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Clearone Debt Consolidation Loan Reviews

Claire Matthews

Financial Advisor, MoneyBeagle

Clearone Debt Consolidation Loan ReviewsIf you would like to reduce the number of loan payments that you are forced to make each month, then you are probably going to get a debt consolidation loan. Depending on the amount that you can receive, you can pay off your other debts so that you will only need to make one loan payment. Although you will discover several debt consolidation companies, not all of them will deliver the best possible service.

If you are looking for a finance company on which you can depend, you can trust Clearstone to help, and you will know that you are in good hands. But you won’t want to move forward until you learn as much as possible about your prospective debt relief company, and the following information will point you in the right direction.

Why Settle for ClearOne Advantage

Clearone Debt Consolidation Loan Reviews

If you are in trouble with debt obligations that are already beyond your control and cannot find ways to meet your monthly payments, you can seek help from the ClearOne Advantage debt negotiators. Their expertise includes giving you relief from all your money troubles. Since its founding in 2007, the company has been doing wonders in the field of debt settlement negotiation. For almost a decade, it has been very successful and strategic in the field of debt settlement. In addition, ClearOne is being operated by the best shakers and movers in the financial industry specifically in the field of debt negotiation.

The company is also composed of well-trained staffs that are considered experts in dealing with all types of debt and delinquency. They have advanced skills in successful management of debt. These skills enable their client to be free of debt in just a short period of time. ClearOne makes sure that clients are set free from debts without compromising their welfare as payments are only collected upon approval and completion of a settlement of their choice.

Services ClearOne Advantage Offer

  • Simple application and qualification
  • Cover extensive variety of unsecured debts
  • Normally settle debt in 24 to 48 months
  • Success-based payment model
  • Accredited with the American Fair Credit Council
  • A+ rating from Better Business Bureau
  • Extensive educational resources
  • No consultation costs or upront fees

Ample Reasons to Choose ClearOne Advantage

One particular thing that sets the ClearOne Advantage apart from other companies is that they serve with utmost care and dedication. As compared to other companies, ClearOne does not mix up their services with false hopes. Rather, it does its very best to provide the best services in the settlement negotiation. It stays true to its goal which is to be an excellent debt settlement negotiator which offers 100% guarantee of reliable services.

Aside from that, ClearOne has an exceptional record of successful debt settlements. Moreover, clients can always consult their staff for free for regarding programs and kinds of debt settlement that will suit to their needs. They will always find solutions for clients who were already caught with neck-deep debts.  It is always encouraging to know that there is such a company which is concerned about the clients’ welfare. Because they really look after the good of their clients, ClearOne has received enormous positive feedbacks gaining an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, together with recognitions and commendations from other leading industry groups.

What’s Unique About ClearOne Advantage?

The company’s dedication to their debt relief service is one characteristic that made ClearOne distinct from the rest of the debt relief services on the market. Its linchpin is set on settlement of debts. Overtime it has established an in-depth service aimed to provide assistance to customers looking to settle their debts. The company has simple yet meticulous process to ensure that clients deserve the best services being offered by the ClearOne company. The debt settlement is broken down into four stages:

Throughout the application stage, clients are given comprehensive consultation by the company’s trained and knowledgeable experts in debt relief. Included here is an assessment of their financial situation with all their outstanding loans or debts. Through this process, the customer is given a guarantee that the settlement process will work out successfully.

After undergoing the first stage, qualified clients can enroll in the program by registration or filling application forms and other necessary documents. ClearOne customers are allowed to submit all documents and sign forms online using their electronic document review and signature service. Once enrolment is finished, clients will then allocate funds for the debt settlement every month through an account  dedicated to that purpose. When enough funds are saved or collected, ClearOne will do the negotiations with the lending companies until the total payable amount is reduced.

Upon approval of settlements, the process of paying out debts will commence. The average period for customers to complete the program successfully is 24 to 36 months, however, it still depends on the individual, their capacity to save the target amount every month, and of course, it also depends on the amount of money borrowed.

Something that makes clients even happier is the pool of experienced and trained personnel who are going out of their way to extend extra help to clients with almost every issue that would arise. At times when the clients are not able to make their payments on time, the company offers every possible assistance that would help solve the problem.

Hence, the clients have all the reasons to be happy and express satisfaction with the services being offered by ClearOne. Series of accurate and deep understanding articles on how to relieve oneself from debts, learning videos and other facts about the company are being featured on the company’s website.

The web dash board of ClearOne is also a great help to the clients, especially in keeping track of their outstanding settlements and how much progress they’ve made toward their payments. This tool is very important as it keeps the clients well-informed of their current payment status.

Types of Debt Covered

We discovered that ClearOne deals with an excellent range of debt types in their settlement efforts. The company focuses exclusively on unsecured debt, and on amounts higher than $10,000, but they do allow for a wide variety. The company works with the following debts:

  • Credit Cards
  • Department Store Cards
  • Child Support
  • Personal Loans
  • Collection Agency Accounts
  • Federal Credit Unions
  • Payday Advances

The company allows couples to roll their debts together into a single settlement plan, enabling an easier process of paying off outstanding debts. In addition, they do not negotiate some of the more common loans such as mortgages and auto loans.


Debt Relief Services Offered

ClearOne Advantage is very successful when compared to their competitors. Their success can be attributed to their strict attention to debt settlement. They have developed an extraordinary track record because they focus solely on debt settlement negotiation. The company also does not collect upront charges or other fees to get started. The payment will only be given to the company once the settlement agreement is reached and upon approval of the plan. It clearly shows that the company is working for the best interest of its clients whose payments will be dependent on successful negotiations of outstanding debts.

A free professional consultation is included when working with ClearOne, which will determine what the next step will be, and the type of negotiation settlement to be used.

The company is set to exert every available effort to give better results than other types of debt relief, including consolidation loans, credit counseling, and bankruptcy. Getting started is as easy as registering for a free consultation before a sit-down talk to review the financial snapshot of a potential customer.

Help & Support

For customers looking to contact ClearOne Advantage, the company can be reached via telephone, email, and even fax. During our research, we found that the company’s representatives were all very well prepared. Agents we spoke to on the phone were knowledgeable about the settlement service, and answered all our queries promptly and courteously. Email inquiries were generally responded to within one business day, and the phone line is available during weekdays on normal business hours. In addition, the company is active on social media, making it easy to reach out to them in an instant.

Security of the Site

ClearOne Advantage places a great emphasis on its customers’ data security. The company’s privacy policy is very transparent, and it covers a vast range of common concerns. Though ClearOne does collect information, they are very clear about how they do so and what they use it for, including improving their service offerings. Furthermore, the company only discloses customers’ details to third parties as part of their service and affiliated companies.

The company relies on Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology in order to encrypt any information that is transmitted across their website and to their servers. In addition, their physical servers are protected by both virtual and physical security measures that are industry-standard and feature several redundancies.

About ClearOne Advantage

ClearOne Advantage is founded in 2007 by a group of finance industry veterans. In fact they may be more understanding when you're looking for debt consolidation loans for veterans. Since then, it has established a name in the debt relief industry. Aimed at offering the best settlement negotiation, they have garnered an impressive track record. With its strategic processes to solve debt problems quickly, customers are ensured that they are in good hands with ClearOne Advantage.

For everyone who has been in distress and no longer able to live a normal happy life because of unpaid debts, turn to ClearOne Advantage. It is the answer to all your debt problems.

The company is staffed by certified professionals who are dedicated and willing to go out of their way to help alleviate the burden of clients because of neck-deep debts. In other words, they are trained debt specialists who are determined to give 100% satisfaction guarantee to all clients.

Customer Service

Signing the paperwork before you learn about the level of customer service that you can expect is a mistake that you want to avoid. Based on customer reviews, Clearstone is dedicated to keeping its customers happy, and the company will work with you, ensuring that you get a debt consolidation loan that works for your situation. People who are having trouble with their credit card or car payments know that they can turn to the professionals at Clearstone for assistance.

Getting Started

The finance company that you choose will depend on how easy it is to get started with the process. For example, some lenders might ask you to submit to a credit check before they will tell you the terms of the loan, but you won’t face that problem if you opt to work with Clearstone. Before they ask you to sign anything, the caring staff will provide you with a free quote. If you would like to learn more about the service, you are encouraged to fill out your information on the website so that a member of the team can contact you.


With so many lenders on the market, not all of them are completely upfront about the service charges. Some banks state that they will never charge hidden fees, but they often use loopholes in the agreement. In addition to promising never to charge extra fees, Clearstone is also registered with the Better Business Bureau, giving you peace of mind and allowing you to put your worries to rest. When you enlist the services of Clearstone, you will always know what charges and fees you will need to pay, and you will never encounter any unpleasant surprises along the way.

Final Thoughts

You are now armed with the knowledge that you need to decide whether or not Clearstone is the right company for you. If you're wondering how to consolidate credit card debt then this may be a good option for you. If you wish to get a debt consolidation loan without hidden charges, then this could be the right choice for you. Although you need to choose your path, speaking with a Clearstone team member can help you get a clear picture of what to do. With a warm smile, they will gladly answer your questions and address your concerns.

Claire Matthews

Claire Matthews

Financial Advisor, MoneyBeagle

Claire is a noted financial writer and author of hundreds of articles about personal and business finance. Before getting her MBA, she graduated with a BS in Economics. Her coursework focused on the different ways that debt, debt structure, and debt restructuring affect micro and macro-economic issues.

Upon graduation, she took a job at an investment bank that worked with municipal and county governments to help them reorganize and structure their debt so they could continue to provide essential city services.

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