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Cheapest Auto Insurance in Cleveland, OH

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 Average Insurance Rate
Seven Hills$800

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Parma Heights799066512232
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University Heights565947111581

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North Randall384446184205

Cleveland is a large city in the state of Ohio – the official metropolitan population is close to 2 million. The city sits on the banks of Lake Eerie and is home to many of the nation’s largest companies. In recent years, Cleveland has gained notoriety through their NBA franchise, the Cleveland Cavaliers. LeBron James, arguably the best basketball player in history, grew up in nearby Akron, Ohio.

If you live in Cleveland and rely on a vehicle to get to and from work, you know how expensive your auto insurance is. Our company aims to help our readers reduce their insurance costs and improve their policies by getting the best car insurance quotes. There are hundreds of auto insurance companies to choose from, why settle for an inferior policy. In this article, we’ll also discuss different ways to stay safe on roads in Cleveland – make sure to check out our car insurance cost calculator and content below!

Cleveland: Driving Conditions in the City

Cleveland is a big city, and with every big city comes big traffic problems. If you’re planning on driving during peak travel times, you’ll need to look at traffic reports to make sure that you can avoid the most congested areas.

And while traffic is annoying, the biggest problem in Cleveland is actually the weather. Wintery conditions can be treacherous. Large amounts of snow and ice often form on the roads. Even for experienced winter drivers, Cleveland can be a lot to handle. During the winter months, it’s important to stay on top of winter alerts and warnings as much as possible.

Driving Safely in Cleveland, Ohio

There are plenty of hazards on roads in Cleveland, but you also need to watch out for the police. If you end up breaking local laws and regulations, it can look bad for your driving record. Insurance companies prefer to work with drivers that have clean records. This section of our article is dedicated to helping you understand the different laws in Cleveland, Ohio. Check out the most common laws in the area below!

Phone/Handheld Laws in Cleveland

Smart phones have created a huge problem in the United States – distracted driving has never been more of an issue. Because of the number of individuals who use smart phones, many people continue to use their phones while they drive. Ohio has decided to outlaw texting and driving in a bid to prevent accidents on the roads. You can technically still speak on the phone while you drive, but we recommend that you use a hands-free option if you opt to do so.

If you are caught texting and driving in Cleveland, you can expect to be fined $150 for your first offense – quite a serious cost!

Seatbelt and Car Seat Laws in Cleveland

If you are in a vehicle in the state of Ohio, you have wear a seatbelt if you are in the front seats of the vehicle. Those in the front driver’s seat and the front passenger seat have to wear a seatbelt at all times. Those who are under the age of 16 have to wear a seat belt at all times while in a vehicle.

Laws for children and safety seats are a bit more complicated, we’ll review them in more detail below:

  • Child under four or under 40 pounds – child safety seat
  • Child under eight or 4’ 9” – booster seat

Not securing your child carries significant punishments. Make sure that you understand the ramifications of not securing your children – their safety should be your first priority.

Helmet Laws in Cleveland

Helmet laws are pretty relaxed in the states of Ohio. If you’re over 18 years old and you have held your motorcycle license for more than a year, you don’t have to wear a helmet according to the law. While it might be legal to go without a helmet, we don’t recommend that you do so – it’s extremely dangerous to operate a motorcycle without the proper protection.

If you’re under the age of 18, or you’ve had your license for less than a year, you’re expected to wear a helmet anywhere in the state of Ohio. Not doing so will result in a fine from the police.

Alcohol and Drug Laws (Driving)

Instead of the term DUI, Ohio law prosecutes people for OVI (operating under the influence). Ohio has strict laws to prevent people from driving while intoxicated. The punishment for driving while intoxicated depends on the level of intoxication. For those with a low BAC, the punishment can be three days in jail, $375 fines, and up to a year of license suspension.

If you are caught with a high BAC, the punishment can be much worse. You might face six days in jail, $375 in fines, a year of license suspension, and a license plate that indicates you have been convicted of an OVI! If you want to avoid this embarrassment, make sure to avoid driving anywhere while you’re intoxicated. Expect car insurance quotes with DUI convictions to be much higher too.

Cheapest Auto Insurance in Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland Statistics

If you want to understand how dangerous it is to drive in Cleveland, it’s important to understand how dangerous Ohio is as a whole. Traffic fatalities have been on the rise in Ohio in recent years, though it’s hard to say how much of this may be due to population growth. In 2016, there were 1,133 fatalities on roads in Ohio. In 2017, this number increased to 1,179. In 2017, 471 of the traffic fatalities occurred to people who were not wearing a seat belt. This is a clear indication of how important it is to wear a seatbelt at all times.


You should look at an auto insurance policy the same way you would look at an investment – getting the best auto insurance rates can save you a significant amount of money and protect you from financial ruin. If you choose the right policy, you can rest assured knowing you’re covered for most major events. Have a look at some of the insurance providers we recommend on our site if you’d like a better idea of who is offering cheap car insurance in Ohio.

Car Insurance Companies in Cleveland

auto insurance companies near me
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A&A Action Auto Insurance

3421 Prospect Ave E, Cleveland, OH 44115, USA

(216) 361-8988


Abc Auto Insurance Agency Inc.

2311 E 55th St, Cleveland, OH 44104, USA

(216) 881-2600


Superior Auto Insurance

13217 Superior Ave, Cleveland, OH 44112, USA

(216) 268-4800


Nationwide Insurance: Sam J Saraniti Clu

3100 W 25th St, Cleveland, OH 44109, USA

(216) 281-3900


Acceptance Auto Insurance

3360 Warren Rd, Cleveland, OH 44111, USA

(216) 889-9966


Nationwide Insurance: Joseph R Potts

12300 Lorain Ave, Cleveland, OH 44111, USA

(216) 251-7374

Auto Body Shops in Cleveland

Auto Body Shops in Cleveland,Ohio
Map data © 2021 Google.

Rex Body & Fender Repair Co., Inc.

2704 Church Ave, Cleveland, OH 44113, USA

(216) 621-9257

No website found


Ben's Auto Body Specialists

8514 Carnegie Ave, Cleveland, OH 44106, USA

(216) 795-2700


R & R Auto Body

15620 Brookpark Rd, Cleveland, OH 44135, USA

(216) 267-5454


Shaker Quality Auto Body

12916 Larchmere Blvd, Cleveland, OH 44120, USA

(216) 229-7846


A Touch of Class Auto Body Inc.

1611 Brookpark Rd, Cleveland, OH 44109, USA

(216) 459-0900


Kamm's Corners Auto Body

15630 Lorain Ave, Cleveland, OH 44111, USA

(216) 671-6600

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