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Annuities are regarded highly as a financial product or a method of settlement of hefty amounts. The human psyche is pretty stubborn when it comes to cash management. Even the most stable minded person would find it hard to manage a sudden inflow of cash, especially if it's a considerable amount.

Unreasonable desires creep up in the mind, and can lead to purchases with damaging consequences. Thankfully, annuities can overcome these weaknesses of human nature. Even then, the prospect of having a long term periodic inflow of cash is enough to unsettle a person, in terms of how he/she approaches their job. Moreover, considering the widespread job dissatisfaction these days, it is almost guaranteed that if you were to be lucky enough to have an annuity payment scheme in your name, there's a likelihood that you would submit your resignation papers, letting your boss know what you really think of him on the way out! However, if you out in serious thoughts, you’d find out that the idea of giving your job up would not be a smart choice. Here, we discuss as to why you might as well continue your job despite your annuity income.

A free mind is the breeding ground of evilness!

Certainly, you are definitely going to enjoy the first couple of weeks of job freedom. Getting up when you want to, switching on the TV every now and then, and whiling away the evening browsing on the Internet – all these blessings will definitely keep you smiling for the first few days. However, as time progresses, you begin to find these tasks a bit repetitive, and eventually downright boring.

Better management of money facilitated by diversified income streams

It has been well documented how different income streams help improve financial planning and stability. When you supplement your annuity with your monthly paycheck, it gives you more opportunities to make your money work harder for you. For instance, you could deploy a complete income stream towards your debt repayments, and use the other to manage your monthly expenses. Then, you could use one of the income streams to manage a part time business. Moreover, with a fixed job in your hands, you will have a natural system that lets you be in the routine flow of purchases, expenses, and incomes. This goes a long way in helping you use your money in the best possible manner.

Keep working…but on your terms

If you are doing a job that brings tears in your eyes every Monday morning, you’d need to consider the situation accordingly. For instance, you could stick with the job, and simultaneously begin hunting for another one. The annuity will give you that flexibility that you may not have had.

If you are a travel freak stuck in a desk job, go all out and get a job that gives you the opportunities to travel, even if the beginning pay is not much. Let your annuities be the umbrella that lets you find a great job without worrying so much about the financial aspects.

Progress to the higher level of financial well being rather than sticking to the current one 

If you leave your job and replace your income with the annuity income, you come out even.  For many, this is fine, but if you show your gritty side and choose to continue with the job, you give yourself every chance to move up the ladder of financial health.  This can lead to better opportunities for you and your family, both now and down the road.

Eventually there will come a time when it makes sense to leave your job.  However, to do so on the day that you receive your first annuity check is probably not the best time and presents you with the least flexibility and opportunity.  Working fpr a to,e while you receive annuity payments will not only provide better financial health, but it will make the eventual transition much easier to manage.

Readers, have you ever been involved with a situation where you or someone you know began receiving an annuity?  What opportunities or challenges did it present?