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Everyone knows that to save on utilities it is important to reduce the use of major appliances. However, the common adage of turning off the lights does not always lead to significant enough results to lower utility bills. Because the average household often uses more gas and electricity than they are aware of, it is important to examine how every aspect of a family’s routine can be adjusted to help add up to major savings on utilities.

In order to help anyone who would like to save on their utilities, the following ideas are among some of the most commonly overlooked ways that people can make changes to reduce their usage of electricity and gas.

Wash Laundry on Cold 

Many people mistakenly believe that the majority of energy used during laundry is for running the washing machine. However, most of the energy used during laundry is actually used for heating up the water. Therefore, simply moving the switch to a cold wash can effectively reduce energy bills.

Monitor Appliances 

Many appliances use energy even when they are not being used. In fact, if an appliance is plugged in, then it is most likely drawing energy even when it is not turned on. Many households have appliances that they no longer use. If they are still in working order, consider them for your next garage sale or just move them to a storage unit for safe keeping.

Install Weather Stripping 

Most of a home’s cool air and heat escape out of the house through tiny cracks and crevices along the seams of windows and doors. Even the smallest of cracks can lead to significant energy loss. Therefore, it is important to make sure that all of these cracks are sealed.

Pay Attention to Windows 

Simply changing the window decorations each season can help to cut out heating and cooling costs. During the summer, the windows should be shaded with heavy curtains or blinds to block out the sun. When winter comes, these can be removed so that the sun can shine through and help to heat up the house.

Take Cool Showers 

Showers are well-known for being a way to save water as they require less than a bath. However, showers can also be used to cut down on gas and electricity by reducing the amount that is needed to heat the water. Therefore, a cool and quick shower can provide an invigorating way to save.

Around the home, minor changes can be made to reduce the use of gas and electricity. While many of these ideas are often overlooked, they take little effort and can add up to major rewards when the utility bill arrives in the mail. Saving on utilities is as simple as incorporating these ideas into a person’s daily routines.