Get That Bread Out Of Your Refrigerator

For us, bread use seems to hit spikes and valleys.  I take my lunch to work every day, and while I normally take a sandwich, there are times where I take leftovers or a frozen meal.  If these situations happen for multiple days straight, sometimes bread will sit for a while.  At the same time, there are occasions where you use bread like it’s going out of style.  Toast for breakfast (or better yet, french toast, yummm) or grilled cheese as part of dinner, and you’ll go through a loaf in no time at all.

Even with all this, we rarely ever have any bread go stale.  And, we have learned a big lesson, which is to keep bread out of the refrigerator.

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Be Honest With Yourself About Your Financial Situation

A few months ago I wrote a post about a nearby restaurant that quibbled with us about the cost of a salad.  Long story short, they charged us more for a salad attached to the ‘Special of the Day’ menu versus the price that was listed as the attached price of an entree.  I felt that the specials were entrees but the restaurant felt otherwise.

As it turns out, maybe they quibbled because they needed every dollar that they could get, because the restaurant recently shut its doors.

On the note they put on the door, they listed a couple of factors, most notably citing road construction in the area as a primary reason that they could not manage to stay in business.

Now, there has been a lot of road construction in the area.  The main road that the restaurant fronts has been the focus of a major widening project that has been spread out over a few years.  They could only go so far, then had to wait for another government agency to widen a bridge.  When that finally happened, they were able to continue along, but they had to split that up over two additional years.

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Eating Fresh Vegetables Has Gotten A Lot More Costly

Our family isn’t ‘organic’ or ‘natural’ by any stretch of the imagination.  My wife tries to cook healthy in the sense that:

  • We don’t avoid processed foods but we do try to keep them to a minimum
  • Every meal includes some fruit
  • Every meal (outside of breakfast) includes a vegetable
  • Limit consumption of red meat to once a week or so
  • Eat yogurt

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Combat Smaller Size For Same Price Gimmicks

It’s no surprise that manufacturers like to raise the price of products whenever they can, with one of the most common ways as of late being to shrink the amount of product you receive, all while keeping the price the same.

This effectively raises the price of the product by allowing them to receive more for a ‘batch of product’ than they would have otherwise.

Ice cream. Use ice cream as an example.  I love ice cream so I will take any opportunity that I can to talk about it.  And eat it!  Anyway.  A few years ago, you used to be able to get what was commonly known as a ‘half gallon’ for around $3.00.  Since there are four quarts to a gallon, this meant that a half gallon container consisted of two quarts of ice cream.

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Kraft Has A Plan To Get You To Buy More Salad Dressing

I always pride myself on being somewhat of a watchdog on noticing when companies seem to be giving you more for less.  I’ve written about how packaging changes can lead to higher prices for baby formula or even how changing the suggested usage in products like baking soda could trigger more sales, but the latest one I’ve seen is a new one, and probably something you may have already come across.

I’m talking about salad dressing.  With the latest change, they didn’t change the size of the bottle or anything else.  No, they’re being a bit more “Kraft”-y, if you will.

We aren’t loyal to any one brand of dressing, but it seems that Kraft has a good portion of our sales.  I’m pretty much of the opinion that you need one type of salad dressing: Ranch.  My wife has five or six other ones, but if it were up to me, ranch would be the only salad dressing in the fridge.

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Bigger Sizes Aren’t Always Cheaper

Normally Mrs. Beagle handles the grocery shopping, and she always does a great job. Recently, she couldn’t go during her normal day and time due to schedule conflict resulting from Little Boy Beagle’s attending summer ‘bug’ camp (he loved it, of course!). So, we decided to head out as a family after dinner.

I pretty much try to stay out of the way and keep a handle on the kids (both met with varying success).  I can’t help but keep an eye on prices.

I noticed two examples of what I would consider a price discrepancy between sizes.  And not in the way you’d normally expect.

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