Check Vacation Prices Even After You’ve Booked Your Trip

Our family has a tradition of going to a water park during mid-winter break.  This break falls in mid-February every year.  The kids love it and we enjoy the getaway as well.  Until last year, we’d gone to Great Wolf Lodge every year.  Last year, we tried Kalahari, a much bigger place.  This year, we’re returning to Great Wolf Lodge, though at a location we’ve never been.

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Check vacation prices before and after you book to get the best deal.

Check Vacation Prices When Booking Your Trip

We always look around when it’s time to book our trip.  Typically, we’ll book in the November or December time frame.  This is when we usually start getting e-mails with promo codes that apply to our desired dates.  We get these promo codes because we’ve stayed there before.  

This year we checked vacation prices at all nearby Great Wolf Lodge, as well as Kalahari.  We decided to stay at the Great Wolf Lodge in Mason, Ohio.  It’s a bit further away then the one in Sandusky, Ohio, but it’s newer and bigger.

We had a code that got the price in line with trips we’ve taken in past years.  It actually worked out a bit cheaper because Mason has less city taxes than Sandusky.  Since Sandusky is basically a tourist destination (because of the Cedar Point amusement park), the room taxes are quite hefty.  They’re not nearly as bad as in Mason.

Check Vacation Prices After You’ve Booked Your Trip

While we were happy with our price, we didn’t stop checking.  We still got more e-mails, and would search from time to time.  Lo and behold, a new promo code was released that saved us $40 off our room rate for the second night.  By the time taxes and such were factored in, we’d knocked $45.60 off the cost of our trip.  All for the time it took to do an occasional search, and to speak to a customer rep for a few short minutes.

It just goes to show that it pays to check vacation prices even after you book your trip.  You never know if a cheaper price might become available.  And, when you’re using time off from work for your vacation, make sure you’re getting the most of it.

Limitations On Vacation Prices

Sometimes, you might not be able to take advantage of it.  Many airlines nowadays will sock you with change fees that wipe out any savings.  But, not all.  Southwest will actually adjust your pricing, though they won’t refund the difference back to your credit card.  Instead, you’ll receive a travel credit that you have to use within a certain time.

But many hotels or resorts will gladly adjust your rates if you find they’ve gone down.  They would rather you keep your business than have you cancel or switch to a competitor.

Besides, it’s just good customer service.  And, it’s nice to know that some of that still exists out there.

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