9 Small Frugal Ideas That Add Up To Big Savings

If you want to be more frugal, join the club!  There are always ways to save money.  But, where to start?  Many people think that frugality involves cutting big costs.  While this can be the case, it’s not always necessary.  You can save money by taking on small actions.  Here are some small frugal ideas that can add up to big savings.

Don’t Wash Clothes If They Don’t Need To Be Washed

Many times people throw everything into the dirty clothes basket.  This doesn’t always have to be automatic.  Many shirts, pants, dresses, and jeans can be worn multiple times.  This will keep the clothes lasting longer.  Plus, you will save in reduced costs for laundry.

Drink Water.  From The Tap!

Are you paying money for drinks?  Coffee? Soda?  Even bottled water?  You can save money by drinking regular old tap water.  Now, you don’t have to cut every purchase out, but even starting with half can make a big difference in your budget.

Use Rags Instead of Paper Towels

When we get new dishrags or towels, we keep the old ones for rags.  These are great to use instead of paper towels.  Every sheet of paper towel you don’t use is one less you have to buy.  Even a few rolls per year can cost a few bucks.  This won’t make you right, but hey, every bit helps, right?

Make Your Own Coffee

If you have a coffee habit, which I do, you can save money by making your own.  I actually spend a little more on extras like real half-and-half, but I still save tons compared to buying it at a coffee shop.

Pack Lunches

If you love going out for lunch, you’re probably spending big bucks to do so.  You can still go out, but mix in some packed lunches.  This can save a few bucks per week, which adds up to a few utility bills if you think about it.

Use Your Library

I love our library.  I rent books, movies, and music.  They have expanded their electronic resource catalog, so I can get books on my Kindle without even leaving the house.  They even have museum passes that you can use.  Check out what your library has to offer.  You can almost certainly save some money.

Look For Free Activities

If you love to get out and go, that’s great.  But, how much is this costing you?  There’s good news.  You can go out and do many different things with no cost at all.  Communities have fairs, festivals, and many different activities.  Look around social media or your community website to find out what’s going on.  There are probably many fun and free things for people of all ages.

Buy Stuff On Sale Whenever You Can

This seems like a no brainer, but hear me out.  Start looking at things you buy and figure if you can get it on sale.  Many people pay full price for things when they need it.  Ask if you can wait until it’s on sale.  Is it even on sale at all?  Can you get it somewhere else?  You don’t have to go too crazy here, but if you can wait to buy that pair of jeans until you know they’ll be on sale at the event a store has every year, consider waiting?

Get Free Entertainment

Are you paying for video games?  Why not play free games that are available for anyone to download?  If you’re paying for music, why not get a free streaming app and listen that way instead?  The downfall with many free things like this is that you either have to watch ads or listen to them, but that can be a small price to pay for some money in your pocket, don’t you think?

Those were just some of my ideas.  What I like about these is that, for the most part, they’re easy.  Most people give up on frugality because it’s too hard.  That can come from taking on too much all at once.  With the tips above, you can get started and start making a difference today.

Readers, what are some of your favorite small frugal ideas?

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Friday Favorites – March 9, 2018

Happy Friday, all!  I hope you are finishing off a great week.  This week was pretty interesting.  My kids school PTO had a fundraiser, so we had an excuse to eat fast food on Tuesday.  Yum!  Other good news is that we got our tax refunds already!  Woot!  That’s a great benefit to filing early.  Other than that it’s been kind of blah.  The second half of February was pretty warm, but March is starting off pretty cool and snowy.  Well, hopefully it’s in like a lion and out like a lamb.  We’ll see!

How was your week?

Favorite Posts

Here are some of my favorite posts I recently got a chance to read.

Have a great weekend.  Happy reading!

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Wasting Somebody Else’s Money

Have you ever had an experience wasting money?  Of course.  Who hasn’t?  But what about wasting someone else’s money? Has that ever happened to you.

I’m sure it’s happened many a time. Heck, just growing up, I probably wasted a ton of my parents money!  I’m thinking of all the toys and activities that I never pursued.  All the musical instruments for band class!  The list is endless.  But, as I’m finding out now, that’s just part of being a parent.  So I don’t feel too bad about it.

But I do feel bad if I waste someone else’s money.  One story I have in particular stands out.  It’s actually got some humorous elements, though I still feel bad.

The Old Beep And Wave

This story takes place right after I graduated college.  I was a young, cocky bachelor in my 20’s.  I moved on my own, but got an apartment with a college buddy.  This worked out well to save us money.  We were (and still are) good friends, so it seemed well.

We were both pretty big goofballs.  The two of us, along with a couple of other friends, got into this thing that we called the ‘Beep and Wave’.

This was short for ‘Beep and Wave the Other Way’.

I’m not sure who came up with the idea.  All of us have claimed it at one time or another.  All of us have also denied it as well.  It all depends on who we are telling to story to.

This activity took place while we were driving.  If we saw someone walking or biking alongside the road, we’d give a little tap on the horn.  When they looked, we would wave.  Except we wouldn’t wave at them.  We’d wave the other way.

This was hilarious to us.  It was even more so when there were more people in the car.  See, the person would see us waving, but eventually realize we weren’t waving at them.  Some would wave anyways.  A few would get mad.  Some would realize what happened and laugh.  Others were just downright confused.

But, it was hilarious to us.  Every once I’ll do it for old times sake.  And, every now and then I’ll get a text from my old buddy telling me that he did it.

When Beeping And Waving Wasted Money

There was one time that this wasted money.  And it wasn’t my money.

My roommate and I needed to go grocery shopping.  To be fair and to split the cost, we decided to meet up and shop together. We met at the grocery store, as it was on our way home from both of our jobs.

My roommate got there first and was standing in front of the store.  I pulled up and saw him.  I beeped at himand waved to the opposite side of the parking lot.  He saw it was me, and turned around and waved at the store.

This was hilarious to both of us and it worked out perfectly for a great story.  Except for the lady with the strawberries.

Unbeknownst to me at the time I beeped, there was a lady coming out of the store with her groceries.  When I beeped at my roommate, she got startled and stopped suddenly.  An entire container of strawberries fell out of her cart and popped open on the ground.

My roommate showed them to me when I walked up and he told me that part of the story.

She was long gone.  She’d continued on and left the strawberries.

But I felt bad.  I still do.  It was just stupid fun, but I ended up wasting this woman’s money as she was out a container of berries.

So that’s my story of wasting someone else’s money.  I’m sure it’s happened at other times, but this is one that sticks out, simply because of the silly nature of it all.

Readers, have you ever wasted someone else’s money?  Did you get the opportunity to make it right?  Tell me your story in the comments below.

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Have Fun At The Office

If you have an office job, you know it isn’t always fun.  Many places have fun activities.  But for every Google that’s loaded with ping pong tables, there’s 100 offices that have, well, nothing.  Fear not.  You can make your office a fun place.  And you don’t even need to convince management to buy a ping pong table!  Here are some ideas to have fun at the office.  They’re fun, easy, and they’re (mostly) free.


image from Morguefile courtesy of Alvimann

This is all the rage around our office.  Somebody brought in a jigsaw puzzle and left it out on a table that nobody ever used.  It didn’t take long before people started putting it together.  When you walked by there was always someone there.  Now, people have started bringing in puzzles.  Just about everyone has some around the house, right?  At last count our office had four different puzzle stations going.

Deck of Cards

Bring a deck of cards and leave them in the break room.  It won’t take long before people start playing during lunch or break time.  Whether it’s a game of rummy, poker, war, or cribbage, people will play. Just make sure it doesn’t cut into work time.  Also, no gambling for money.

Checkers Board

Checkers is an easy game that just about everybody knows how to play.  There has to be someone that has a board lying around the house.  Bring one in and I guarantee you’ll have people playing in no time.  You could also bring in a chess board though these games can tend to take longer.

Fun Bulletin Board

Sometimes there are bulletin boards around the office.  Many go unused or have announcements from years ago.  Clear some space and hang some fun things.  Maybe a funny meme that you print out.  Some funny comics from a daily desk calendar.  People will go to it for some laughs, and it will grow.

Non-Work White Board

Most offices nowadays have white boards all over the place.  If you can find one that’s not used for work, re-purpose it for people to draw.  You’ll be amazed to find out some of the artistic qualities that your co-workers have.

Coloring Books

Along the same lines, bring in some coloring books, and either crayons or pencils.  I bet that people will start using them.  You’ll find some really cool work and probably some funny ones as well.

Outside of the puzzles, these are just a few ideas I came up with.  These are things that I think can bring people together, and get people talking.  Either way, a little extra fun and creativity is always a good thing, right?  Now get back to work!

Readers, what fun ideas do you have for an office that are quick and simple?

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