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2020 Cargurus Reviews: Cheap Used Cars & Trucks

Michael Jones

Auto Loan Expert

cargurus reviews

In today’s world, we have so many options when buying goods and services that it can get really confusing at times. If we are, for example, buying a car, you can find hundreds or even thousands of listings from so many dealers, not to mention the listings from the manufacturers themselves. So how are we going to sort all through these and find the best deal for us and our budget? This is where the website comes in.

What is Cargurus?

Cargurus is an online search portal that caters specifically to people looking to buy a car. A car shopper can go to the website, enter his or her preferred car make and model and zip code, and he or she will now get to see all the listings from various dealers in the area. The client can now compare the prices and see the cheapest ones that fit his or her budget. The website, which was founded in 2006, says it aims to make the process of car shopping much easier as you do not even have to leave your home or office to find the dealer with the best price for your preferred vehicle.


Cargurus features


Ease of use

As mentioned, Cargurus’ main feature is its ease of use. You literally just have to put in your preferred car and your zip code, and you will have access to numerous listings that otherwise would have taken a very long time to find out on your own. It is also easy to research more about a certain listing or dealer if you wish, as their information is easily accessible. And when you have made a decision, all the possible methods to contact the dealer are listed as well, so you do not need to go to another website to make a successful car purchase.



Detailed search

Cargurus prides itself in its fast and detailed search results. Once you enter your vehicle of choice and zip code, you will be provided with the price, mileage, location, transmission type, and many other details about the car. You will also get a lot of information about the dealer that posted the listing, including its address, multiple contact details, and even the rating of that particular dealer.


Comprehensive comparison data

According to Cargurus, they have a sophisticated algorithm that sorts through dealer listings based on a dealer’s reputation and actual market value. This search feature takes into consideration not just the details of a car like its mileage, trim, and year, but also its history to make a proper comparison. This, according to Cargurus, lets them make accurate organic rankings that are objective and reliable. After this, Cargurus makes an estimate of the value of a certain car listing in real-time and ranks them as great, good, fair, and overpriced deals.


Value calculator

If you want to know the value of a certain car, you can also use their value or car payment calculator. You just need to enter some details about your chosen car and the website will give what they call as Instant Market Value, which is a price estimate based on the prices of the listing near your area. You can then choose what you want to do with the information. You can either search for cars to buy using the same search parameters, sell a car, or just save the information for future use.


Options for sellers

If you are interested in selling your car instead of buying one, then you can also do that too in Cargurus. You can list for free the car you want to sell, and Cargurus will provide various services for you. They will assist you with all the documentation you need such as the bill of sale and title transfer, offer financing to buyers that will bring in more clients, and facilitate the secure online transfer of funds so you won’t have to worry about carrying cash or accepting checks from buyers. Cargurus will only charge you $99 by the time you have sold the listing.



User and professional reviews

One of the best features of Cargurus is its review section. Here, potential buyers can browse through user reviews of the cars they have bought from dealers that they were able to contact through Cargurus. They also feature reviews of the actual car themselves, which are detailed, first-hand accounts of people who actually used them for a significant length of time. Aside from this, there is also a section for professional reviews who offer a more detailed and nuanced account of using a particular car. Professional reviews are ones made by experienced automotive journalists, test drivers, and editors, so you can expect very detailed and objective assessment of the vehicles.


Price notifications

Another feature of Cargurus is its price notification function. This means that you can tell Cargurus to notify you if the price for the car and model you are looking at drops below current prices. All you have to do is enter your email and Cargurus will send you a notification whenever there is a price drop. This is especially useful for those people who have limited time to search and have settled on an exact car model and make.


Forum board

One of the more unique features of Cargurus is its question and answer board. Simply put, this is an online car community within Cargurus. Users can post any kind of question pertaining to cars, from technical inquiries such as engine parts and suspension types, to more general questions like where to buy the best car at a given location. Here, users can exchange valuable, first-hand, and specific information rather than just rely on generic reviews. This also allows users to ask questions that they otherwise would not be able to ask dealers directly. This is the place to also get in touch with Cargurus staff and ask them questions or recommend improvements to its services and website.


As with any website, there are bound to be positive and negative things that can be said about Carguru’s service. Although Cargurus claim that it is one of the largest and most-used car websites in the United States, that does not mean that it is without its flaws. There are a couple of reviews about Carguru’s website and services, and we have listed some of them below.


Sitejabber reviews

Cargurus ranks 3.5 out of 5 in review site Sitejabber, and most of the complaints against Cargurus is with regard to the accuracy of the information. As mentioned above, anyone can post a listing in Cargurus, which means that there are bound to be a few inaccurate posts. According to one review, the dealer of his chosen car sent him a quotation different from the price posted in Cargurus. Although the dealer acknowledged that they are indeed advertising it on Cargurus, he did not know why there was discrepancy between their prices for the same car.


There are, however, a couple of positive reviews as well. Most of them praised the ease of using Cargurus, with one of the users saying he was able to find the best deal for his chosen car in under 30 minutes and was already able to take it home from the dealer 2 days later. This is the kind of service that Cargurus is advertising, and it is good to know that it has worked well for some users.

Better Business Bureau

Cargurus is not accredited by well-known website Better Business Bureau (BBB) but it has several reviews on the website nonetheless. Unfortunately, most of them were negative. A reviewer said that he traveled a long way to a dealer he saw on Cargurus, only to find out that the dealer’s actual price is way above the one posted on Cargurus’ website. Another user complained about spam emails after registering on Cargurus.


Several dealers also posted their review of Cargurus, with one saying he was disappointed with the way Cargurus salesmen allegedly pressured him to sign the dealership contract. Another dealer claims that Cargurus tried to double the rates without informing him by coordinating with his office assistant. But a buyer stated that he had the best experience dealing with Cargurus, and that he appreciated that there was no hard-selling involved.


Cargurus got a 7 out of 10 overall score in BestCompany, a review website that has been in operation for 13 years. Users mostly praise the fast and efficient service of Cargurus, with several of them being able to make a purchase within just a week after searching in the website. Some users were also happy with the amount of choices they have in Cargurus, which makes determining their preferred car a breeze. Because Cargurus offer choices for both used and new cars, clients really have a huge selection of listings to choose from. Most users were also happy with the customer service they got from Cargurus. Most of them said that the sales people of Cargurus were very professional and helpful, and they did not experience any pressure when choosing their vehicle or transacting with a dealer.


Some users, however, complained with the inaccuracy of the listings as compared to the actual condition of the vehicle. Some of them were surprised that the actual unit was quite different from the one posted, while some claimed that they were offered a different price when they went to the dealer as compared to the listing on Cargurus. Other complaints revolved around being led to a dubious dealer through Cargurus.


Cargurus has also been reviewed in Amazon, where it got a 3.8 out of 5 stars rating. As with the other review sites, users raved that the Cargurus website was very easy to use and offered a lot of search features useful in finding the best car deal for them. The ability to filter and customize search parameters is one of the things users praise Cargurus for, as they can really specify the type of car they need. Users are also happy about the comparison feature, which, according to them, saves them a lot of time when trying to figure out which dealer to go to after they selected their car. They also commend Cargurus’ mobile app, which lets users experience all of the features of the website anywhere with just their smartphone. The mobile app seemed to be very user friendly and easy to navigate.


A few users, however, were disappointed that they started receiving spam messages after using Cargurus’ service. A couple of car sellers also complained that the prices that Cargurus ask from them differ than what Cargurus post on their website for their buyers. This, they say, caused confusion as with regard to the accuracy of their listings.


Final Thoughts

Cargurus offers a fast and easy-to-use search portal for car shoppers. And as evidenced by the reviews and user anecdotes, Cargurus really lives up to this promise with its clean website, as well as its functional mobile app. It gives out valuable information for car buyers in a fast and painless way, which often leads to fast purchases and smooth transactions.


But since anyone can post listings on Cargurus, accuracy cannot be always guaranteed, as discrepancies between listings and the actual units have been reported. Also, the pricing can be imprecise which can lead to frustration and disappointment on the part of the buyer. Privacy is also questionable as buyers and sellers alike have reported receiving spam emails and offers after using Cargurus’ website.


The best approach is to use Cargurus to speed up your search, but do not rely solely on the information presented on the website and do your own research. Contact multiple dealers to check if their prices align with Cargurus’ and be diligent in coordinating with them to make sure you are getting the most accurate information about the car you are looking at. And also, try to create a different email address to use with Cargurus, so that you will able to limit your personal information from being leaked or used by spammers.


There’s a lot of stress when it comes to buying a car. You worry whether you’re getting a good deal on your car or if it’s even worth buying. Thankfully, CarGurus can simplify the whole car-buying process. In this section, we attempt to answer as many of your questions about CarGurus as we can.

General CarGurus Questions

If you have general questions on CarGurus, this section is for you. Read on to answer your general questions about CarGurus.

What is CarGurus?

CarGurus is a website that helps users research and buy used and new cars. With CarGurus, you can compare and analyze different cars for sale to get the best deal.

How does CarGurus work?

CarGurus shows users new and used cars and shows the best deals at the top. Additionally, CarGurus calculates if the price is great, good, fair, high priced or overpriced.

What is CarGurus IMV?

IMV stands for Instant Market Value. This is CarGurus way of calculating a car’s value after considering the car’s make, model, trim, options, mileage, location and condition.

How much does CarGurus cost for dealers?

Users and private sellers can use CarGurus for free since CarGurus only charges dealers for the use of their site. For pricing information, go to the car dealers section at

What does cpo mean on CarGurus?

CPO stands for Certified Pre-Owned car. A CPO car is different from used cars in that they’re inspected, refurbished and certified by a manufacturer.

How much does it cost to sell a car on CarGurus?

Only dealers are charged a fee to sell their car on CarGurus. If you are a private seller, there is no charge for using CarGurus to sell your car.

What is CarGurus instant market value?

CarGurus’ instant market value (IMV) is their way of calculating how much a car is worth by considering a car’s make, model, trim, options, mileage, location and condition.

How much does CarGurus cost?

Since CarGurus charges fees to dealers, people can use CarGurus for no cost. Even private sellers aren’t charged a fee for using CarGurus.

How reliable is CarGurus?

You can rely on CarGurus since they have automated the process of calculating how fair the listed price is. They list car prices from “fair” to “overpriced” according to other car’s in the market.

How accurate is CarGurus pricing?

CarGurus analyzes millions of cars every month and is then able to accurately decide how fair a car’s pricing is depending on the market data.

How is CarGurus dealer rating figured?

CarGurus uses reviews to show other users how a dealer is rated. After 7 days of contacting a dealer, CarGurus asks you to review the dealer.

In CarGgurus, how do I find dealer location?

You can find the location of your dealer by going to a listing by the dealer. Next to their profile picture, you can find their contact information, including the location of the dealer.

How does CarGurus estimate value?

CarGurus analyzes over 6 million car’s per month and uses that data to compare it to your car’s make, model, trim, options, mileage, location and condition.

How many cars can you list on CarGurus?

There is no limit to car listings, so you can list as many cars as you would like on CarGurus.

How does CarGurus get all the inventory?

The inventory displayed on the CarGurus website belongs to dealers and private sellers that use CarGurus to sell their inventory. The inventory comes from many dealers and sellers.

What happens if you accept an offer on CarGurus?

If you accept an offer, note that you are not obligated to take further action on the sale. Typically, the buyer and seller will discuss the details of the sale and set up a test drive.

How does car guru determine fair price?

CarGurus uses their instant market value (IMV) calculator to determine if the price is fair. The IMV is calculated by analyzing other similar cars and their values.

How fast can I sell my car in car gurus?

Your car will sell depending on the car make, model, condition, price and other factors. To make your car sell faster, ensure you’re selling it at a fair price.

How accurate is car gurus price analysis?

Since CarGurus analyzes millions of cars every month, CarGurus’ price analysis is very accurate in reflecting the current market.

What does car gurus do with my vin number?

CarGurus requires a valid VIN number before you can message a seller. This is to be transparent and inspire confidence between the buyer and seller.

Where does car gurus get their great price numbers?

CarGurus calculates every car’s market value through their instant market value (IMV) calculator. Over 6 million cars are analyzed every month, and that data is used to determine if it’s a great price.

How long can listing be on CarGurus?

A listing on CarGurus can be as long as the seller would like. The focus should be on providing valuable information to the seller to convince them to buy.

Why does CarGurus not show amount?

Sometimes, CarGurus won’t show the pricing analysis because it has too little data to compare your car to. In these cases, CarGurus will only display “No Deal Rating”.

I received an offer from CarGurus, what does that mean?

When you receive an offer, you can decide if you will accept the offer or to negotiate the price. Once you accept the offer, you can move further in the car-selling process.

Can CarGurus notify you when car is listed?

Yes. When you save a search, CarGurus will ask you if you would like to be alerted when new listings are created matching your search.

How does CarGurus calculate market prices?

CarGurus calculates market prices by analyzing other over 6 million other cars every month. That data is then used to calculate the market price of a certain car.

How to advertise a used car for sale on CarGurus?

A listing can be advertised on CarGurus for a fee and will appear at the top of searches as an ad.

How can we contact CarGurus to complain about car dealership?

You can leave a review for every dealership you contact. After 7 days, CarGurus will send you an email asking for your review of the dealership.

Navigating CarGurus 

To get the most out of CarGurus, it’s best to learn how to navigate the website to do things like leaving a review, finding saved listings and searches, and reposting listings. Below are common questions on navigating CarGurus.

How to write a review on CarGurus?
After contacting a dealer, CarGurus will send you an email 7 days later asking you to rate your experience with that dealer. Follow the link in the email to leave a review.
How to find saved cars on CarGurus?
You can access any listings you have saved by clicking on your account icon at the top right corner and then clicking “Saved listings”.
Where are my saved cars on CarGurus?
You can access your saved cars by clicking on your username in the upper right and then clicking “Saved listings”. A list of your saved cars will appear.
How to sell car on CarGurus?
To sell a car, click on the “sell my car” link at the top of the page and follow the prompts to complete your car’s listing. Your car will then be visible for users to purchase.
How to contact CarGurus?
You can contact CarGurus at any time by going to their “contact us” page. You’ll usually get a response within one business day.
How to place an ad on CarGuru?
You can place an ad in CarGurus by creating a featured private listing. You can turn your listing into a featured listing at the time you created your listing, or later by going to your garage page.
How to buy a car from CarGurus?
You can buy a car from CarGurus by first submitting an offer to a seller. If the seller accepts your offer, you can move forward in buying the car from the seller.
How to remove listing from CarGurus?
If you’d like to remove your listing, go to My Account and find the listing you’d like to close. Click “manage listing” and then “close listing” to remove the listing from CarGurus.
How to repost on CarGurus?
To reopen a listing, go to “My Account”, find the car to repost and click “reopen”. If it’s been past 30 days since expiration, you’ll have to make a new listing.
Where does CarGurus get your username?
When you create your account, CarGurus asks you to provide a name to use as your username. By default, CarGurus gives you a random username.
How to put number in CarGurus?
CarGurus will not allow private sellers to publicly add their phone numbers for security reasons. Instead, give your number through messages. Dealers can add their number when creating the listing.
How to set alerts on CarGurus?
Go to “My Account”. Click on “Settings” and review the alerts options. You can choose which items you’d like to be emailed for. Then Click “Save Email Settings”.
How do I get CarGurus off my pc?
To get CarGurus off of your PC, go to “my account” and then into “Settings”. Check off all email alerts and then sign out. CarGurus will no longer email you.
How to stop CarGurus alerts?
If you would like to opt out of CarGurus alerts, you can go to “My Account” and then click on “Settings”. From there, you can check that you would prefer no email alerts.
How to check certified pre-owned vehicles on CarGurus?
You can create a search for certified pre-owned vehicles on CarGurus by going to the home page and selecting the “Certified Pre-Owned” tab. Click search to find certified pre-owned cars.
Why CarGurus won't give me nationwide?
When creating a search, CarGurus will restrict the search radius to prevent users from getting an overwhelming amount of search results that may not be relevant.

Other Questions About CarGurus 

There are a few other frequently asked questions when it comes to CarGurus. Read the questions below to learn a little more about CarGurus.

Where is CarGurus located?
CarGurus is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts and has been in business since 2006.
Who owns CarGurus?
Langley Steinert is the founder and CEO of CarGurus. He was formerly known for being the chairman and co-founder of TripAdvisor, a massively successful online travel site.
How does CarGurus make money?
CarGurus makes money through advertisements (such as placing a car listing at the top) and through charging dealers for each person who contacts the dealer on the site.
How do I reopen my car for sale on CarGurus?
If you would like to reopen your car for sale, go to “My Account”, find the car to repost and click “reopen”. If it’s been past 30 days since expiration, you’ll have to make a new listing.
Who is the woman in the CarGurus commercial?
The woman in the CarGurus commercials is Dane Berkshire, an actress and producer who is known for Blow a Kiss and The Leftovers.
Why is there a black square on the photos on CarGurus?
If you are having difficulty viewing the photos on CarGurus, check your connection. A slow connection could cause images to display incorrectly.
How to delete CarGurus account?
To delete your CarGurus account, go to the “Contact Us” page on and ask a CarGurus representative to permanently delete your account.
How many dealers have dropped CarGurus?
Dealers can choose to leave CarGurus at any moment. However, a great deal of dealers choose to stay since CarGurus enables them to sell cars quickly at reasonable prices.
What is wrong with CarGurus site?
CarGurus has been criticized for many false things, one being that CarGurus gives some dealers higher listings. However, CarGurus only orders results by placing the best deals at the top.
How does CarGurus online financing work?

Privately listed vehicles can apply for online financing through CarGurus’ trusted partner: For more information, visit Check out the current used auto loan rates first.

When did CarGurus start?
CarGurus was founded in 2006, by Langley Steinert who was the former chairman and co-founder of TripAdvisor.
How CarGurus beat autotrader and
CarGurus is the only site to provide users with an IMV calculator, telling users if a car’s price is fair, good, great, or overpriced.
Who invested in CarGurus?
Langley Steinert invested in CarGurus and founded it in 2006. Previously, he was the chairman and co-founder of TripAdvisor.
Why no price analysis on CarGurus?
Occasionally, CarGurus doesn’t have enough data to accurately tell you a correct price analysis, and it’ll only display “No Deal Rating”.

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