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Cheapest Unlimited Data Plan ComparisonAn Introduction To Wireless Communication

Communication has advanced from the days of the telephone booths to cellular phones. While handheld technology is growing in popularity, it's important to find out about data plans that accompany each device. The cheapest mobile data plans are often overlooked. Therefore, I would research and find a specific data plan that offers unlimited talk, text, and Internet. When searching for a data plan, it's great to know if the plan includes national calls or international calls. With that being said, there are great plans available for the consumers who want great cellular phone service at a reasonable price. The following information will help you choose the right cellular phone plan when shopping before major holidays, events, and college.

Verizon Wireless

Why Verizon Wireless?

  • It is the largest phone carrier in the US with over 151 million subscribers.
  • The great coverage is what makes Verizon superior to other large carriers.
  • Aside from a great selection of plans, there is also a wide range of phone models to choose from.
  • You have easy access to a Verizon store for your concerns and if you need to upgrade your phone.

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Verizon Wireless Plans And Services

Verizon also has great data plans that average $40-$60 per month. The more you pay, the more surfing that you can do on the Internet with your mobile phone. The gygabytes range from 3GB-7GB. This plan is perfect for those out-of-town moments when you need to call back home. Verizon has phones that fit those who are into technology and into learning about technical features along the way. Verizon also offer a portable WiFi hotspot with an affordable monthly plan. Verizon is great for those busy moms that would like to keep in touch with their child's school and their office. Virgin is also connected to other service plans which may include additional discounts from time to time.

Why Sprint?
  • Sprint has consistently developed new products and plans to stay competitive.
  • Of the major cellphone carriers in the US, Sprint offers the cheapest plans.
  • There are also several unlimited plans from Sprint that give it an edge over other carriers.
  • Sprint offers flexible plans to suit your different coverage and usage needs.

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Sprint Cellular Plans

Sprint has a perfect plan for you. With a few choices while deciding which plan is best for you, there is a plan with 2GB that features unlimited texting and talking. It's only $40 per month. If parents want to keep track of their growing child's whereabouts, the is a great plan for those children who excel in school. If you want to have a cellular phone similar to your spouse's cellular phone, you can choose a month-to-month plan. In other words, you don't have to sign a contract. You pay for your service whenever it is convenient for you. This company offers a variety of cellular phones that are popular with teens and young adults. Sprint also allows new customers to switch from one company to their company. In most cases, you have to pay up to $50 to switch. Sprint can notify the other company to see if there can be a negotiation arranged to cancel your wireless service contract with another company.

XFinity Mobile
XFinity Mobile
  • It offers wide coverage for an MVNO that operates under Verizon’s 4G network.
  • You can access over 16 million Comcast hotspots in the US for strong connection.
  • You can get a small amount of 4G LTE data without extra charges.
  • You can use your device as mobile hotspot with Xfinity Mobile without extra charges.

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XFinity Mobile

XFinity Mobile has a plan provided for those customers who have XFinity Internet with their service map. Within the Xfinity Mobile plans, there is no contract and no bill every month. If you would like an upgrade, there is a second data plan that cost $12 GB or unlimited usage for $45 every month. Most consumers enjoy the extra benefits, such as the gygabytes offered for the Internet. This service offers wifi that can connect other technical devices that you own to the Internet. You must know your code which will be provided through their customer service. Comcast is the business that owns Xfinity Mobile. XFinity also offers personal features that allow you to save information in your phone or downloads that you can play in your car as you ride.

  • AT&T is the second largest cellphone carrier in the US.
  • It has one of the best coverages anywhere in the US.
  • There are many international perks you can enjoy, which is great for frequent travelers.
  • Like Verizon, AT&T has plenty of stores so you can easily find one for support or upgrades.

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AT&T Cellular Phone Plans and Services

AT&T data plans start at $45-$65 per month. Both plans offer 6GB, however, the most expensive plan still allows the Internet to be used at a slower pace. Verizon is great for those who want to spend more time talking on the phone than surfing the Internet. AT&T loves to give promotional advertisement to those on college campuses and to those who are still in high school. By the same token, teenagers and college students seem to love this company because of how well their Internet works. AT&T offers nice phone accessories which can accommodate those who love to have a package deal. AT&T is known for their family plans and are great for those parents who want their child to have a cellular prior to entering college.

Cheapest Unlimited Data Plan Comparison

Republic Wireless

Republic Wireless offers a cheap data plan for $15 per month. This data wireless plan includes unlimited talking, unlimited texting, and wifi. If you don't see a particular phone that you like, you can bring your phone with you. This company is great for helping their consumers keep wifi at all times. The company works alongside of Sprint and TMobile networks. The great additional feature of this plan is the fact that you can have a month-to-month plan with no contract. The plans run from $15-60 per month. Republic Wireless is growing into becoming a household name. The company seems to fit those families that have over 4 family members.


FreedomPop is affiliated with Sprint that has plans that are similar to other mobile companies. Their features includes unlimited talk, 500 MB data when using the Internet, and free 4G LTE data to provide extra time spent for you to search the Internet as well. If you want to earn unlimited free data you can participate in offers through the company. Similar to other companies, you can bring your own phone if you want to switch to their mobile plan. FreedomPop is owned by Sprint and is growing in popularity around college campuses.

Straight Talk

Straight Talk is offered at retail stores across the world. They offer a great data plan for those who like the surf the Internet all day. You don't have to sign a contract with them, but you are required to pay for one month in advance. Primarily, Straight Talk is sold in Walmart and Target. The highest Internet speed that is offered is 10GB. You can also get 3GB and 4GB as well. Straight Talk offers unlimited talking and texting. That's great for those who love to communicate through text. When you are busy, texting is always a great feature to have in case you can't talk. If you are multitasking at work or at home, texting is a great way to send a message to the another person in less than 2 minutes. Straight Talk is a great cellular phone service to purchase if you love to travel to high peak areas, such as mountains, and slopes. Most customers are impressed with where their service works.

Boost Mobile

Boost has a plan that is $50 per month for customers who don't want to keep up with how many gigabytes they have used. As you rely on their service, you will be amazed as to how well their phone devices work. Boost considers those customers that don't want to pay over $35 per month by offering them them a cheaper plan per month. Boost also offers their customers a chance to pay for their plan whereever their is a retail store. You will simply be able to text a code through your device to Boost and your service will be replenished. Boost has a fast replenshing time for those who want to keep their services from being interrupted. Boost has a great record for offering two cellular phones for the price of one.

Total Wireless

Total Wireless offers services for tracphones that usually charge for each minute that you talk, or go by a pay-per-minute plan that you can buy every week, everyday, or every month. Now, Total Wireless is introducing a plan that costs $35 per month. After purchasing the plan of your choice, you will receive 5GB for Internet usage along with unlimited talk and text. This is a great plan for those who use their cellular device seldomly. Total Wireless often features ways to gain more gigabytes during the holiday seasons.

Metro PCS

Metro PCS is nationwide and doesn't have roaming charges. This company is great for those who travel from city to city while keeping in touch with their family and friends. Metro PCS doesn't requires for you to sign a contract. That opportunity is great for those who are receiving a cellular phone for the first time. Metro PCS offers unlimited tect, talk, and data. Additionally, Metro PCS gives their customers extra gigabyte offers, especially when the customer seems to surf the web or forget to log off their social media page. Their plans cost around $30 every month. Overall, the company enjoys their affiliation with T-Mobile. Metro PCS has special deals on phone cases which will help customers eliminate damages from occurring.

Cheapest Unlimited Data Plan Comparison

Virgin Mobile Limited

Virgin Mobile Unlimited offers unlimited plans that include unlimited talk, text, and web. You can pay for additional web features that start at $5 per month. If you want to regain your high speed Internet on your mobile device, you can purchase more surfing time if you ever run low. This is great for business owners who have to use the Internet constantly. Their cheapest plan starts out at $35. Virgin Mobile Unlimited is owned by Sprint and seems to help those customers who are on a budget. Virgin Mobile offers customers a chance to pay their bills in retail stores or online. Make sure to read our Virgin Mobile reviews for more information on their plans.


T-Mobile plans are great for those who want to watch their spending habits very closely. Their plans start off at $30 per month and offers unlimited web and text. Their talking time starts off at 100 minutes. Those customers who would rather text than talk loves this phone service. T-Mobile offer a pay-as-you-go plan that doesn't require a signature. They do have additional plans for those that use their phone to communicate quite often. The highest plan that T-Mobile offers is $60 per month. T-Mobile's Internet feature allows their customers to use their data at a faster rate that some other companies out there. Once you have gone beyond your data plan, the Internet slows down. Uniquely, the Internet will still be available for you.


When choosing the right cellular phone service, it's best to figure out your budget prior to committing to a contract. Luckily, there are companies, such as T-Mobile, Sprint, Straight Talk, and Metro PCS that offers a variety of plans to fit all walks of life. For those parents who are surprising their child with a cellular phone for their birthday, it would be ideal to ask for a family plan that you can share with your child. Overall, it will help you save money and monitor your child's talking time as well. In the end, you will be glas that you had the opportunity to find out which service was best for you before making your final committment. Your purse or wallet will “thank you” for your research and time that was dedicated to making a choice that will help you along life's journey.

Still looking for cheap cell phone plans? MVNOs like Text Now can also provide a great value for your money. Make sure to check out our other reviews on this site.


General Data Plan Questions

This section answers questions about general data plans. Use this information to get a good basis to understand the answers in our other sections.

Who has the Best Unlimited Data Plan?

That depends on what you’re looking for. Different companies offer various features and limits within their data plans. For example, Spring throttles data after 50GB on their unlimited plans, whereas AT&T may throttles data after 22GB.

What is a Data Plan?

A data plan is a service for your cellular capable device that allows it to connect to the internet. That lets you look at websites, stream videos and music, and send and receive emails.

What is Data On a Cell Phone Plan?

Data on a cellphone plan is anything other than calls, texts, and raw GPS data. For example, having your GPS on doesn’t use data, but using Google Maps to get directions does.

Who Has Unlimited Data Plans?

All major cell phone carriers offer unlimited plans. However, they may reduce your speeds after you reach certain data usage benchmarks.

What Uses the Most Data on a Cell Phone Plan?

Streaming video and looking at HD pictures uses the most data on a cell phone data plan. Streaming HD video uses about 1.5 GB per hour at 1080p quality. A 4K stream uses 7.2 GB per hour.

How Many MB in a GB Data Plan?

There are 1000 MB per GB. MB stands for megabyte, and GB stands for gigabyte. A gigabyte is 1000 times the size of a megabyte. Therefore, a plan that gives you 50GB of data gives you 50,000MB.

How to Send Picture Text Without Data Plan?

The best way to send a picture text without using a data plan is to activate the WiFi calling and text feature on your phone. Then you can send picture texts without using data so long as you’re connected to a WiFi network.

How to Tether with Unlimited Data Plan?

You’ll need to check with your specific carrier and/or device to find out how to tether. However, most unlimited data plans restrict the amount of data that you can transmit during tethering.

How Do I Stop Going Over My Data Plan?

The best way to stop going over on your data plan is to make sure your phone is always connected to a WiFi network whenever possible. That way, your phone will use the WiFi network instead of your data plan.

Who has Unlimited Data Plans for Home Internet?

That depends on where you live. Each area has its own internet service providers. You’ll need to find the best internet service providers that operate in your area to see if they offer an unlimited data plan for home internet.

Who has the Cheapest Unlimited Data Plan?

Sprint has the cheapest unlimited plan – it costs $40 per month for 1 line and will give you 50GB of 4G LTE data. After that, speeds may be reduced depending on network usage.

What Is Considered Data on a Phone Plan?

Data is anything that’s not a call, plain text message, or raw GPS data. So sending a text message doesn’t use data, but sending a video does. Having your GPS on won’t use data, but using a maps app to get directions with GPS will.

Does Google Maps Use Data Plan?

Yes, Google Maps connects to the internet to calculate the best way from your location to your destination and to get traffic updates, and all of that uses data.

What Data Plan Do I Need?

That depends on what you use your phone for and how often you’re away from a WiFi network. If you’re always near WiFi, then you can use a limited data plan. If you travel frequently, then an unlimited plan might be best for you.

How do Cell Phone Data Plans Work?

That depends on the specific plan. Most data plans give you a certain amount of data. Unlimited plans give you an unlimited amount of data, but after a certain amount they will lower the speed you get data based on network usage. The cheapest cell phone plans may or may not come with unlimited data so if you're trying to save money keep this in mind.

Who has the Best Unlimited Data Family Plan?

That depends on how many lines you want. T-Mobile has the best option for 2 lines, Sprint has the best value family plan for 4 lines, and AT&T has the best family plan for 4 lines with features.

Sprint Data Plans

This section answers questions people have about Sprint data plans.

Is Sprint Unlimited Data Plan Really Unlimited?

Yes, the data really is unlimited. What is limited is the speed at which you can use the data. The Unlimited Basic plan from Sprint lets you use 4G LTE speeds for 50GB per month, after that you’ll get a slowdown. They also throttle streaming and gaming speeds. The Unlimited plus allows 4G LTE speeds for 50GB per month 15GB of hotspot usage, compared to 500MB of hotspot usage for the basic plan.

Does Sprint Still have Unlimited Data Plans?

They do. However, your speed will get throttled after you pass 50GB in a month. However, that’s a good bit of data and most customers won’t get to that.

How Does Sprint Unlimited Data Plan Work?

Sprint’s unlimited plans give you the first 50GB of data at 4G LTE speeds. After that you’ll face slowdowns. The main difference between the basic plan and the plus plan is that the basic plan will only stream in standard definition.

Your Title Goes HereaDoes Sprint Offer Unlimited Data Plans?

They do offer unlimited plans. The Unlimited Basic plan costs $60 for 1 line, $100 for two lines, $120 for three lines, and $140 for four lines. The Unlimited Plus plan is $70 for one line, $120 for two lines, $150 for three lines, and $180 for four lines.

Is Sprint Hotspot Free with Unlimited Data Plan?

It is, but your data over hotspot that comes at 4G speeds is limited. The basic plan gives you 500MB of 4G LTE hotspot data and the plus plan gives you 15GB of LTE data through your hotspot.

Verizon Data Plans

This section answers questions people have about Verizon data plans.

How Much Is Verizon Unlimited Data Plan?

Verizon has 3 unlimited plan options for $40, $50, and $60. You’ll get different quality options for streaming services on the first two lines, and the third option gives global access.

Does Verizon have an Unlimited Data Plan?

They have three actually. Go unlimited, beyond unlimited, and above unlimited. They cost $40, $50, and $60 per line respectively.

What Is Verizon's Unlimited Data Plan?

Verizon offers 3 different unlimited plans that differ in the quality of streaming the network will allow. They come at $40, $50, and $60 per line respectively. The third option also offers global access to data networks.

What Happens if I Exceed My Verizon Data Plan?

Verizon charges a $15 overage fee if you go over your data allowance. You can get out of this if you log on before your billing cycle and upgrade your plan.

How to Transfer Verizon Unlimited Data Plan?

You’ll need to talk to Verizon to find out how to change your specific device. Usually it’s a simple matter of logging into your account and entering some new information about your device. You can also bring it to a Verizon store.

Does Verizon Still Offer Unlimited Data Plans?

They do. There are 3 of them in fact. They cost $40, $50, and $60. The first two options give you nationwide unlimited data. They only differ in the quality of streams you’re able to get. The final one gives you global data access.

How to Switch to Verizon Unlimited Data Plan?

It’s easy to switch to Verizon’s unlimited data plan. All you need to do is log on to your Verizon account. Select account, then select my plan. This will put you where you need to be to change your plan.

How Much Is Verizon Tablet Data Plan?

Verizon’s tablet data plan offers 2GB of data for $30 per month. You can also use the prepaid Verizon plan at $15 for 500 MB, $20 for 1GB, and $35 for 2GB.

What Is the New Verizon Data Plan?

Verizon offers a host of new data plans all the time. Their current options are the unlimited range, go unlimited, beyond unlimited, and above unlimited. They cost $40, $50, and $60. The first two give you nationwide data and the third offers global data access.

How Can I Keep My Unlimited Data Plan Verizon?

You just need to keep paying your bill and demand that Verizon abides by the terms of the contract that you originally agreed to. As long as you don’t cancel your plan, Verizon shouldn’t be able to cancel on you.

How to Cancel Verizon Data Plan?

You can cancel your Verizon data plan by logging on to your account. From there go to account, then to my plan. You can cancel your data plan from here.

AT&T Data Plans

This section answers people’s questions about AT&T data plans.

Does AT&T have Unlimited Data Plans?

They have two. The first is $48 per line and gives unlimited talk, text, and data, live TV and on-demand, and 15GB of mobile hotspot data, as well as HD streaming. The second option is $40 per line, comes with unlimited talk, text, and data, SD streaming, and Live TV.

How Much Is AT&T Unlimited Data Plan?

The two options are $48 and $40 per line. The main difference is the quality of video streaming and access to 1 premium entertainment option. You can choose HBO, Cinemax, SHOWTIME, STARZ, VRV, Amazon Music Unlimited, or Pandora Premium.

T-Mobile Data Plans

We’ll cover T-Mobile data plans in this section.

Is T Mobile Hotspot Free with Unlimited Data Plan?

Hotspot and tethering are free with the unlimited data plan, but you’re restricted to 7GB of tethered data per month. After that, you’ll be moved to 2G speeds from 4G LTE speeds.

How to Tether with T-Mobile Unlimited Data Plan?

That depends on your phone. You’ll need to look up the options to tether your specific phone model. Your tethering will be limited to 7 GB of high-speed data. After that you’ll get 2G speeds.

Straight Talk Data Plans

This section answers questions about Straight Talk data plans.

How Much Is the Unlimited Data Plan for Straight Talk?

Straight Talk has several options for unlimited data plans. You can get them for $35, $45, and $55, $60 per month. While the data is unlimited, access to 4G LTE speeds varies for each plan. The plans get 2GB, 10GB, and unlimited GB on 4G LTE respectively.

Can You Add Data to Your Straight Talk Plan?

You can. Walmart and other stores sell prepaid data cards. You can also go to your Straight Talk phone’s prepaid menu and select the option to Add Airtime to add data.

Data Plans from Other Companies

Lots of other companies offer data plans, we’ll answer questions about those companies here.

Can I Add Extra Data to My Net10 Plan?

Yes. All you need to do is press the menu key and select the prepaid menu. From there you can redeem airtime and get more data.

Data Plans and Devices

There are lots of questions about data plans and devices. We’ll answer those questions here.

Do You Need Data Plan for iPad?

You don’t need a data plan for an iPad. You can get one, but it isn’t necessary. The iPad can use WiFi connections to send and receive data.

Does Apple Watch Use Data Plan?

The Apple Watch will use the data plan from the device that it’s connected to. That means you don’t need to purchase a separate data plan for your Apple Watch.

Do Smartwatches Need Data Plans?

No, smartwatches will use the data plan of the device they’re synced with. You don’t need to purchase a separate data plan for a smartwatch.

Do You Need a Data Plan for Tablets?

You can get a data plan for tablets if you want to get a connection anywhere you go. However, the tablet will function off of WiFi and can function without an internet connection.

How to Subscribe to a Mobile Hotspot Data Plan?

First, you’ll need to pick a service provider that operates in your area. Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, Sprint, and others all offer hotspot data plans. You can also use a Pay-As-You-Go plan from a company like Virgin. Then, pay for the service and follow the company’s directions to set up your device.

Can I Get Data Plan for iPod Touch?

No. The iPod Touch doesn’t have any cell functionality. It only operates off of WiFi. You can get a mobile hotspot that broadcasts a WiFi connection for your iPod Touch to use.

Does iPhone Use Data Plan When on WiFi?

No. The iPhone doesn’t use data off of your Data Plan when it’s connected to a WiFi network. Instead, it will use the WiFi network exclusively so long as the network provides an internet connection.

How to Transfer Cellular Data Plan to New iPhone?

You’ll need to contact your cellular service provider to get the answer to this question. Each company has their own procedures. Usually, the process is simply a matter of logging into your account and entering some basic information. If you want to get some cash for your old phone then go to a place where you can sell cell phones whether they're used or broken.

Does iPhone GPS Use Data Plan?

The GPS doesn’t use the data plan, but applications that use GPS data do. For example, Google Maps or the Apple Maps app will both use data to provide you with directions and traffic updates. Simply having your GPS on won’t consume data.

Can You Buy a Data Plan for the Kindle Fire?

That depends on what kind of Kindle Fire you have. If you have the Kindle Fire 4G LTE, then you’ll be able to purchase a data plan for it. Older Kindles may or may not have cellular service. If they don’t, then they can’t have a data plan.