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Vehicle protection costs a normal of $1,933 each year in Roseville. That is not exactly the normal in California ($1,873) and more costly than the public normal of $1,765. Our manual for Roseville accident coverage incorporates normal rates dependent on age, FICO rating, driving history, and conjugal status. Peruse on to find out additional!

The age bunch that pays the least for vehicle protection in Roseville are drivers in their 60s ($1,732 each year). Drivers in their 50s pay hardly higher rates — $1,872 each year.

The Roseville drivers who pay the most elevated protection rates are teens. At the point when Roseville drivers hit their 20s, their protection rates drop generously. The distinction in rates paid by high school drivers and drivers in their 20s in Roseville is $3,921, the biggest such contrast between any two age gatherings.