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Updated: 02/2023

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These days, there's a mobile app for nearly everything a person may need, and car insurance is no different. As technology advances, people are discovering that it is easier than ever to save money on car insurance. Companies have made it simple to file a claim, track driving habits, customize coverage, and monitor expenses. Drivers of all ages might be surprised to see how much they can do with a car insurance app. To make life easier for yourself and to save some extra money, check out the mobile apps listed below to compare the benefits they have to offer.


Car insurance apps


MetroMile is a digital insurance company that offers insurance to low-mileage drivers. This company was founded in 2011 to help people save some extra money by having customers sign up for pay-per-mile insurance, unlike traditional insurance companies. This type of coverage is best suited for people with a short commute. Drivers that only use their car to get to and from work could greatly benefit from this type of auto insurance. If you are known for long road trips or frequent travel, it may be best to avoid this company. Included in the app, the MetroMile Trip Optimization feature allows drivers to predict travel time for their trips using their rate of speed to accurately calculate how long a road trip will take. Customers can also receive street sweeping alerts to avoid fines for leaving their vehicles on the street during times that the city is cleaning the streets. If your vehicle is at risk of being ticketed for parking on the street, you will receive an alert 12 hours ahead, giving you plenty of time to move your vehicle and avoid a hefty fine. As of right now, coverage is only available to customers in Oregon, California, New Jersey, Washington, Virginia, Illinois, and Pennsylvania.

Car insurance apps

Allstate Drivewise

The Allstate Drivewise app strives to reduce dangerous driving by monitoring the user's driving behavior via the mobile app. Customers of Allstate insurance can receive discounts to save money on their policy plan, and even earn cash-back for their safe driving behavior. The app provides personalized feedback for every driver that uses it frequently. To earn the rewards that Allstate has to offer, keep your speed under 80mph, limit driving during nighttime, and reduce hard braking. These are simple methods that can save you money on your insurance policy every year. Policyholders will receive a 3% discount and can qualify for up to 15% cash-back just for driving safe and abiding by company standards. The app is also available for people that are not customers of Allstate. If you are not a policyholder, you will earn rewards for safe driving that can only be redeemed for gift cards and merchandise.

Esurance Fuelcaster

Esurance Fuelcaster is an app that estimates gas prices to help people find the cheapest around and predict when gas prices will rise or fall. It is an informative tool that can help save you money on your next trip to the gas station. Drivers simply enter their zip code then the app will advise the driver when and where to fuel up next. It can be used by customers and even non-customers by downloading the mobile app. Perfect for anyone that's looking to reduce their gas expenses.

Car insurance apps

Esurance DriveSafe

Teens tend to be more dangerous on the road, due to their lack of experience and adolescent behaviors. The Esurance DriveSafe mobile app hopes to change that. It's best suited for parents with teens that have recently begun driving or parents that do not trust their teen's driving skills. The app uses a telematics device that plugs directly into the driver's car to monitor their driving habits. It will notify users when they speed, brake hard, turn quickly, or use their phone while driving. Parents can review each trip and even monitor live driving, excellent for anyone that wants to ensure their teenager is constantly practicing safe driving behavior.

Esurance Video Appraisal

Esurance offers a video appraisal app that can be used to file claims using real-time video that's connected to an insurance representative. It uses your smartphone's video camera to assess damages while also communicating directly with the customer and repair shop to predict repair costs after an accident has occurred. This app can save time for policyholders that want to file a claim without scheduling a time consuming, in-person meeting.

Car insurance apps

Allstate Motor Club

The Allstate Motor Club app can be used for 24-hour roadside assistance in case your vehicle ever breaks down and leaves you stuck on the side of the road. It uses your smartphone's GPS to accurately locate where your vehicle is to immediately send help. With this mobile app, drivers can choose what they need assistance with, such as a flat tire, drained battery, or empty gas tank. Regardless of where you are traveling, roadside assistance is needed. Even if you take excellent care of your vehicle, problems can happen that could leave you helpless if you do not take the necessary precautions. To take advantage of Allstate's roadside assistance service, you must be a member and decide to add the option to your policy plan. Keep in mind, attaching roadside assistance to your policy plan will cost extra.

State Farm CarCapture

This app makes it easy to browse vehicles on the market. If you are out on the town and happen to find a vehicle you like, simply snap a photo of any vehicle's rear end. The app will then estimate the market value while detailing what local dealerships have it available for sale. If you're looking to buy a new car, the State Farm CarCapture app is a valuable tool for finding the exact vehicle you want. It is available for anyone shopping for a new car, truck, or sports utility vehicle. The app is available for anyone, you do not have to be a State Farm policyholder to take advantage of this convenient service.

Car insurance apps


A recently established company in the auto insurance industry, Root offers policies that aim to reduce your policy costs by up to 52 percent. Before you get auto insurance the mobile app calculates your insurance rate by gathering and analyzing your driving data. It receives statistics about your speed, turning, and braking by using the sensors in your smartphone. After a few weeks of monitoring your driving, Root will let you know if it is possible for you to save money using one of their insurance policies. If not, they will notify you after your evaluation if they feel a different company can provide better prices. To further reduce your costs, do your best to avoid driving at night, on weekends, and during major holidays. They are focused on protecting safe drivers, so you must be a better driver than most people to qualify. The app uses advanced AI and data science to determine whether you are driving or simply riding as a passenger. So you will not be penalized for someone else's poor driving. With everything managed through the app, drivers can purchase insurance, customize their coverage, and order their ID cards. There are not any agents to deal with, making it a quick option for getting car insurance with ease. However, they do provide customer support as needed.

State Farm Driver Feedback

Similar to Drivewise by Allstate, users of this app can monitor their driving habits and receive advice that can improve their driving. Unlike similar apps, State Farm Driver Feedback does not require a telematic plugin. Instead, the app uses your smartphone to determine how safe you are driving, with a focus on swerving, acceleration, and deceleration. It does not provide discounts like many of its competitors, but it can be a great tool to help you improve your driving and extend the life of your vehicle.

Car insurance apps


A veteran in the industry, Geico offers a mobile app for all of their policyholders. As a customer, you can manage your insurance policy and view your digital ID cards with the app. You can also monitor your vehicle's overall health, a feature that is great for checking your oil and viewing potential recalls. Aside from that, you can even view your registration to help remind you when it is time to renew. If your vehicle does break down at some point, you can use the Geico app to quickly receive roadside assistance and get yourself back on the road in no time. According to Geico, customers can save 15% or more on their car insurance, combine that with their easy-to-use app and they might be a company worth checking out. With the built-in virtual assistant, policyholders can receive instant chat support to have their questions answered or report a concern.

There are many wonderful apps out there that can help drivers save money and improve their driving skills over time. The mobile apps and companies listed above are great tools that drivers can utilize, whether they are experienced or just beginning to learn how to drive. Depending on what type of policy or assistance you are looking for, some of those apps might not be what you need, while others could be a perfect fit for you. It is always an excellent idea to shop for car insurance in a variety of places before making a definite choice on what company and app to use. The best way to save money, other than using an insurance comparison tool, is to practice safe driving methods at all times, no matter what app you decide to use. Safe driving will reduce your insurance costs while increasing the chances that you and your loved ones make it home safe and sound every day. As technology continues to develop, auto insurance companies will keep adapting and implementing new features to enhance their customer's experience.

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