Big News In The Beagle Household

My wife and I have been sharing some big news with our family and friends, and now that the word is out, I wanted to share the news here:
My wife is expecting our first baby!!!!!!
We actually found out a few weeks ago, on our anniversary trip last month. We wanted to make sure to where it was far enough along and past our first doctor’s appointment before we spread the news. Our parents and grandmothers were extremely happy, and our family and friends are extremely happy for us as well. We are of course thrilled!!!!!
I’ll obviously be dedicating some posts on this as having a baby changes everything and turns everything upside down, including the world of personal finance.
Some of the things that I’d like to talk about are:

  • Whether or not my wife will work after having our baby
  • Budgeting for medical costs during pregnancy and after
  • Adjusting our budget and spending habits after the baby

I’m sure I’ll cover those plus many others!
My wife and I are extremely happy and excited. I know we have a lot going for us. My wife has a degree in Child Development and works in the field, so although I’m not familiar with very much about babies and have only a small idea of what to expect, I know that my wife will be a great teacher. From a personal finance perspective, we’ve been slowly preparing for this since we got married, knowing that this day would eventually come.
In other words, my wife and I have made a great team and I know that we will continue to do so as we approach and reach parenthood!
On a slightly sadder note, the circle of life made itself evident today, as an aunt passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. She lived out of state and had been in town for a few days to visit. She was preparing her bags for her return trip home this morning when she was stricken with what appears to be a stroke, and it was too much to overcome. She will be greatly missed by our family.
If postings are a little sporadic for the next few days, please be patient as there is a lot of things consuming time and thought. Prayers are always welcome!