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The window treatments industry has evolved over the years.  So much that it's been hard to keep up. We were once limited to a handful of options.  These included roller blinds, Venetian blinds and perhaps even the odd blackout shade. Now these very same products are actually viewed as old and ineffective when compared to the newer models.

Window Treatments Industry

Window treatments have evolved tremendously. You might think this means things have gotten expensive and not affordable. It's just like anything else.  You can price yourself out of the market.  However, there are options.  Sometimes  a little creativity is needed to experience modern blinds on a budget. Here are some practical ideas for homeowners and buyers.

With these tips, some of the contemporary-looking materials will barely make a dent in your bank account.


Wood is viewed as one of the most premium materials around in this industry. Unfortunately, it still remains expensive. Manufacturers have realized the desirability of wood blinds.  They now release faux products which mimic the appearance at a fraction of the cost.


We'll now turn to another example; aluminum blinds. They have always been a cheaper option in the window blind industry. With that it also had a tagline of being somewhat unreliable. Now, manufacturers have improved their techniques. Now, aluminum blinds are still inexpensive, but hold contemporary qualities that could work in any modern home.


Technology improvements have entered the window treatment space.  Motorized blinds are a great option.  These can be signficantly more expensive than other options.  Still, the saving opportunities they present can't be ignored.   Having your blinds opened or closed at various points of the day is a big benefit.  This can reduce your AC or heating bills.  So while they might involve a lot more initial cost, but over time the savings will completely dwarf this.

Other Window Treatment Ideas

There are other options as well.  . Solar shades and insulated blinds are more expensive than most traditional products.  The savings that they can bring to the typical household are tremendous.  These are just a few options.  In summary, don't think that you have to sacrifice your wallet to have great blinds.   Manufacturers have adapted.  Contemporary blinds, which still perform very well, can very much be purchased on a budget.