Affordable Web Hosting Hacks You Can’t Afford To Ignore

It’s time to bring your business idea to life, and one of the most important aspects of that is having a powerful online presence. That being said, you also want to stick to your startup budget, which means choosing affordable web hosting. The good news is that there are a few hosting hacks you can employ.

From pricey hosting add-ons to the different types of hosting services, there is much to consider. The following questions can serve as a quick guide that may save you a few hundred dollars.

What Type of Web Hosting Service Do You Need?

Choosing the right hosting service is a very essential factor is an essential element to launching your new online business under budget. There are plenty of web hosting services to choose from, but not all are created equal, and cost-effective. Three types of hosting services to research are:

  1. Shared Hosting 

Shared hosting is the most common of all website hosting services. However, this doesn’t make it the best. Yes, shared hosting is the most affordable, but it is important to be honest about your site needs, like bandwidth, disk space, control permissions, and more.

The biggest advantage of shared hosting is the price tag. You can launch your site on a shared server for as little as $5 per month. The disadvantage is that you’ll be sharing a server with hundreds of other websites. This can cause performance issues, like slow page load times, and even server downtime.

  1. Cloud Hosting

 Another web hosting service that has value, and relatively new, is cloud hosting. This is exactly what you are probably picturing, hosting services via the cloud. Cloud hosting works by drawing from a number of cloud servers to act as one. This has big time advantages, such as scalability, enhanced server security, and affordability.

The cost of cloud hosting used to be quite expensive, but since its inception, the cost has reduced significantly. If you know your business is going to grow fast, the scalable nature of cloud hosting may be worth the price to avoid long-term site growth issues.

  1. Dedicated Hosting

 Lastly, you can utilize the power of having your very own server with a dedicated hosting service. This is of course an ideal option if your soon-to-launch business has a large built-in following eager to visit your website. You will probably crash a shared server with thousands of people visiting your website daily after launch.

A dedicated server gives you more control with root permissions and also keeps your site performing at optimal levels. The downside is cost. You can expect to pay $100 at the very minimum to secure a dedicated server for your website, so be sure to evaluate all server types.

Do You Really Need Those Add-On Features?

If you have already done a bit of web hosting research, you probably ran into the long list of add-on features hosting providers serve up. These add-ons can be costly and eat away at your budget quickly. The good news is that you probably don’t need most of them.

For example, add-ons like multiple Microsoft 365 accounts. Do you even have five people that need access to Microsoft 365? And why not just use Gmail instead? Sure it’s good to have a domain name email, but there are hosting plans that include this in the price.

Other add-ons like SEO or marketing can all be added to your website later via WordPress plugins for free. To save you time and money, skip the add-ons you don’t need right away, because you can always get them later.

Should You Purchase the Long-Term Hosting Plan?

This is a question that you’ll ponder prior to purchasing your business’ website hosting plan. Should you get the long-term plan? Absolutely! Are you planning on being in business for only 12 months? Probably not, and the bonus is that you can save a truckload by looking toward the future.

For example, a three-year plan can be as much as 60 percent off the regular price. This depends on what hosting provider you choose to partner with of course. And do a bit of comparison research too, because often times the three year plan is the same price as the two-year plan.

Think long-term for your new business, and you’ll probably have more growth and success. Do a bit of shopping around and take your time as well, since there are always seasonal deals and promo codes out there you can find and use to save even more money.

Stay Under Budget When Choosing Your Hosting Service

Web hosting is more affordable than ever before, especially as new technology surfaces, like cloud hosting. This can push the needle down on prices, making it very cost-effective to purchase the perfect website hosting service for your business. Think about what you really need and don’t forget you will have success, so prepare for it.

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No Emergency Fund? These Consequences Might Change Your Mind

“Emergency savings fund? Who has the extra money in their budget to set aside for a rainy day?”

“Every day is rainy and there’s always something to be paid right now.”

“You can’t take it with you when you’re gone, you might as well spend it now.”

These are common things people say when the topic of emergency funds come up. Though each of these statements is true in some form, failing to organize your finances for unforeseen circumstances could put you in a really bad position.

No matter what reason you have for putting off the need to save, eventually it comes back to bite you. Many people end up finding this out the hard way.

Isn’t That What Loans Are For?

Sure, there are opportunities out there for you to take advantage of if you’re in a real jam. There are banks and private lenders who will extend a loan to you if you qualify. Bank loans tend to require a lot of paperwork, good credit, and collateral. They also take time to process. Short-term loans provide a quicker solution.

Payday loans are cash advances you can take out despite your credit. You can get approved for several hundred dollars in just a few hours, but if you don’t pay it back on your next payday, you’ll find yourself in a cycle of debt. Installment loans are payday loan alternatives with easy eligibility requirements. If approved you get funds within a day and have several months to repay the balance in full.

Though there are loans out there that can lend a helping hand if you’re in a jam, if your financial emergency is long-term or more than you can get approved for, you’re still backed into a corner.

So What Are the Consequences of Not Saving?

Loans provide a lifeline for quick, short-term personal emergencies, but aren’t the answer if you’re dealing with a lot of debt, can’t repay them, or are dealing with ongoing financial problems. That’s why it pays to save, and here’s what happens when you don’t.

Abuse of Assets

If you don’t have a lump sum of cash stashed away for emergencies, you have to start looking elsewhere to get financial relief. This means borrowing on equity from your home or trying to get a loan using your vehicle as collateral. Who really wants to give up their house or car in the event they can’t repay what they’ve borrowed?

Tapping Into Future Resources

Don’t think you need an emergency savings fund? So, if suddenly you need to do emergency home repairs that cost you thousands of dollars, where will you turn? Many people end up tapping into future financial resources like their kid’s college savings, or their retirement accounts. Failure to replace these funds could leave your children stuck with few options for higher education (or needing to take out a student loan) and the inability to enjoy your retirement (not to mention the IRS and state fees on your income taxes).

Digging Further Into Debt

Some people who are in need but don’t have savings turn to their credit cards to get them out of a jam. They max the cards out and rack up a bunch of interest charges. This ruins their credit history and puts them further into debt. This is compounded by paying interest for months or even years after their financial emergency.

Weakened Quality of Life

When you can’t handle your financial emergencies–which are already stressful–it does nothing but stress you out more. High levels of stress can lead to a multitude of physical and mental consequences and lessen your quality of life.

Judging from these consequences, it would seem that the best course of action would be to begin working towards an emergency savings account.  Even if your funds are already tight it simply pays to set aside a few bucks each week to keep for a rainy day. You never know when you might need a few extra bucks, and while there’s relief out there like loans, liquidating assets, and your future financial accounts, it feels so much better when you’re able to handle the problem all on your own.

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Investing in Airplanes or Helicopters – Making the Choice

A lot of people who can afford to buy an aircraft and have a short amount of time to spend in travelling tend to buy airplanes or helicopters. Generally, people investing in airplanes and helicopters do not have a problem with funding them. However, it is rather smart to compare the benefits of the product you are investing in. Both the aircraft are designed to transport passengers from one point to another in a shorter span of time than transports like trains and buses. Nevertheless, there is some difference between the uses of each of them which might prove to be beneficial or problematic with respect to the owner’s requirement. Below are given certain details about it.

  1. Speed

    Between helicopter and airplane, the airplane will always beat helicopter in terms of speed. It has a considerably low top speed as compared to airplanes. The average top speed of a standard passenger airplane is between 878-926 km/hr whereas the average top speed of the helicopter is 430 km/hr. Even though helicopter has the ability to hover in the air, provide a stationary and low-speed height, it has lower front flight speed and accommodation than an airplane.  Fixed winged aircraft like airplanes are usually calmer and makes lesser noise as compared to helicopters. Noise and vibrations are one of the main problems of the helicopter.

  2. Access

    In terms of access, however, the helicopter is more compact and can enter more critical and compact areas compared to airplanes. They need smaller landing area as well which is useful for rescue missions and launching army troops. It is also helpful as it needs lesser landing area and can be landed on a rooftop. Airplanes are larger and in this context lesser useful compared to helicopters. They need a wide landing space and it takes more time to slow down from the top speed. As it is not able to make vertical flights, it needs a runway to launch as well.

  3. Mechanism

    Helicopters have even more complex mechanism compared to airplanes. Thus, it is easier and convenient to fly an airplane compared to a helicopter. The mechanism of flying and operating both need skilled professionals who are thoroughly trained in this region. Due to the noise and vibrations, it becomes almost impossible for people boarding helicopters to hear each other. Thus one has to master the art of different signs to express themselves while in a helicopter. However, helicopters have faster mobilization and lower range than airplanes. Helicopters are equipped with early initiation management and some of the rescue helicopters even have advanced instrumentation for paramedic help.

Apart from this, helicopters have higher maintenance and purchase expenses compared to aircraft. If one precisely needs helicopters to resolve their purpose, it is economically much more convenient to take one on the lease. Airplanes have several advantages over helicopters. They are spacious and more comfortable as well. If you want to gather some experience before investing you may want to look for option that help you track live share price, for example, Airbus shares. This company has had a steady reputation in the market and is known for its consistency. Thus, working with them will give you a good idea regarding the gains and losses of the aircraft industry.

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The One Big Reason Why Sears And Kmart Are Doomed

Between 2000 and 2002, I went to school for my MBA.  I don’t remember too many of the details, but I remember one paper I wrote.  Our assignment was to pick a troubled company and strategize how to fix it.  I picked Kmart.  This was a couple of years before Sears and Kmart merged.

I can’t tell you what I wrote about point by point.  It’s possible that I may have the document saved on an old computer.  Maybe I’ll go look.  But I can tell you that things haven’t gotten any better in 15 years.

Honestly, Kmart, and now by virtue of their 2004 merger, Sears, are a mess.  So why are Sears and Kmart doomed?

The Single Most Important Reason Sears and Kmart Are Doomed

Analysts will through point by point and give a thousand different reasons why this company has continuously failed.  Honestly, thought it boils down to one thing.  One idea.

The company is not great at anything.  

It’s that simple.

To succeed in any sector, but especially retail, you have to stand out.  You have to have an area where you rise above your competitors.  Let’s look at some of the key areas where this is possible, and how Sears and Kmart have failed at each one:


A great company has to make themselves appealing.  Shopping at their store (physical or online) has to be something to look forward to.  Sears and Kmart have not delivered this at all.  People may shop there, but there’s no buzz.  There isn’t any enthusiasm.  Simply put, there is no appeal.


A great store will have brand recognition that is seen as a positive. Think of the Target logo.  Everybody knows it.  When people think about it, many have a positive and happy feeling.  What brand awareness has Kmart or Sears built?  None.  The last time either of them had something like that was the ‘Blue Light Special’ that Kmart was once known for.  Eventually that became a joke, and every revival I’ve seen attempted in the last 25 years has been laughed at.


A retailer must have a great selection of products to stand out.  Looking at Target, again, they just revamped their entire clothing line.  They dropped many in-store brands in favor of new lines with new products.  They continue to look at what people want.  In addition to delivering the basic products, a successful retailer must stand out in what they offer.  When was the last time Kmart or Sears did that?

The In-Store Experience

A retail store must be kept looking fresh.  Renovations every few years are key so that stores don’t become run down, and it keeps shoppers interested.  But simply remodeling stores isn’t going to do it.  See, over the years I remember hearing multiple times how Sears and Kmart were going to update their stores.  And they did.  But it still failed.  Why?

Because they never did it in a way to stand out.  They remodeled after their competitors did.  And, the remodels themselves were just basic remodels.  People could walk into a recently renovated store and not even realize that it stood out.


Customers don’t really notice this except to understand whether the products they want are in stock or not.  For years, Kmart customers were driven away because they were out of popular items.  So, they put in computerized systems.  They installed inventory controls.  Relationships for on-demand delivery with suppliers were improved.  These all sound like great ideas, except, once again, they were installed years after their competitors.  By the time Kmart and Sears finished their upgrades, their competitors were already on the next wave.

It’s Hopeless

Quite honestly, I think Sears Holding is doomed.  It won’t be long before the landscape is free of two once iconic brands.  They are caught in a death spiral, and even if they were to fix everything that’s wrong, I think it’s too late.  People who grew up on the brands have forgotten about them.  People who have never even considered them aren’t going to start now.

I think it’s only a matter of time before Sears and Kmart are nothing more than a page in the history books.

Readers, when was the last time you shopped at Kmart or Sears?  Do you see any hope for them?

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