Crafted Our Christmas Budget

Mrs. Beagle and I sat down a couple of weeks ago and came up with our preliminary Christmas budget.

This year, as part of our ongoing effort to ‘level’ as many expenses as possible, we started saving for Christmas gifts back in January.  We’ve contributed an equal amount every month, and therefore will not have to do any scrambling to ensure that everything gets paid off.

Now that we had the amount available to us, it was actually kind of fun to sit down and come up with the budget.  We listed out everybody that we needed to buy for and started putting amounts that we wanted to spend.   We did some tweaking, but actually came within our budget on the second pass!

We had to make some cuts, which we had talked about way in advance.  Most of the cuts are in what Mrs. Beagle and I purchase for each other.   We looked back and laughed at how extravagent we were back a few years ago before we got married.  Back then, I lived in a smaller condo, she lived with her parents, we both had jobs, and there was no Baby Beagle expenses.  So, we had a lot more disposable income and we spent quite a bit.

Now, we’ve cut that back significantly, but we’re both totally fine with that.  We now spend a lot of time looking for deals to get the most ‘bang for our buck’, so it really looks like we have gotten each other more.  Plus, this year, our greatest gift is the priceless one that was born back in May, when Baby Beagle was born!  There’s no greater gift than to watch your baby grow!

3 thoughts on “Crafted Our Christmas Budget”

  1. I have never made an Xmas budget. It intimidates me for some reason, but I totally admire that you buckled down and made it happen.

  2. Awwww. That's so sweet. The greatest gift of all. And kudos to you for saving up for Christmas over the year. Have fun shopping!

  3. Hey Beagle. I just looked at my shtinkykat email account and discovered your email. I don't check that email account regularly so I didn't see your email until now. Anyhow, I think the reason why your blog wasn't updating on my blogroll was because I had your url entered incorrectly. I've corrected and should be updated. I just use the "blog list" gadget that blogger provides in the layout page. Hope that helps and sorry for the delay!

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