I Wouldn’t Wish Some Success On Anyone…Especially My Friends

We all want to be successful.  However you define success, we crave and work for it for ourselves, and most of us enjoy seeing the success of our friends and family.

There was a time, though, that I wished against the type of success that some of my friends, and looking back, I have no regrets about my wishes.  As it turns out, my wish came true. They weren’t successful as they had hoped.  And I think that is the best outcome.

So what success were they looking for that they didn’t get?

Simple. They were in a band and they wanted to make it big.

A few college buddies got together after school and decided to form a band.  I was not musically inclined, but good on the business and money side of things, so I was their manager, responsible for booking dates and keep track of the finances.

The band was a lot of fun and they actually had a pretty good run where they played regularly at a few Metro Detroit area spots.  But, when they started dreaming of bigger and better things, I secretly wished that they wouldn’t get there.

Why?  Not because I didn’t think they were good (they were) and not because I wouldn’t have enjoyed seeing them get financially successful (and riding their coattails as much as they’d allow *lol*), but because I saw what fame and fortune all too often did.

These were really good friends of mine.  They weren’t into drugs.  They weren’t into blowing money on stupid stuff.  They weren’t into trashing hotel rooms.  They weren’t into sleeping around.  They were good guys that just loved having fun, and you see so many stories about how money and/or celebrity can change that.  I didn’t want that for them. I knew the odds and I knew that if this band ended up taking off, at least one if not all would probably be changed somehow.

And not for the better.

As it turns out, the band flamed out before they could hit it big.

Two of the guys I wasn’t all that close with, but of the three that I was friends with, they probably all are glad for the life they had, even if they never got their names or music in front of everybody.

One of my buddies is married with two kids, and a vice president of commercial lending at a bank, where he’s worked for over 16 years (right out of college), something that’s relatively unheared of these days.

Another buddy is married with a kid on the way.  He and I don’t really talk much anymore, but he’s had a professional career that has taken him into multiple industries and he’s had the opportunity to buy and sell houses in four states.  He’s a wanderer who still dreams, but I admire that.

The last of  the guys is a math teacher, and coaches football at a local high school.  He can play the drums like nobody I’ve ever heard, but he’s one of those guys that you know is making a difference to kids and that they’ll remember him.  In other words, he’ll be famous in a much more important way, albeit to a smaller group of people.

You never know the ‘what if’, but for these three friends of mine, I can honestly say that I’m glad the ‘what if’ never took place.  They wouldn’t be the men that they are today, and I’m guessing that each of them, now that they’ve had a chance to enjoy the lives without fame and fortune, would agree that they’re happier not having had the fame and fortune they once wanted.

Just like I wished.

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Happy Leap Day! Enjoy Your Extra Day (Your Employer Will!)

Today is Leap Day, the extra day that comes about once every four years!

Let’s think of some of the winners and losers when it comes a Leap Year!

  • Winner Stores – They get an extra day in the month to report sales.  If sales go up 3% does that mean they really went up or was it because of an extra day of spending?
  • LoserSalaried employees – If you get paid twice a month, then February is a pretty good month since you will have more pay over less days.  But, this year you’ll work an extra day in February.
  • WinnerCompanies that pay salaried employees – They get an extra day of productivity with no extra labor costs.
  • WinnerHourly workers – If you get paid by the hour, you’ll get an extra 8 hours this month.
  • LoserPeople that hate February – Though this winter (for us anyways) has been pretty mild, February is usually one of the snowiest and most depressing months of winter.  An extra day typically does nothing to improve ones mood who cannot wait for the seasons to start changing
  • WinnerPeople born on February 29th – You get a birthday this year! Go celebrate!

Who else wins and loses on Leap Day?  Do you treat it as just another day?

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Online Poker: A Bigger Industry Than I Ever Imagined

I was amazed when I found out from two different people I know that they both play online poker.  One was my sister-in-law’s boyfriend and the other was a guy at work.  I would have never guessed that these were poker players.  I don’t know what image I had, but I guess I realized that there are probably a lot more people who play poker online than I had realized.

I don’t get the impression that either of these guys plays irresponsibly.  Still, it stoked some interest on my part.  Not in playing, but in finding out more about those that do play.

One site I saw said that over ten million people in Americans play or have played online poker.  Wow!  Now that’s a big industry and I’m sure there are tens of millions of dollars flowing through it.

So, what are some things to remember when it comes to playing online poker smartly?  Here are a few tips:

  1. Set limits– If you decide to play poker online, set limits on how much you will spend.  Just like at a casino.  Stick to those limits no matter how tempting it might be to go over them if you’re having fun or if you think your luck is just turning around.  It probably isn’t!

    Poker by Images_of_Money
  2. Play sober – Casinos in Vegas provide free drinks for a reason, because they know they’ll get the money back on the drinks and then some.  I’d venture to guess that online poker sites see peak times that coincide when people get out of the bar.  Don’t fall into this trap.
  3. Find reputable sites – Because the online poker industry isn’t strictly regulated, the opportunity for scams is pretty high.  Use a list of online poker rankings to research where you might want to play and understand what you’re getting into and what to expect.
  4. Don’t leave your money tied up – I read a news story last year where the government temporarily shut down access to a bunch of sites, during which time any funds that were deposited were also unavailable.  I believe the situation was resolved fairly quickly, but if anybody had any immediate need for that money, they could have been in a lurch.  Keep any balance to a minimum.
  5. Don’t force it – If it’s not working, it’s not working.  If the cards aren’t going your way, shut it down and try again a different time.

Who do you know that plays online poker?  If you don’t think anybody in your family, friends, or co-workers does, think again.  You might be surprised!

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Using Used Toothbrushes For Cleaning: Yes Or No?

I had a debate with my wife about using used toothbrushes for cleaning.  She’s responsible for switching out our toothbrushes on a regular basis, and I asked that next time she switch them out, she give me the old ones so that I could use them for some of the deeper cleaning around the shower.

She said: “Eww, that’s gross.  No.”

She suggested we use the ‘free’ ones that we get from the dentist, as we typically don’t use these anyways.  I was fine with that, but the thought still lingered whether using the old ones was common practice or if I really was gross for suggesting it.

What do you think, readers? Yes or no on using old tootbrushes as cleaning tools once they’ve been retired from tooth cleaning duties?

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