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We get new laptops at work about every 3-4 years.  I've had my current laptop for around a year and a half, and have hated it every single day.  The main reason was simple: It was slower than my last one.  Just about everything took forever.  Finally, I had enough and I mentioned it to one of the techs, and he advised that I should put in a request for a small upgrade and that it would take care of it.  He was right!  I now have a much better functioning laptop, all because I realized how to complain and get results.

Know Who To Talk To

The tech is a pro.  He takes care of two buildings and knows just about everything that everybody has and what they need.  I admire him because, back when I was a tech, I tried to be the same way.  Recognizing that he was knowledgeable was key.

Know How To Complain With Specifics

When I talked to the tech, I didn't just say it was slow.  I pointed out that it was slower than the last one I had, which they took away because it was time to retire.  Understanding that technology means you're supposed to get faster equipment, not slower, helped make the point.

Understand The Response

I used to be very technical, but have lost a lot of my expertise in this area.  Still, when he rattled off the things that I would need (a memory upgrade, a new hard drive, and a 64-bit version of Windows), I knew what these things were. mb-2016-04-success I knew how they would help.  Many people that don't understand the potential fixes will assume that what's being proposed will work, when it may not.  With my understanding, I knew there was a strong likelihood of success.

Justify Any Costs

The upgrades that were proposed weren't outrageously expensive (around $150) but still had to be approved by my manager.  Funds are tight, especially around the end of the year, so I asked for the authorization and explained why it would help.  The request was approved.

Follow Up

Many people miss this one, but it's important.  After the upgrade was complete and my computer was returned to me (much faster), I thanked the tech.  I made sure to thank him both for the recommendation as well as the work.  I would not have gotten what I needed without both.  This is important because there will certainly come a time when I'll need his expertise or service again.  Why not stay on his good side?

In short, this was a fairly simple request.  It worked out, all because I made sure to complain to the right person about the right things.  If you have a complaint, make sure you take a little time to think about your complaint.  It might just increase your chances of a successful resolution!

Readers, when have you complained, and how did it go?  Do you have any experiences, tips, or tricks to improve your chances of getting what you want?  Please share in the comments below.