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We all know the many well-known  negative consequences smoking has on your health.  But, the constant increase of taxes has meant the cost of buying traditional cigarettes will put a major dent in your budget. There is no sign that governments will let up on taxing bad habits.  So, the price of cigarettes is only set to increase.

Are you a smoker looking for a cheaper option?  Or are you looking for an alternative that can get you on the path toward quitting?  If so, then making the switch to E-cigarettes could be a good choice for you. Here’s why you should consider the switch.

It could save you money

Health organizations have calculated that smoking only 10 cigarettes a day will add up to a cost of nearly $800 after six months.  That's nearly $1700 after a year, and over $17,000 in ten years.  It could be more if you live somewhere with high taxes. Currently, the average smoker actually smokes a little over 12 cigarettes a day. Switching to E-cigarettes gives smokers a great opportunity to save.  The average E-cig cost for the equivalent of one pack of traditional cigarettes is only a fraction of the price.

How might E-cigs save you money?

E-cigs are less expensive to produce, a savings that passed on to the customer.  In addition, taxes generally work out to be much lower than regular cigarettes.

The biggest cost of an e-cig is the starter kit.  This contains your e-cigarette, charger, and e-liquid, which contains the actual nicotine.  After you purchase your kit, your remaining costs are refills.  This can be purchased at a low cost in bulk.

Starting in 2016 various health organizations throughout the world will adopt the E-cig as their most recent form for quitting smoking altogether, which obviously will provide an ex-smoker with the largest possible savings. The E-cig allows its users to quit by monitoring their intake of nicotine and gently reducing it over time until they no longer are addicted to the substance. Different types of E-liquid can be purchased with varying strengths of nicotine, making it easy for E-cig users to create a schedule and plan to help them achieve their goal of quitting.

Whether you’re simply looking for a cheaper option to traditional cigarettes, or want to find a way to live a nicotine free life, making the switch to E-cigs is tsomething to consider.

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