Christmas Checklist: The Early Edition

Christmas is, well, not right around the corner, but you would never know that from watching TV or going out to most national stores.  Even though we give Halloween and Thanksgiving their proper due, there are always things that are just unavoidable.  Here’s a quick Christmas checklist for our house.  I hope things are going well (but not too well *lol*) for you!

Mid-November Christmas Checklist

  •  Indoor Decorations Put Up: Zero. Although we sometimes put up our decorations the weekend before Thanksgiving, our calendar will keep us completely honest.  This year, we’ll be spending the days after Turkey Day getting the house full of festive cheer.
  • Outdoor Lights Put Up: All of Them!  November in Michigan is kind of the tipping point between good weather and cold weather.  I like to get my lights up when it’s warm, which it has been here.  So, I hung the lights over the last few days!  Don’t worry, they aren’t on and won’t be until after Thanksgiving.  Good thing I hung them, as temperatures look to dip into the 40’s this weekend.
  • Gifts Purchased: Two!  We bought our son and our daughter each a gift as we found sales that we couldn’t mb-2015-12-santapass up.  Not a bad start.  I know some people like to shop throughout the year, but we know wants can change, especially with kids.  We also like to make sure that anything we buy can be returned if it’s not liked or a duplicate.
  • Set Aside Money For Gifts: Complete!  Our monthly budget includes stashing money away, so that our budget is fully funded.  We pay for our gifts on credit cards.  This lets us take advantage of cash back rewards, but come January, they’ll be paid in full!
  • Listened To Music: Nope!  My wife is usually guilty of flipping on the radio when some of the stations flip as soon as November 1st.  Not this year!  Summer weather seemed to run late, which has made for an abbreviated fall season, and she’s taking the time to enjoy it.
  • Started Christmas Lists: Early For Us!  On our in-laws side, we’re taking a new approach to gift giving that will save a little money and make shopping a lot easier.  One of the stipulations is that we have to have our lists ready no later than Thanksgiving.  This is probably the earliest I’ve started my list!
  • Dropping Santa’s name: Here and there.  It’s never too early to start dropping Santa’s name to the 7 and 5 year old kids, is it?  🙂

That’s our Christmas checklist as of mid-November.  So far as I can tell, we haven’t gotten fully immersed, but have gotten our toes just wet enough.  I think we’re in good shape!

Readers, have you started holiday planning in earnest or are you taking a ‘one season at a time’ approach?  What’s your normal get-ready-for-the-holidays strategy?  Let me know in the comments below.

5 thoughts on “Christmas Checklist: The Early Edition”

  1. We started decorating in the first week of November, after the Halloween. We started with the inside decoration of the house, and we make it minimal to avoid much increase in the electric bill. Meanwhile, the gifts, we started buying in the third week of November, and what is a frugal thing we’re doing this year is that we’re giving a personalized Christmas postcard to most of my friends.

  2. Wow you are way ahead of the game. I haven’t even thought about Thanksgiving yet! I used to start super early with Christmas prep, but have kept things to the last minute these last couple years.

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