Camper Is Still Holding Tight

I reported last week that the camper had not sprung any leaks as the melt-off started.  This followed a somewhat noticeable sag in the roof due to snow sitting on it for weeks on end thanks to a very snowy and very cold winter.

After a few more days, one of which included over an inch of rain, it appears that we’re still doing well.  I was worried that the rain would absorb into the snow which had not yet melted, and take us back to square one, but my father-in-law (the camper is stored next to his house) reported that it seemed to still be doing good a few days after the rain.  He measured and the sag is about half an inch, which seems better than when I had noticed it.  He also said that there were no leaks.

Not much is expected to change soon.  The polar vortex, where arctic air that usually stays in Northern Canada comes all the way down, is returning this week, bringing temperatures 20 degrees below zero for the next week.  At least.  I haven’t seen forecasts for any measurable snow, though that could change.  So, as of now there shouldn’t be any significant snow or melting over the next few days.

I’ll keep checking, but I’m getting a little more hopeful that this won’t cause permanent damage.

7 thoughts on “Camper Is Still Holding Tight”

  1. Did the camper roof have any sag when you bought it? If it didn’t, you might look into straightening and reinforcing the roof after the weather gets better.

  2. Glad to hear your camper is going to be okay. My friend is looking into buying a travel trailer as her main home in August. Luckily, snow isn’t an issue here in Houston. 😉

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