Does Being Too Close To Money Make People Turn Evil?

The latest scandal in the banking industry has my shaking my head.  For those who haven’t heard, Wells Fargo is in it deep because they basically set quotas for the number of add on services that employees were required to sell.  This was pushing people to go above and beyond normal circumstances, opening accounts without permission, forging signatures, pressuring family and all sorts of fun stuff.  So I have a simple question: Does money make people evil?

Still In The Cycle Of Corruption

Basically, more awful behaviors in an industry that has the stench of a lot of awful behaviors.  I mean, nobody has forgotten the subprime mortgage crisis, right?

It just got me to wondering why this stuff keeps happening.  I’ve heard that we should break up the banks to make them smaller, or taking certain functions (like investing) away from banks.  All sorts of things, but I’m not sure any of that would work.

Does Money Make People Evil?

Maybe it’s not how big the banks have gotten.  Perhaps it’s simpler than that. It could be that people turn evil when they’re around money too long.

After all, money makes people do crazy things.  Even the Bible is full of stories of those who lost their way because of a greed for money.

Money makes people steal.  Cheat.  Lie.  Beg.  It brings out jealousy.  Anger.  Rage.  Sadness.  It makes people kill themselves.  Or others.  Or both.

mb-201312billscoinsAnd all of these things come out for people who don’t work with money.  They just deal with it on the periphery.

But what about those who work around it?  Every day.  They’re consumed with it.  Every spreadsheet they open. Each figure on a screen.  Every conference call they make.  Basically, everything they touch involves money.  Money, money money.

Could Banking Be A Short Term Career?

Maybe bankers should just work in the industry for so long and then be forced to go do something else like farm or build roads or sell clothes or something else.  Anything else that doesn’t drive them crazy as it seems working around it seems to do.

Obviously this is just a crazy suggestion, but I wonder if my underlying thought is correct.  Maybe money is like the sun or alcohol or drugs, all OK in moderation, but harmful, even deadly, if exposed to too much.

What do you think, readers?  Is there any real way to stop the next story that involves greed and corruption in the financial industry or are we doomed simply because of what money does to our minds?  Let me know what you think in the comments below.

7 thoughts on “Does Being Too Close To Money Make People Turn Evil?”

  1. Well I have heard it again and again. Money is the root of all evil!

    I think it has a lot to do with individuals themselves. It all starts with greed and from there can spiraling down really fast. It is crazy what happened with the whole wells fargo fiasco. Glad I dont bank with them.

  2. “The LOVE of money is the root of all evil” is how the saying goes. Ironically, I worked at Wells Fargo for fifteen years, and half of those years were as teller and teller supervisor where I was handling a good quarter to half million in cash every day. Funny thing was it was just like paper after awhile; I just forgot about it being valuable. It was just the stuff I worked with.

    Greed is the problem, as Alexander mentioned. It’s the love of money that turns people bad, not the money itself. Out-of-balance priorities. People like to blame the money, though. It’s the “my fork is making me fat” concept.

  3. It’s just a sad state of affairs. It’s how society is wired these days. Money can buy all the material things that will make people happy (or so they think). Wells Fargo looks like another greedy organisation that did not care about its employees. I work in the banking sector and I’m not greedy or interested in getting rich working my butt off for other people, but I’m in the minority. There is the perception that there is money in banking and people try to get as much of it as they can. Poor me… I’m trying to get out of here, but no luck yet.

  4. Well…y’know, as Laurie points out, it’s not MONEY that Timothy said was the root of all evil. He said the LOVE of money is the root of (etc.). So…yeah… Dollars to donuts if the old boy could come back in 2016, he’d be sitting here typing RIGHT ON into your comments section.

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