Friday Favorites: October 19, 2018

I hope that things have been well in your neighborhood.  Here in Michigan, fall came in a pretty big hurry.  We started October with temperatures in or near 80 degrees.  This was over 20 degrees higher than normal. All of a sudden, it dropped.  We’re now seeing high temperatures around 50-55 degrees.  It’s been quite the sudden change!

Huge Game

One of our biggest rivalries here in Michigan is the college football game of Michigan vs. Michigan State.  We’ve always been a Michigan family, so we’ll be rooting for the Maize and Blue!

My sister-in-law recently got married, and her new husband is a Michigan State fan.  That has made for a more fun dynamic.  Everybody is pretty good about making sure that the rivalry stays in good fun. Every rivalry has the fanatical type where you go so far as to ‘hate’ the other team (and their fans).  We don’t go anywhere near that extreme, I’m thankful to say!

Big News Ahead

We have something new sitting in our driveway!  Regular readers will probably be able to guess what it is.  In any case, I can’t wait to share the details.  But, regardless of the weather, we’ve been busy!

Great Posts

Here are some posts I’ve really enjoyed recently.  These are all posts featured on Rockstar Finance, which is a great community of bloggers and such that write about finances.  It really is the premiere place to hang out in the personal finance blogging world.

That’s it for me for now.  I hope you have a great weekend. I look forward to catching up more next week.  Stay tuned for the big news!

Readers, what do you have planned for the weekend? Also, can you guess my news?

Friday Favorites – March 9, 2018

Happy Friday, all!  I hope you are finishing off a great week.  This week was pretty interesting.  My kids school PTO had a fundraiser, so we had an excuse to eat fast food on Tuesday.  Yum!  Other good news is that we got our tax refunds already!  Woot!  That’s a great benefit to filing early.  Other than that it’s been kind of blah.  The second half of February was pretty warm, but March is starting off pretty cool and snowy.  Well, hopefully it’s in like a lion and out like a lamb.  We’ll see!

How was your week?

Favorite Posts

Here are some of my favorite posts I recently got a chance to read.

Have a great weekend.  Happy reading!

Friday Favorites – March 2, 2018

Things in Michigan have been crazy weather wise.  I grilled earlier this week as it was in the 60’s.  Today I’m looking at a snowstorm expected to dump six inches.  Yikes!  It’s Friday and that means it’s time for some of my favorite blog posts.  I’ve missed quite a few weeks.  Sorry about that, life has been crazy!  But the good articles have kept coming.  I have some catching up to do!  Here are some I hope you enjoy.

Great Posts From February

I hope you have a great weekend!

Friday Favorites – January 19, 2018

Hi all.  I hope that you’ve had a great start to the New Year.  The big excitement around here was a big flash and boom.  The other night, there was a big meteor in the area.  It lit up the sky and made a really big boom, heard throughout the state of Michigan.  I didn’t see the light, but heard the boom.  At first, I thought it was the kids jumping off the bed!  They’ve been doing that a lot lately.

Favorite Posts

Here are some favorite posts over the last couple of weeks.

I hope you have a great weekend and fantastic week ahead.  Happy reading!

Friday Favorites: December 1, 2017

Happy December.  How have things been with you?  Here’s a roundup of my favorite posts over the past couple of weeks.  Also, here’s a little tidbit of what’s going on.  I hope things are good with you!

Pain In The….

I’ve really started to enjoy running. Unfortunately, for the second time in the last three years, I’ve had to take a break.  I started feeling a pain in my foot and recognized the signs of plantar fasciitis.  Like last time, I know taking a timeout from running will help.

This time, I’ve decided to work on the elliptical machine as a replacement.  This has been going all right, except until this week.  I’ve been upping my intensity, and guess I pushed it a little harder than I should have.  I pulled a muscle in my calf.  This is also on the right side of my body!

Thankfully, the strain seems to be very mild.  After three days of hobbling around, I could feel improvement.  With a mild strain, I should hopefully be back to normal within a week.

Still, not much fun!

Favorite Posts

Here are some favorite personal finance posts over the last couple of weeks.

Have a great weekend!

Friday Favorites – November 10, 2017

Happy Anniversary to my parents!  My dad and step-mom got married 33 years ago today.  They have set so many great examples for me.  They’re very responsible with money.  Family comes first.  I really love them both and wish them many more happy and healthy years together.

Favorite Posts

Here are some favorite posts I’ve read over the last couple of weeks.

I hope you have a great weekend!  Thanks for reading.