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Crappy Companies List


– Multiple awful customer service experiences regarding glitchy hardware after Time Warner was bought out by Comcast caused us to move to AT&T U-Verse.  They even gave me a hard time when I was leaving.  Overall, the crappiest customer service I have ever dealt with in my life.

General Motors

– As I posted here, I will never give Chevy my money again after the multiple problems between November 2009 – April 2010 due to poor materials on my ChevyAveo.  It had only been driven about 42,000 miles at that point and complaints to GM, the Better Business Bureau, and Consumer Affairs netted me a phone call from a GM rep saying sorry but there's nothing they can do and my car has a recall notice on a separate issue altogether.

Gentle Dental

– Wiggled while they were giving me the shot for pain (that hurt ALOT), acted like I was nuts for being upset about it, and then kept accidentally spraying me in the face since the doctor and assistant were too busy talking to each other to notice.  I was younger and didn't think to file official complaints.  I have since found a great dentist and make sure everybody I know stays away from this little house of horrors. I also found some low cost dental insurance that lets me pick the dentist I want to go to. Win win!


– They may not be as crappy as I thought.  You can read the whole experience here and make up your own mind.  In short, several reps “misinformed” me several times about important details, which made it a huge hassle to return a broken Ebay item.  In the end, I wasted a couple of hours on the phone and a few weeks of worrying over $850, but Fedex sent me a $100 American Express Gift Check to make up for my inconvenience once they saw my complaint at the Better Business Bureau.