The Psychology of Sales

All human behavior is driven by one of two factors: the desire for pleasure or the need to avoid pain. If you can show a prospective customer how your product will help them perform either of those functions, you’ll have a buyer.

Here’s how to incorporate the psychology of sales into your marketing efforts.

Fear of Missing Out

People love to feel as if they are part of the “in” crowd. They derive pleasure from feeling they are privy to something others can’t get, or they got a special deal where most people had to pay more. When presented with such an opportunity—on a limited basis—shoppers will be motivated to make a purchase decision.  They don’t want to endure the pain of having missed out on a good thing. This fear of missing out is why car salespeople always “have a few other people calling about this car”. The implication is simple.  You’d better buy it before one of those other callers gets there and scoops up this “one of a kind” great deal causing you to miss out.

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6 Grocery Store Tricks They Don’t Want You To Know About

Grocery shopping.  Is it ever anybody’s favorite time of the week?  No, but it has to get done.  So, we go.  We look for ways to save money.  And, many times we walk out feeling victorious.  But, did you know that grocery stores have tricks up their sleeves? Yep.  They have strategies of their own, all designed for you to spend more money.  The good news with this is that a little knowledge goes a long way.  Here are some grocery store tricks to watch out for.

They Put High Margin Departments Near  The Door

Walk into most grocery stores and you’ll usually find the same things.  The meat counter.  The bakery.  A floral department.  Fruits and vegetables.  Is this because all grocery stores are designed by the same person?  No.  It’s because these are very high margin items.  Since you don’t have anything in your basket yet, you won’t be as careful about saving money since you haven’t spent any yet.

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Prime Day 2018: We Spent More At Target Than Amazon

Prime Day 2018 is in the books.  Hopefully you scored any deals that you might have been looking for.  At our house, we had no plans, so it was pretty low key.  As mentioned in the title, Target actually won in terms of spending!

Two Items Purchased At Amazon

  • Tablet – We actually had no plans to do any shopping.  Then, as luck would have it, one of our kids Fire Tablets broke on Monday evening.  It was dropped, and although it gets dropped often, this one cracked the screen.  As luck would have it, the warranty had run out, so we couldn’t get a free replacement.  We were able to purchase a basic tablet for $29.99, saving us $15.  Good timing for bad luck, I suppose!
  • Gift Card – I saw on Slickdeals that you could get a $5 credit after purchasing a $25 gift card.  I knew we’d spend $25 at some point, so I nabbed it.

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Build-A-Bear Did Literally Everything Wrong

By now, any parent has likely heard about the Build-A-Bear fiasco that unfolded earlier today. They were offering a Pay Your Age day where any kid up to the age of 14 could build a bear and would only pay their age.  Pretty cool!   Except the whole thing went belly up before it even started.

My wife told me about it because she went.  As did, it seems, half the entire world.  My kids didn’t get bears.  As was the case for a majority of the people that showed up.  You had a lot of angry parents, disappointed kids, and overwhelmed workers.  It’s all over the news.  Social media coverage is everywhere, and most is very negative.

So, what went wrong? Well, it was really everything, but here’s a few highlights.

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You Should Pay More To Shop At A Small Hardware Store

Lately, I’ve been going to a small hardware store on the way home from work when need arises.  It’s convenient and the service is great.  Still, they’re a bit higher priced.  The other morning I was going to meet my dad for breakfast.  Across from the restaurant is a Lowe’s.  I figured I’d stop in and get a few things to save some money.  What a big mistake.

I had a pretty small list:

  • Screws to mount a small TV
  • Pesticide for our rose bushes
  • Globe light bulbs for the bathrooms
  • Rubber gloves

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Guess Which Replacement Fitbit I Got?

Going to the water park for the kids mid-winter break has become a tradition.  This year we went to Kalahari instead of Great Wolf Lodge.  Both are in Sandusky.  But that’s a post for another time.  This year, unfortunately, I lost my Fitbit.  My band broke, and I stuck it in my pocket.  A couple of hours later, I went to check it, and the Fitbit was gone.  The band was still there, but the Fitbit must have slipped out.  So what replacement Fitbit did I choose?

The O.G. Fitbit Flex

I got my Fitbit in 2014.  I picked the Flex.  At the time, it went for $100 and was pretty cool.  Of course, now it’s pretty basic compared to what they have.  I call it the O.G. which stands for Original Gangster, and is a slang term for something once cool that’s now a throwback.

While it sucked to lose my Fitbit, it gave me an opportunity to consider what I wanted to do.

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