I Hate Buying Or Doing Something Twice

One of my pet peeves is when something gets done and then has to be done over again.  Doing something twice?  Argh!  The same goes with buying something and having to buy it again.

I tend to take the long view on this, as well.  For example, I shook my head when I found out that a road that I remember them building in 1989 was being rebuilt.  I guess here in Michigan, on a road that’s heavily used by both cars and semi trucks, that makes sense, but I still shook my head!

But more recently and more close to home, we’ve had two such examples, and both drive me crazy!

Camping Cup

We each have a drink cup for when we go camping.  They’re plastic cups with a built in straw and a screw on top.  As many of our camping trips involve spending time at the beach, a cup like this is great and a must-have for us.  We use them for water, iced tea, or sometimes stronger stuff.

On a recent trip, mine got broken.  It was a dumb sequence of events, totally my fault, but the lid got cracked.

The cup itself is fine and I’ll probably use it for around the house, but it needed to be replaced, and it drove me crazy.

My wife ended up getting me the exact same cup, and I cringed when she showed it to me.  I explained that a different design might have taken away some of the sting, but being that it was the exact same cup, I was thoroughly mortified!

Kitchen Ceiling

Over the past couple of years, we’ve done some minor sprucing up of the kitchen,  We started by replacing the sink and faucet, then later got a new table and chairs, and also repainted.  All of that has given it a pretty fresh look.

I did a full repaint including the ceiling, walls, and trim.  I did have a couple of spots on the ceiling that I needed to touch up that have been lingering on my list for a while, but that got moved up in priority after a recent combined effort between my two kids.

mb-2015-08-leakOur four year old daughter is fully potty trained, but she’s just getting around to the part where she takes care of wiping herself. She seemed to be doing a pretty thorough job, but as it turns out it might have been a little too thorough.

She’d apparently gone earlier in the day and used an excessive amount of toilet paper, but either didn’t look or didn’t realize the difference in the flush.

Kids Don’t Know Not To Flush

Fast forward a few hours and the next person to use the toilet was my son.  He went in and noticed that something didn’t look right, and flushed the toilet.  The water didn’t go down so he….flushed it again.

I was downstairs cleaning up after dinner so I had no idea of what was going on.  That is, until he came down in tears telling me that he’d ‘flushed too many times’.

I instantly figured out what had happened and went upstairs to start cleaning up.

Fortunately, the clog was in the pipes so everything that overflowed was water.  I still did a sanitizing of the floor, rugs, and surrounding area.

Unfortunately, because of the way that they laid the tile, there was a very small hole in the floor next to the toilet.  Just big enough that some of the water drained into the hole before I was able to mop it up.

Just enough where it left a couple of wet spots on the ceiling in the room below.  Which of course is the kitchen.


I really wasn’t sure how much water had gotten in and how wet it was.  I poked some small holes (with a nail) so that if there was any pooling, it wouldn’t destroy the drywall.  Thankfully no water came out.  But, there is a small saucer size spot that now needs to be painted along with a few spots along what I’m assuming is a tape line as it runs straight in a line.

I ran a fan over it to get everything dried off.  I will plug the small nail holes and put some primer over the spots that got wet in order to seal it.  Then, paint!  The question is, how much?

Can The Paint Job Be Saved?

I’m hoping that since I just recently painted that I don’t have to do the entire ceiling over again!

Either way, I just shook my head in disbelief that two kids could make this happen.  And it was totally innocent!  At the same time, I knew it could have been worse.  My son could have kept flushing or the hole could have been bigger or he could have said nothing or the water could have been less than clear.  Thankfully, none of those circumstances happened, so I guess I have to look out for the positive.

Still, I hate rework!

Readers, what have you had to re-purchase or re-do?  Does it drive you crazy?  Can you shrug it off as just an unavoidable fact of life that things like that happen?

4 thoughts on “I Hate Buying Or Doing Something Twice”

  1. Oh, gosh YES! Few things are more aggravating than having to do something over! Second only to having to buy something twice because you lost or broke some crucial gewgaw.

    Okay, this one has gotta take the cake. As it were:

    I’m at some fancy grocery store and take it into my head to buy a box of sushi — the California type without raw fish (thank goodness…). This, I imagine I will have for lunch after I get home.

    Once at the Funny Farm, I industriously unload the groceries and put them away. But I can’t find the sushi. I’m starved, so this is a noticeable “miss.” I search all over the car. Can’t find it.

    I must have left it in the cart, or maybe the cashier neglected to pack it in with the other groceries. The store is a long way off, so I decide to forget it.

    Days later, I climb into the car and smell a certain…schmell. Uh oh.

    Another search reveals that the sushi box must have been set on top of the mountain of goods in the plastic boxes that hold stuff in the back of the van, and it must have slid off in transit and slipped down in between one of the boxes and the car’s body. Two earlier searches failed to reveal it.

    This seemed even more frustrating than the likelihood that it was left behind at the store — after all, it was my stupidity at work.

    While I didn’t replace it with a new sushi lunch, I did have to haul out other food for lunch, depleting the pantry’s store. Six of one, half a dozen of the other.

  2. My cats are a constant source of having to “redo” things. I clean the carpets with our carpet cleaner? They instantly hurl on it. I wash bedroom sheets and comforters? They hurl on them. We’ve tried all kinds of foods trying to reduce the amount they throw up…and have been mildly successful. But they always seem to do their business right after I get done cleaning something….

  3. My wife pet peeves is when she has a haircut, she finds she doesn’t like it or notice something is wrong. She gets re-haircut or look for other salon that can make it look better, so she pays again. She is really annoyed during this time.

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