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The words credit repair do not conjure up positive images for most people. What instead comes to mind are expensive credit repair services as well as possible scams. There are certainly many scams abounding, yet a great number of the credit repair services can actually assist you in improving your own credit score. It is critical to understand which of these credit repair companies is able to get real results for you and how they do it.

Credit Repair Services ReviewGuidelines for Finding a Credit Repair Company and What To Expect

Finding a good company is the critical first step in getting credit repair services performed. The smartest means of picking a reputable credit repair company is to search for one that closely follows the standards set out by the U.S. government. Such firms also have to provide their clients with the ability to cancel their subscription and services at will, should deliver a complete list of all services they are including in writing, and should never expect clients to pay for any work that they have not already completed.

You need to have the right expectations too. The services provided by credit repair are not a simple magical wand. Instead, this is a closely regulated industry. All participating companies are required to exactingly follow very strict regulations and rules. The companies are allowed to contest certain items found on your credit reports. They can not control whether or not these powerful credit bureaus will remove said contested items though.

You should be especially careful about overpaying for these credit repair services. Many of them will assess charges on a monthly basis. This is certainly convenient, yet since it can require a great amount of time, it can get expensive fast. The services are limited to only processing a few items on reports every month, which slows things down considerably. There are unscrupulous credit repair services in the marketplace who will attempt to slow down and drag out the process even longer in a nefarious attempt to charge you more over time. This is why it is so crucial to be selective when you pick out a credit repair service in the first place.

The truth is that there are a significant number of shoddy credit repair firms in the market today. This makes it challenging to understand which ones can provide you with real help at fair prices. In the rest of this article, we will consider five of the top credit repair services whose reputations are much deserved for fairness and effectiveness. Each of these five services comes highly recommended, yet no two of them are exactly alike.

Credit Repair Services Review

What Can the Credit Repair Services Accomplish for You?

The credit repair companies start out by determining what your credit situation is by carefully going through your various credit reports. After this, they will come up with an action plan that they believe will most help to improve your negative credit score. It is important that you agree with their plan before they will get started.

After you concur, they will begin acting on your situation. At this stage, things will seem to slow down frustratingly. The truth is that an overabundance of contentions and inquiries from the repair company all at the same time will cause red flags to go off on your credit report with the big three credit bureaus. You want to avoid this happening at all costs, hence the need to pace the dispute efforts.

None of this aids you in reducing your credit card debt though. For anyone who is looking for actual debt relief, there are companies that can assist you with debt relief services. They may be able to renegotiate your interest rates or work out reduced repayment amounts with the various creditors.

In general, credit repair services will be able to do these things for you and your credit report:

  • Obtain your credit report from the big three credit bureaus (including Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion)
  • Correct legitimate errors on these credit reports
  • Fix mistakes on your various credit reports
  • Assist in improving your FICO credit score
  • Deal with your lenders so that they take off negative elements from your credit reports and history
  • Use credit repair law to its full effect in order to get negative elements taken off of your credit reports

How Do The Credit Repair Companies Do All of This Exactly?

Credit repair companies will look at the list of presumed errors on your credit report when they get started. Their first order of business will be to prioritize the errors according to severity. Assuming that you have enjoyed a good history of past credit card utilization over several years, the repair services will likely attempt to strike deals with your lenders in order to have some of the negative elements simply taken off of your credit reports.

The repair companies will also look at the lenders who stand behind the errors. For those companies that typically do not respond quickly, they may simply attempt to contest those errors as the bureaus only allow for 30 days in order to verify credit report information. If they are unable to verify such information within that amount of time, then the law requires that these items have to be taken off of your credit report. These are only some of the legal ways that the credit repair companies are able to go after any outstanding negative elements found on your credit report.

Credit Repair Services Review

Which Is the Best Credit Repair Service?

There is no easy or single answer to which credit repair service is best for your personal situation. This comes down to the answers to a number of questions. For those who are seeking out a more reasonably priced company that will only engage in credit repair basics, a firm like Sky Blue will be the best choice. For those who say money is no issue and who desire additional services such as monthly credit monitoring services or the best identity theft protection, there are repair services such as Credit and Lexington Law who have fantastic records and who provide such additional services.


Lexington Law

Why Lexington Law?

  • Relatively low monthly fee
  • Get a dedicated paralegal assigned to assist you
  • Features helpful credit education resources
  • Offers identity theft protection

Try Lexington Law

Best Credit Repair Companies: Overall – Lexington Law

Lexington Law Phone| (844) 259-3376

Lexington Law is the leading credit repair service company in the category for best all around firm. They charge an upfront fee to get started of $99.95 along with another $14.99 to get your credit reports. The costs from this point forward vary according to which package you take. The basic package is $89.85 per month, the Concord package comes in at $109.95 monthly, and the Concord Premier package runs $129.95 per month.

With the basic package you receive all credit repair basics, like getting all mistakes on your report fixed, seeking legal loopholes in your case, and sending out all needed good faith letters to lenders. With the Concord package, you get additional study of your case as it pertains to FTC government regulations and lenders properly following them when reporting items to the big three credit bureaus. In cases where they do not carefully follow such regulations, Lexington Law will ask them to remove all negative information they are sending to the bureaus for your report. With the Concord Premier package, you get all of the above useful core services plus the identity theft protection and the monthly credit monitoring supplemental services included.

The reputation of Lexington Law is incomparable. They are the best in the credit repair service business hands down. Their firm has existed for longer than the majority of competing credit repair operations. The Better Business Bureau awards them an impressive and coveted A- rating. Lexington Law offers a guarantee that you will receive the help they promised you. This is why you should read through your agreement cautiously before signing any paper work.


The Credit Pros

Why The Credit Pros?

  • Get help from certified FICO professional
  • Offers real-time alerts for credit monitoring
  • Learn from credit educational resources along with webinars
  • A+ Better Business Bureau Rating

Try The Credit Pros

Best Credit Repair Companies: Overall for Reliability – The Credit Pros

The Credit Pros Phone| (888) 652-1694

If you're looking for a credit repair company to work with, you may have come across The Credit Pros. This credit repair company has made a name for itself by helping customers across the United States improve their credit. Not only do they provide you with credit repair services, they also help educate you on how to better understand your credit profile.

Strong Credit Repair Tools

The Credit Pros can help you identify problems with your credit and repair your current credit score. They do this by sending debt validation letters to creditors, goodwill letters to creditors, and finding mistakes in your credit report that can be fixed. They'll send dispute letters on your behalf — they can also help you send cease and desist letters to collection agencies.

If you want to improve your credit score quickly, The Credit Pros have the tools to help you.
Excellent Credit Education Platform

In many cases, your current credit score may be a result of a lack of understanding of your credit profile. The Credit Pros understand that you may need assistance in understanding the various components of your score. You'll be paired with a credit professional to take a full look at your credit report and its components.

You'll also receive personalized score insights and various tips to help you better comprehend your score and what it's lacking.

Strong Presence on Consumer Watchdog Groups

With many credit repair companies, you'll often find significant warnings from consumer watchdog groups. In some cases, credit repair companies may involve themselves in nefarious techniques that get you in trouble. In some instances, they may even make your credit worse!

The Credit Pros have an A+ rating with the BBB — they've been a BBB accredited business for over seven years. You can use the BBB website to take a look at previous client reviews.

Still, you should make sure to do some independent research on the company prior to making any commitments. It's a good idea to look at the latest reviews to ensure that customer sentiment is currently strong with the credit repair partner that you're opting to work with.



Why Pyramid?

  • Offers 90-day satisfaction guarantee which acts as warranty if you're not satisfied with their service
  • Get help from certified and licensed attorneys
  • Take advantage of a 50% discount for couples
  • You do not have to pay upfront

Try Pyramid

Best Credit Repair Companies: Customer Service – Pyramid Credit Repair

Pyramid Credit Repair Phone| (866) 634-9255

The leading customer service oriented credit repair service is Pyramid Credit Repair. They charge $99 each month. When you and your spouse both sign up together, they provide a special couple's discount to the service of 50 percent off for the first month.

Pyramid offers all of the standard features for credit repair and also some extras. These include their easy to utilize mobile site as well as their website. Both allow you to more simply track the progress on your credit repair. Besides this, they also provide every customer with a dedicated account manager to help assist in the progress and answer any particular questions that you come up with in the process.

Pyramid's reputation is fantastic. Their phenomenal customer service is largely a result of the dedicated account manager feature. They are not registered with the Better Business Bureau, so they do not have a ranking to share. Online reviews give them nearly five stars in every category though. Their guarantee is among the best in the industry too. They provide a full 100 percent money back guarantee offer for up to 90 days if you are unsatisfied with their work or results in any way.



  • You are able to monitor the progress of your score online
  • Learn from credit education guides and other helpful resources
  • Offers identity theft protection
  • Couple's discount


Best Credit Repair Companies: Extras – Phone| (844) 764-9863

Credit features their personally tailored dashboard (similar to what a large number of online investment brokers do). They depict your credit score visually to assist you in keeping up with the progress on your credit repair. They share statistics too. Their average is for a seven percent decrease of questionable negative elements on a report for their clients every month. This is the only one of the five companies offering actual, tangible credit repair statistics.

The service runs a flat $99.95. For this, you receive all of their typical credit repair work, credit score analysis, and credit report monitoring. The Better Business Bureau is suitably impressed, providing the Credit company with its highest rating of A+. The company also offers a solid guarantee that they will not charge you for work they have not finished. They also will allow you to cancel whenever you like. Unfortunately, they do not provide any offers of money back guarantee though.

Best Credit Repair Services: Overall for Price – Sky Blue

Sky Blue Phone| (888) 534-1510

The costs for Sky Blue are its biggest appeal. They keep it simple, charging an upfront start up fee of $79. After this, the monthly package charge is a flat $79 per month.

For this you get a qualified but basic level of service. You should not be expecting any extras for the fees. Their credit repair service is straightforward, which means it will fix errors, remove negative items off of your report, and provide necessary online tools to be able to track your ongoing progress. The company permits you to suspend the service whenever you feel so led. This makes it different from the competing credit repair services.

The reputation of Sky Blue is impeccable. They receive an A+ from the Better Business Service, the company's best possible rating. With over 20 years of experience in this business of repairing credit, they are clear in detailing what you will receive from the service. To this effect, they offer an industry-leading guarantee. If you are not fully satisfied with the service and its results, they offer a 100 percent money back guarantee that is valid for 90 days.

Best Credit Repair Services: Trial – The Credit People

The Credit People Phone| (866) 323-0104

With the Credit People, you get a very reasonable seven day trial period. This only costs $19, and it allows you to investigate the service for yourself personally before you make a major commitment. They have their unique in the business pricing package of $299 for a full six months in service as a one time payment. This provides a significant savings over the usual monthly price of $79 (and represents a $29 per month savings or 37 percent monthly discount). Another thing we like about The Credit People is that they provide a solid guarantee in case you are not satisfied with their efforts and results.

Credit Repair Services Review

Pros and Cons of Credit Repair Services

There are a number of pros to using the credit repair services. They save you a huge amount of paper work and follow up phone calls, as well as work in general. The companies are far more effective than your efforts would be on their own. They also get results as fast as possible for you. The best ones have been in business for a number of years, so they have worked out clearly what the credit laws will and will not allow them to do. They also understand very well how the credit bureaus literally function.

Cons to working with the credit repair services center mostly around price. Without a doubt, it is cheaper to undertake the efforts yourself. Yet this will involve a lot of hard and detail-oriented work, and will not guarantee your results no matter how hard you try.

Why Credit Repair Is Helpful When Applying for A Mortgage Or A Bank Loan

Credit repair is a subject that nearly always comes up when people are applying for a mortgage or bank loan. If you are trying to get approved for one, you will need a certain minimum credit score. Getting a superior rate will come down to having an even higher credit score.

If you need to boost your existing credit score a number of points to reach approval level or to get a better rate, credit repair is the place to turn. Just keep in mind that achieving results from such credit repair is not fast, requiring easily from three to six months of time to accomplish your aims. Make sure to constantly be aware of your credit score through the major credit bureaus and other services such as Credit Sesame.

Alternatives for Identity Theft Protection

At the end of the day, you'd like to rely on experts when it comes to identity theft protection so we're suggesting you read our reviews of Identity Force and Lifelock which are among the best in the industry.


Through this FAQ, learn more about credit repair, how it happens, as well as Lexington Law, the company we determined to be the overall best credit repair company.

General Information on Credit Repair and Credit Repair Services

Find your most pressing concerns and questions about credit repair and credit repair services in general through the following questions:

Do credit repair services really work?

Definitely. However, be wary of scams and companies who promise to fix your credit within a specific period. If it’s too good to be true, it probably is.

How long does it take to repair credit?

It actually depends on the number of errors you’re going to dispute as well as how long they’re going to be processed. For some, it can take a long time and for others, it can be over quickly.

How long does it take to repair credit after debt settlement?

Unless you can have it removed from your record, it will take years before your credit score recovers.

How much does credit repair cost?

Most reputable credit repair companies charge $99 per month plus a one-time fee that varies per company.

Can credit repair remove late payments?

Yes. If there is some ground for its removal, you may dispute it or have someone dispute it on your behalf.

What is section 609 credit repair?

Basically, it says that you can remove even valid information from your credit report just by sending a letter. However, you must know that if any of the credit bureau can verify the accuracy of the information you ask to be removed, it can be put back in your report just as easily.

Who can help with credit repair?

Credit repair companies can help you. Please view the recommendations in the article.

Are there any legitimate credit repair agencies?

Yes. Some of those can be found in the article. Not only are the mentioned company legitimate, they also are the best.

Repairing your Credit

Below, you will find questions and answers regarding repairing your credit.

How do you repair your own credit?

You may ask for a copy of your credit report from the three bureaus, then detect and dispute errors. Aside from that, you need only to be a good lendee and pay your debt on time.

How do you repair your credit fast?

You can focus on things that greatly impact your credit score such as credit history and debt-to-income ratio. Doing great on both of those can easily increase your score.

How do you repair credit after repossession?

You can try to get it off your credit report. Else, you can only try to make sure the rest of your report looks good.

How do you repair my credit to buy a house?

The easiest and surest way is to pay off your debt. For revolving debts, you can pay a huge part of the debt to lower your utilization rate as well.

How do you repair your credit after foreclosure?

It’s not just always trying to “rig” the system with quick fixes. You should also improve your spending habits like not taking out a new loan if you don’t need one.

How do you repair your credit after bankruptcy?

Unfortunately, there is no quick way to do that. But keep making good credit decisions and you’ll see your score increase in time. In our Self Lender review we talk about how their secured loan model can help rebuild your credit.

How do you repair credit after short sale?

If you can’t qualify for any credit card, try applying for secured credit cards and gas cards. Pay them on time for the next 12 months and you should see your score improve.

How do you repair your credit score in 30 days?

With this short a time limit, your best bet is to detect and dispute errors in your report as well as requesting to increase your credit limit for revolving debts.

How do you repair a charge off on credit?

One of the most effective ways is to offer the creditor money to have it removed. Then, your next best bet is hiring a professional to do it for you.

How do you repair credit after student loan default?

Consolidate all your other loans to make it easier for you to pay them. You can also try to apply for income-based repayment programs so you can be sure that you can actually pay the bill every month.

How do you repair late payments on credit report?

You may negotiate with your creditor to have them removed in exchange for signing up for auto pay with them. Else, you can dispute it just like any other erroneous information on your report.

How do you repair credit in 6 months?

Managing your credit card usage is probably the best thing you can do. As much as possible, don’t buy something you can’t afford.

How do you repair credit for free?

The tips in the preceding questions can be applied to repairing your credit. Remember that at the end of the day, it all boils down to being a responsible borrower.

What methods are available to consolidate debt and repair credit?

In itself, a debt consolidation loan can already increase your score as it makes it easier for you to pay your debt on time. But if you want to tap into other ways of repairing your credit too, you can look for a credit repair company that offers both services.

Lexington Law Credit Repair Services

Learn more about the company we determined to be the best credit repair company in existence.

Does Lexington Law firm really work?

Yes. Thanks to its strong relationship with the three bureaus and years of experience, it has successfully helped remove millions of items on people’s credit reports.

How much does Lexington Law cost?

Their basic package starts at $89.85 a month plus an upfront fee of a little above $100.

Can Lexington Law remove late payments?

Yes. However, it is not guaranteed. They need to see some grounds for its removal.

How long does Lexington Law take?

Most of their customers see some results in as quick as one to two months. But depending on your case, it can take longer.

Where is Lexington Law firm located?

It is in 360 N Cutler Dr, North Salt Lake, Utah.

How does Lexington Law firm work?

It helps clients investigate, repair, and dispute negative items on their report to ensure that everything is a hundred percent accurate.

What does intervening mean on Lexington Law?

It is just another word for dispute. When they intervene, they send intervention letters to the credit bureaus which the latter has to investigate in 30 days.

Can Lexington Law help with judgements?

Yes. In fact, because its staff is composed of lawyers, it will do a great job at filing a motion to have your judgement dismissed.

Can Lexington Law remove unpaid collections?

No. The goal of Lexington law is to ensure that the information on your credit report is accurate. So, if it is indeed unpaid, it will not be disputed.

Does Lexington Law remove charge offs?

If there is ground to have it removed, Lexington Law will do everything for you to get a favorable result – the removal of the charge off.

Can Lexington Law remove a repossession?

Yes, it can help you remove a repossession as there are ways that you can do so even before the seven years and they’ll take advantage of those.

Can Lexington Law remove student loan late payments?

If it is erroneous, then yes. Otherwise, this delinquency will remain on your credit report.

Can Lexington Law remove tax liens?

Yes. However, you’d still need to pay it after which they’d file an “Application for Withdrawal of Filed Notice of Federal Tax Lien” for you.

Does Lexington Law do debt consolidation?

Yes. This service can also help you improve your credit permanently as you’d actually be working your way towards removing your debt.

How do I contact Lexington Law?

You may reach them by phone at (844) 259-3376 or go to this link.

Is Lexington Law credit score accurate?

Yes. They do not generate the score themselves but obtain them from the three credit bureaus.

Can I get a home loan while using Lexington Law?

If your credit score is at least the minimum required by the creditor, then yes. However, you may have a better chance after working with Lexington Law as your score would be higher.

Can Lexington Law get accurate information removed from credit report?

No. After all, if the items removed were found accurate, they would be written back on your report again.

Can Lexington Law remove portfolio recovery?

Yes. They would negotiate with the original creditor on your behalf to have it removed in exchange for a fee.

Can Lexington Law stop garnishment from my paycheck?

Yes. If you want to stop wage garnishment, you may tell them. Then, they will look into your options, all of which can increase the possibility of getting the result you want.

Does Lexington Law do pay for delete?

Yes. In cases where it may be the best course of action, it will be recommended to you.

Does Lexington Law inquiry assist work?

Yes. In cases where the inquiry may in any way be considered invalid, Lexington Law will act n your behalf to have it removed.

How likely is Lexington Law to get negative remarks removed?

If the request to remove these negative remarks is valid, it is highly likely that they’d be removed. For more complicated cases, Lexington Law will work its best to get them removed altogether.

How many customers does Lexington Law have?

Since its founding, Lexington Law has already served hundreds of thousands of customers, successfully removing 7.5 million items on their reports.

Additional Questions and Concerns

If you did not find your query above, you might find them here. Below are questions regarding the termination of relationship with a credit repair company as well as an inquiry on how a highly-rated company works.

How do you cancel your Credit Repair membership?

To cancel your membership, you may call them at 800-232-6499.

Does Sky Blue credit repair really work?

Yes. In fact, we have rated it as one of the best in the article above.