stores and retailers nationwide.

Buying and Selling Phones With Gazelle

How it Works

First you log onto the website and immediately choose whether you're buying or selling. Next, you choose which kind of device you're selling. After that you're asked a few questions on the condition of the device. Depending on what it is will determine the questions that are asked. For example, if you were trying to sell your old Samsung Galaxy Note 4, your questions might look like:

  • Does the screen fully light up?
  • Are there scratches anywhere?
  • Are there cracks anywhere?
  • Does the device power on?

After answering those questions, Gazelle will give you an offer for that device. It can be as fast as 1 second to 1 minute. If you accept the offer, continue with checkout process. Tell Gazelle how you want to be paid via:

  • Check
  • Paypal
  • Amazon Gift Card

Shipping is free and Gazelle will send a box for qualified orders. The offer is good for 30 days, but you don't get paid until they receive the device and inspect it. Once everything checks out, you get paid.

There's Got to be More

In the last paragraph you were given a “cliff notes” version of the process for selling your phone on Gazelle. While the process really is that simple, there are some things to point out…

Setting up an Account– is NOT required but highly recommended. Not only can you sell old devices, but you can shop for devices as well. If you plan on doing more than one transaction, having an account will allow you to keep track of them. The steps are just as easy as when you sell a device. Most of the information needed to set up an account will be given during the checkout process. That information includes:

  • Address
  • Contact information
  • Payment preferences

Again, there is NO obligation to start an account. Gazelle's site is free to use, but if you do decide to open an account, it takes about 15 minutes.

Condition of an Item– Gazelle has a scale for both cosmetic condition AND functional condition.

Cosmetic Condition:

  • Excellent
  • Very Good
  • Good
  • Fair
  • Poor

Functional Condition:

  • Working
  • Defective
  • Broken

It should be noted that Gazelle DOES BUY BROKEN DEVICES, but if it is too broken, they may decline to purchase your old device. If your device is not in the condition you described online, Gazelle WILL revise their offer to you. You have 5 days to accept or decline. If you decline, Gazelle will send your device back at no extra charge to you.

Lost or Stolen Devices– Gazelle does not purchase items that are reported lost or stolen. It should also be noted that Gazelle will regularly assist law enforcement in the investigation of stolen property. Customers are required to contractually confirm the device their selling is theirs to sell. When Gazelle gets a device from a customer they record the device's electronic serial number and send the number through a data wipe process. To do this Gazelle uses CheckMEND. CheckMend is a tool used to accurately detect potential stolen goods, including electronic devices. In the meantime if your phone has been stolen you really should consider having identity theft protection if you don't already. We cover some identity protection reviews in another article.

Buying and Selling Phones With Gazelle

Making Purchases on Gazelle

As stated earlier, you can also buy certified pre-owned devices on Gazelle. After you log onto the site, you choose the option to buy and you are then greeted with some of the top deals. There is a search bar to type in specifically what you're looking for, as well as the option to hone the search to just price or model.

Buying/Selling Outside of the United States– at this time, Gazelle DOES NOT buy or sell to individuals outside of the United States.

Buying in Bulk– You can buy in bulk with Gazelle provided all necessary information has been provided to Gazelle's dedicated department that handles such transactions. If buying in bulk, you must first gather some information and send it along with your purchase order through the ‘Ask A Question' option on the page. The information you'll need is:

  • Company/Business:
  • Contact Name:
  • Website:
  • Mailing address:
  • Telephone:
  • Item description: (Manufacturer, Series and Model Number)
  • Quantity:
  • Desired Cosmetic Condition:
  • Acceptable Defects:
  • Reason for purchase:
  • Bulk Purchase frequency:
  • Offered dollar amount per unit:
  • Primary Contact Email:

What's Available?– Android phones, MacBooks, most Apple IPhones and IPads supported by the top carriers (T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T and Verizon).

Carrier Restrictions– you can buy with confidence knowing that there are no strings attached. You don't have to do anything special with your carrier. There are no hidden fees or contract extensions.

Are Accessories Included?– All Gazelle Certified products come with:

  • battery
  • charger
  • cord


  • earbuds
  • SIM cards
  • SD memory cards

Product Availability– as stated earlier, Gazelle sells most models of Apple products, Android and MacBooks. If you log on and don't see what you're looking for, be sure to check back often. Gazelle updates it's inventory monthly.

Financing– If you don't have the cash on hand, credit card or another form of credit payment, all is not lost. You can finance your purchase with Affirm. Affirm offers instant financing for purchases online. You can pay for it in fixed monthly installments over the course of three, six, or twelve months. Rates range from 10%-30% APR.

At checkout you'll select the option to pay with Affirm and you will be asked to provide some information. Make sure the information provided is accurate or there can be problems with checkout. The information asked for is:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Mobile phone number
  • Date of birth
  • Last four digits of your social

After this is entered, you will receive a text with a authorization code that you will enter into your Affirm application. In just a few seconds, Affirm will confirm or deny your loan. If confirmed you will be informed of the loan amount, the interest rate and how many months to pay it off. If you accept, click “Confirm Loan” and your all done

Log onto Gazelle today and skip the lines and mobs in the stores. Sell your old devices and get some spending cash, or even stick around on the site and do some shopping! There are great deals for most of the devices that you are looking for. Selling is easy and in less than 5 minutes, you can earn good money before you even step out of the house. Shipping is free and if you decide after the fact that you don't want to send your old devices in, no problem. Your order will cancel out in 30 days and you WILL NOT be penalized at all.

I am planning to sell my phone in a few months so Gazelle is my first stop.

For college students, if you're looking to sell textbooks, we reviewed the best places to do that too so make sure to check it out.


Not everybody can buy a shiny, new, and expensive mobile phone or gadget. That is why the market for used devices has become such a large industry that it features e-commerce platforms such as Gazelle that focuses specifically on the buying and selling of used devices. To know more about this process and Gazelle as a platform, read our tips and tricks below.

Buying in Gazelle

We compiled the important things you need to know when buying phones and other gadgets from Gazelle:

Can you buy phones from Gazelle?

Yes. Gazelle is one of the largest phone and gadget reselling platforms in the US. It has been in operation for 10 years and has a vast array of choices for used phones, laptops, and other gadgets.

Does Gazelle sell used phones?

Selling used phones and other gadgets is the core business of Gazelle. It capitalizes on the robust used gadgets industry, especially now that the price of new phones and devices continues to rise.

Is Gazelle a legitimate store for buying iPhones?

Yes. Gazelle is a legitimate e-commerce platform for buying and selling used mobile phones, including iPhones. However, since it sells used phones, conditions and/or inclusions may vary.

Is Gazelle reliable to buy from?

Yes. It has been one of the biggest platforms for reselling since it opened its online store in 2008. It also has a number of certifications including a B+ rating from BBB.

Is Gazelle safe to buy from?

One of the main selling points of Gazelle is safety for both buyers and sellers. They implement a 30-day money-back guarantee for buyers, and also allow sellers to return items should they feel that the price assessment is too low. Gazelle also removes all personal information from all phones.

Does Gazelle sell good phones?

This will depend on your definition of what is a good phone. Gazelle guarantees that all phones that they sell are in working condition. But if you are concerned with aesthetics, then you need to really be careful with your choices.

Should you buy an iPhone on Gazelle?

Depends. If you are looking for a cheaper, used iPhone, you should definitely consider Gazelle as a platform. Not only is it in existence for 10 years, it also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee that minimizes risks for buyers.

Where does gazelle sell their phones?

Gazelle is an e-commerce platform and as such, you can buy their phones and other tech gadgets from the comfort of your home. You can just order from their site and your purchased will be delivered to your doorstep.

Does Gazelle sell phones?

Gazelle started to make a name as an e-commerce platform on the strength of its buy and sell business with mobile phones as its main product. Now, it's considered one of the largest buy and sell platforms for phones in the US. If you can get a good deal on a phone from them then find some cheap phone plans then you'll be saving a lot on your overall phone use. Or you can also compare unlimited data plans we have reviewed.

Does Gazelle sell cracked phones?

Yes, although it's value may be greatly lowered. Gazelle buys second hand phones but does not repair them, and sells them as is, so a cracked phone will be that much difficult to sell.

Does Gazelle clean the phone before selling them?

Yes it does, however, Gazelle does not repair the phone. If there are inherent scratches or dents on the phone when it was sold to Gazelle, it will be there once it sells it. When it comes to software, Gazelle completely wipes the contents of phones before selling them.

Can I sell an iPhone I found on Gazelle?

Yes. The phones that Gazelle sell are free from any form of contract from carriers, so once you buy a phone from the website, there is nothing to prohibit you from selling it again after.

Is Gazelle a legitimate platform for selling iPhones?

Yes, it is a very legitimate store to sell your iPhone to. You'll get cash payments (or Paypal if you prefer), and they will also assess your phone to give you a fair price. If you think the price you'll get is too low, you can take back your device as well.

Does Gazelle sell fake phones?

No it does not. Gazelle implement a strict and thorough evaluation of items before buying them from sellers, so fake phones are easily identified before they even post them for sale on their site.

Selling in Gazelle

Planning on selling your gadget in Gazelle? Read first our guide below to know the important things about selling items on Gazelle:

Why does Gazelle buy iPhones?

iPhones, more than other phones, usually have a higher resale value, and the market for second-hand iPhones is actually an industry in itself, that is why it is a popular model in buy and sell platforms like Gazelle.

Does Gazelle buy iCloud-locked iPhones?

No. Gazelle only sells phones that have already been cleared of all personal information. The fact that an iPhone has a locked iCloud account suggests that it may have been stolen or lost, which is strictly prohibited by Gazelle.

Does Gazelle buy blacklisted phones?

No. Gazelle is very strict when it comes to buying phones that are stolen, lost, or blacklisted in any way. This is to assure its buyers that they can safely and legally use the phones that they buy in Gazelle.

Does Gazelle buy phones with bad ESN?

Gazelle uses CheckMEND to verify its phones, and the process can check whether a phone has a good or bad ESN. Bad ESN means that your phone has been locked by the original carrier for various reasons, such as unpaid accounts.

Does Gazelle buy locked iPhones?

Yes. A locked iPhone means it can only be used for a specific carrier, but if functions the same as any other iPhone. That is why Gazelle buys locked iPhones, although for cheaper prices as they will have to sell them cheaper than unlocked versions as well.

Does Gazelle buy stolen phones?

No. Gazelle has an entire page dedicated to its strict policy when it comes to stolen or lost phones. In fact, it even helps law enforcement by providing them information once it comes across a stolen or lost phone.

Does Gazelle buy water damaged phones?

Yes, but its offer will be significantly lower. Water damage in phones can range from slight moisture exposure to full blown water submersion, that is why it is possible to have an offer of $0 for phones that have been heavily damaged.

Does gazelle buy Apple watches?

Not yet, but it soon will. The Apple Watch has become the top smartwatch brand in the US and as with any other Apple product, it has a very good resale value. In connection, Gazelle is also planning to include Apple Watch in its roster of gadgets very soon.

Will Gazelle buy locked iPad?

Yes. Gazelle buys both locked and unlocked Apple products, including the iPad. But since an unlocked iPad is more flexible and can be used with different carriers, you might be assessed a lower price for your locked device.

Does Gazelle buy video games?

At the moment, Gazelle is focused on buying and selling mobile phones and other gadgets such as laptops and tablets. It does not sell video games or video game consoles.

What phones does Gazelle buy?

Currently, Gazelle only buy and sells phones from three major manufacturers: Apple, Google, and Samsung. This is probably due to the fact that these brands have better resale value than other, lesser-known brands.

Why doesn't Gazelle buy Oneplus phones?

Oneplus phones has just recently started to become popular in the US since it still sells in limited quantities and with few carriers. Also, the resale value is still lower compared to other phones such as the iPhone, which is probably one of the reasons it is not on Gazelle's roster yet.

Does Gazelle buy back phones that won't turn on?

No. Gazelle implements a 30-point inspection process to make sure that all phones that they buy and sell are in working condition. A phone that won't turn on certainly won't pass that initial test.

Does Gazelle only buy Apple?

While it makes sense why the majority of the gadgets in Gazelle are Apple product due to its high resale value, Gazelle also buys products from both Google and Samsung.

Does Gazelle buy iPads?

Yes it does. Being an Apple product, the iPad also has a premium resale value, and in Gazelle, you can sell to them your iPad regardless of model, for as long as it is in good condition and passes their initial assessment.

Is Gazelle safe to sell to?

Yes it is. Gazelle offers a lot of security measures to assure sellers, among which are the guarantee that all prior information from a device will be cleared, a fair asking price that can even escalate should they find your device better than advertised, and cash payments.

Does Gazelle sell iPads?

Yes it does. Aside from Apple products having durable hardware that can be used for years, they also have great resale value, that is why Gazelle and other platforms often have them in their product rosters.

Can you sell a phone with bad ESN to Gazelle?

Yes, but Gazelle will be able to determine that and it won't accept your phone. Before they accept phones, they use a software called CheckMEND that can determine the status of a phone.

Does Gazelle buy rooted phones?

It is not specifically stated on Gazelle's website whether they buy rooted Android phones, but some anecdotes online suggest that Gazelle does not buy nor sell rooted phones, because rooting phones actually voids their warranty.

Can you sell a locked iPhone to Gazelle?

Yes. Gazelle buys all kinds of iPhones whether locked or unlocked, for as long as it passes their 30-point inspection protocol. However, you will get a cheaper assessment price for a locked iPhone compared to an unlocked version.

Is it safe to sell my iPhone to Gazelle?

Yes it is. Selling an iPhone to Gazelle is the same as selling an Android device on the platform. You will be afforded the same sellers benefits such as cash payments, complete and thorough device wipe, and fair assessment value.

Do you have to provide the charger when selling devices to Gazelle?

Not necessarily. Gazelle bases its cost assessment of the device you are selling depending only on the device itself. Other accessories that you might include such as the charger will not affect the price offer.

What happens if you sell a stolen phone to Gazelle?

Gazelle thoroughly checks each phone before they actually pay the seller. Although Gazelle believes their process discourages stolen phones from being sold to them (they require personal information), if they do find a stolen phone, they immediately coordinate with authorities to investigate the item.

Is selling to Gazelle safe?

Yes it is. Whether you are selling phones, tablets, or laptops, you can be assured of the same seller protection benefits such as cash payments, fair price assessment, and the option to take back you device should you find the price offer lower than you expected.

How to sell old laptops in Gazelle?

Selling old laptops in Gazelle is easy. You can get an online offer in minutes, then you can have your item shipped to Gazelle for actual assessment. If the offer price is okay with you, then you'll get paid immediately either by cash or through Paypal, Amazon Gift Card, or check.

Does Gazelle sell stolen phones?

No. Before Gazelle can sell phones, it must buy them first, and its 30-point inspection process as well as its CheckMEND software ensures that no stolen phones are bought by Gazelle in the first place.

How to sell phones to Gazelle?

It is very easy to sell phones in Gazelle as everything can be done online. You can get an instant offer after you fill out some details about your phone in their website. Then, you will have to ship the item to Gazelle for inspection (free) and if you accept their offer, you will be immediately be paid.

Can you sell a locked phone to Gazelle?

Yes you can. Gazelle buys both locked and unlocked phones, but they give lower offers to locked units because those can only be used with specific carriers.

Should I sell to Gazelle?

This depends on the kind of offer you want for your device. The best option would be to try to get as much offers as you can for your device and choose which ones offer you the best value. Gazelle, though, is a good option because of its numerous security benefits.