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Perspective is everything.  That's a quote I've heard over and over, but it took weeds and two young kids to realize how true it is.

I speak, of course, of dandelions.  It is prime time dandelion season right now here in Michigan.  Usually that all happens a few weeks prior but due to the hard and late winter, everything that usually happens over the 6-8 weeks of spring is being conslidated into a nice three week period.  Those who suffer from allergies are not amused.

Anyways, think of the difference in perspective when it comes to dandelions.  As someone who takes pride in my lawn, I dislike them. I put down product in the fall and spring which is supposed to curb them.  When they still come up, I pull them out, spray them, or do whatever it takes to get rid of them.

mb-2014-05dandelionBut my kids (just about 5 and 3), they love them.  They think they're pretty.  They gather them in bunches and create bouquets which they gift to my wife.  If we drive by a field of dandelions, they marvel while I shudder.

The same thing causes differences in reactions.  And it's all based on perspective.

What Can Perspective Change?

Seeing this stark difference got me wondering, what can a change in perspective change in terms of behavior, output, and end results?

I think that it can be quite a lot.

Let's move away from dandelions and think about something like getting out of debt.  Someone in debt can see the debt as a big mountain, one that's often impossible to climb.  This may make the debt seem too difficult a task to take, so what do they do?

  • They postpone addressing it
  • They ignore it
  • They focus on something else
  • They make it worse.

Any or all of these issues is going to take away any immediate chance of success, partial or completely, of getting rid of your debt.

But, what about a change of perspective.

What if that dreaded mountain is broken down into smaller climbs?  Instead of looking at climbing the mountain, look at climbing only 1/10th of your debt mountain.

That may not be so hard.  So, what happens?  By changing perspective you now:

  • Get excited
  • Get motivated
  • And most importantly, get started!

By focusing only on a smaller goal, you now get started sooner.  Once you get to that first ‘summit' you have motivation to continue on.  You have a ‘win' behind you, and you can keep going, often faster and more effectively than you did on your first climb.

Perspective DOES Mean Everything!

Here are some tips on how to alter your perspective so that you can achieve positive results:

  • Define how you are seeing things today – Putting your current perspective in perspective is a necessary first step
  • Look at how someone else may see things – You may have to talk to people or look up online how others faced your challenge
  • Look at results from those who have succeeded – I hate to break it to you, but whatever problem you're having, there are others who have had it before you.  In fact, that's great news.  Look around and seek out success stories.  When you do so, focus on how they looked at it.
  • Start making adjustments – If you find that your perspective is different than that of those who achieved success, start mapping out the differences and making changes to your outlook.
  • Note the results – As you do this, you'll start seeing results.  Some will be remarkable.  Some may not.  That's OK.  Every person and every circumstance is different.
  • Make adjustments – By this point, you've now had at least two perspectives. By evaluating both perspectives as well as the results from your change in perspective, you may need to make some continued adjustments.  Go for it!

Don't ever think that a challenge is impossible.  Very few are.  Often those that seem impossible can become possible just in how you view things.  Take a lesson from two young kids who can see a field of weeds as a thing of beauty.  This can help you understand the importance of perspective and how to apply this to the changes you want to make.  Get started today!