Check Out My Small Feet

OK, I’m not going to show you any pictures of my feet.  I promise.

But what I will do is explain why having small feet is a great way to save money!

See, when I go shopping, I’m often in a range of clothing sizes that is pretty common.  So, things tend to go quickly especially during sales.  Medium shirts in my size are often gone for a really good deal.  The pant size I wear, again, is one of the more common sizes, so a great sale means limited selection for me.

But, shoes are a different story.  I have, for whatever reason, a shoe size that’s on the lower end of the spectrum

The downside of this is that my wife makes fun of me sometimes for having small feet.

The upside, though, is that most stores are almost always guaranteed to have my size!  Shoes my size are common enough where they are stocked regularly, but just uncommon enough that I usually have the pick of the litter, so to speak.

And, when I’m hunting down deals, it’s even better.  Let me illustrate the deal I got at DSW this past weekend.  When I go to DSW, I almost always shop in the clearance section.  Many people aren’t so lucky and it’s because stuff in the more popular sizes gets picked over.  In the ten minutes I was back there, I saw at least three people come in but leave empty-handed and frustrated because they didn’t have anything that they were looking for in their size.

But, my size 8 and a half had all kinds of deals. I needed new work shoes.  Since guys have it easy and can buy a pair of black shoes and a pair of brown shoes and be all set, that was my shopping list in its entirety.  I found a pair of black shoes for $36 (on clearance from $60) and a pair of brown shoes for $35 (on clearance from $50).

Both of these pairs are so comfortable that they didn’t even require the typical breaking in period where your feet are sore for a day or two while they adjust.

But, wait, there’s more!

Plus, in addition to that deal, DSW had sent me a coupon (as a member of their loyalty club, which is free) for $20 off a $50 purchase.

So I ended up with two awesome pairs of shoes for $51 plus tax.

If that’s the upside of having small feet, I’ll take it!

5 thoughts on “Check Out My Small Feet”

  1. That's great you can take advantage of it (I think it's better to have small feet than clown feet).

    Unfortunately, I'm the average ladies size (7-8) so my size is often sold out on the good sales.

  2. It's great to take advantage of whatever the Lord gives us, although I never had considered the advantages of small feet. Your title has real "hook" to it.

    Unfortunately, I have average feet so my shoes are also the first to go at a sale. I often see lots of 13 and 14 size men's shoes!

    I have taken advantage of an "almost perfect" shoe store that sells quality shoes at a big discount because of a minor flaw.

    • Hi Joe – would you be able to share the name of that “almost perfect” shoe store? And maybe location?


  3. Im an average foot size but I still get good shoe deals. Im always whipping off my shoes to show everyone my beautiful feet. I think they look great so everyone I know has seen them including everyone I work with. Theyre my best feature and will use any excuse to show off. Like Bucksome said its better for you to have little feet then be Bigfoot. Huge feet freak me out.

  4. I guess I'll be freaking people out then with a 13 and a half! I never seem to have luck with shoes and when I find a pair that are comfortable they are rarely the ones that were on sale!

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