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Credit Sesame ReviewGet Your Free Credit Report And Much More At Credit Sesame

You can check your credit score at no charge on Credit Sesame. It is a reliable, totally free site that consumers can use to find out where they stand with their credit score. What you don't know can hurt you, so here are some good reasons that checking your credit score on a regular basis is important.

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Some people let years pass without checking their credit score, and some do not want to check it at all. It may be that they don't want to pay to get their credit report. It might be that they do not want to even see their report, fearing what might be on it! Credit Sesame is one of the few companies that doesn't charge a cent to obtain your credit report. Their basic services are free. The company will also monitor your credit at no charge. It is never too late, or too early, to take control over your credit and your finances. Young professionals are encouraged to monitor their credit, thereby enabling themselves to be better prepared for their financial obligations later on.


Credit Sesame

Why Credit Sesame?

  • Offers a free plan (Basic)
  • Features a Credit Score Simulator so you can see how an action will impact your score
  • Paid plans include identity monitoring tools
  • Platinum plan offers 24/7 lost wallet assistance

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What People Look For

When thinking about credit score companies with free services, there are usually two that come to mind. Many people will first think of Credit Sesame and Credit Karma, and rightfully so. Both companies are reputable and reliable. They both get good reviews as well. If you read the reviews, you will find that customers are happy with both of these services.

Consumers are very satisfied with the credit monitoring, and all of the other services, offered at Credit Sesame. It's always a good idea to keep a close watch over your credit and payment history. If you do this on a regular basis, you will be able to spot possible errors that could occur. A credit card company or any other creditor can inadvertently report some erroneous information to the credit bureaus. These types of errors do happen, and unfortunately they can have a severely negative effect on your credit score. Credit monitoring is the solution to help identify mistakes on your credit report. Then you can either get these items removed yourself or use credit repair services.

It is also a good practice to know what your current credit score actually is, and you will be able to monitor unusual fluctuations in your score. If you wait until its time to apply for a mortgage or a loan, a low credit score will be reflected through the interest rate you are offered. It can take many months to have an error removed from your credit report. Credit Sesame will alert you of changes to your credit score as they happen. This can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars when your credit score is used to determine the interest rate of your next loan.

How is Your Credit Score?

You may have always been under the impression that your credit score is good. You try and do your best to pay your bills on time. The reality is that there can be an old issue that has been lingering on your account for a few years. A consumer needs to understand that, even though creditors do not call, this does not necessarily mean that your credit is sterling. Avoid the”surprise factor”when you apply for a credit card, a loan, or a mortgage. You will be happy you took a proactive approach in monitoring your credit at Credit Sesame!

Credit Sesame does charge for their more advanced services. They have different monthly plans that are available for a modest monthly fee. These services are provided for customers seeking a more advanced system of monitoring their financial information. There is no obligation whatsoever to utilize their other plans. The free service is comprehensive enough for many of their customers. There are also plenty who feel more comfortable having an extra level of protection.

Credit Sesame Review

A Bit of Background

The company was founded in 2010. It was launched by Adrian A. Nazari. Adrien is a co-founder of another company as well, namely Financial Crossing, Inc. That company was started five years earlier, in 2005. Financial Crossing offers its customers viable solutions to help manage debt. They primarily serve a customer base of financial institutions as well as professionals. The two companies are committed to their customers, and they both have been successful in saving them billions of dollars.

It is easy to set up an account with Credit Sesame. New customers can simply log on to their website to complete the process. There are just a few steps to follow. Once you have completed the process and verified your new account, you can access your credit data in minutes. You will now be able to review your TransUnion credit score every month. The score that is calculated is actually the Experian National Equivalency Score.

New customers do not have to disclose any of their account numbers. They are requested to enter only the last four numbers of their social security number, not the entire number. Additionally, there is no need for a credit card number to open an account with the company. The information you submit is to verify and confirm your identity. It's all very straightforward, and it is easy to follow. The credit score is termed a “FAKO” score. This simply means that it isn't identical to a FICO score, but it is very similar. You will find that some, but not all, lenders use the same. It is the same scoring system that is used by all of the credit monitoring companies.

Sometimes, consumers are told that checking their credit too frequently will lower their score. That is not the case at all with Credit Sesame. When a customer receives their monthly credit score from Credit Sesame, it will not lower their score. You'll be able to see a summary of your accounts, if you have any late payments in your history, and much more. You should also double check to verify that no accounts have been opened in your name without your knowledge. Customers will receive a great deal of useful information when they sign up. They will also be notified of money saving offers on credit cards and other related services.

You will have the opportunity to upgrade your account if you wish to add on any services. There is no pressure to do so, and no sales calls. The credit report and credit monitoring from Credit Sesame is free, and that will not change unless you opt in for an upgrade. It's safe to do business with them. Even the single fact that you receive free credit monitoring is an enormous benefit, and it is reason enough to enroll. The company will send an alert about any suspicious behavior on your accounts. It additionally will alert customers about credit inquiries and other possible red flags.

Credit Sesame Review

Services Offered

The services offered by Credit Sesame will also prove helpful to anyone who is trying to rebuild their credit. After you sign up, you will be able to utilize their effective tools to rebuild your credit. They want to help their customers restore their credit. There are helpful tools so that customers can examine their loans with ease. They will even suggest possible ways that will help you save money as you repay your loans.

Identity Theft Protection

Another service that is available is identity theft protection. In today's Information Age, many customers want all the protection they can get when it comes to protecting against identity theft. Credit Sesame offers a platinum protection plan that offers credit monitoring together with identity theft protection at one low price. It will cost the customer $14.95 per month. This compares to about $10 per month less than the price you would pay elsewhere for the same types of services. The great news is that, in addition to the value pricing, the plan will also include $1 million in identity theft insurance and many other benefits. This is comparable to the best identity theft protection services we reviewed in another article.

The team at Credit Sesame understands that some customers may not elect to sign up for the platinum protection plan at the beginning. They have taken care of that, too. All customers are eligible for identity theft protection, even as a benefit that comes with the free services. Every customer will receive coverage up to $50,000 in the case of an identity theft incident. The fact that customers can receive up to $50,000 in insurance against identity theft is noteworthy. Credit Sesame appears to be the only of the free credit service sites that offers this feature as part of the free basic plan. They will cover certain expenses due to fraud, theft, forgery, stolen identity, and a data breach.

There are specialists available in the company to assist with identity restoration. The specialists are knowledgeable and experienced, and they can help customers fix their identity. With their assistance, members can be back on the right track to restoring their credit rating. During such a stressful period, it is nice to know that Credit Sesame is there to help you through each step back to your financial good health.

The Credit Rating Categories

The company's reporting will break down how you are rated in up to five distinctive rating categories. These different categories are used to determine your overall credit score. Each of the categories will have an effect on the score you receive. You will also be able to access your metrics in each category. You will see the areas where you can improve your credit score or just maintain its current level. It is a valuable part of the information that people need to get back in control of their credit history.

The company is a privately held, US-based firm. Its headquarters are in Mountain View, CA. They have earned numerous awards, and they have received much recognition for their services. Since its inception in 2010, more than 6 million customers have signed up to become members of Credit Sesame. Over the years, the company has received millions of dollars in investor funding. They have built a solid reputation for themselves in the industry.

The company has another upgrade package available that is well worth a look. They offer an”advanced”package for only $9.95 a month. This plan allows you to receive and review your Credit Sesame credit score each day. It is popular for members who want to keep track of any slightest change that may be caused by their own actions.

Credit Sesame Review

Tools for Members

Credit Sesame has effective tools for members to view their present situation in different scenarios. For example, they have a”what if”tool that will actually analyze different life possibilities and show you how things could be different. If an individual has a higher credit score and lower debt, some additional opportunities may open up for them. You can be in a better position to borrow money, and that can save you money on interest.

It's good to know there are experts on our side when we need help. The identity theft crew at Credit Sesame is available anytime by phone. These experts can promptly help you 24/7. You are urged to call them immediately if you become a victim of identity theft. It's better to get on it as soon as possible to minimize the damage and to protect your identity. There is no cost to you when you have identity theft insurance coverage with Credit Sesame.

Credit Sesame can also help their customers to save money on their mortgage. They did a small study recently, and their findings were interesting. Homeowners who refinance their mortgages were likely to save over $5,500 per year. There are just some of the many ways that Credit Sesame can save you a great deal of money. They are always on the lookout for money-saving alternatives. They will alert you by email with an array of valuable information.

It makes so much sense to become a member of Credit Sesame. Their many services go way beyond a free credit report. They go to great lengths to find the best money-saving deals available on the market. The insightful information on their website can help to educate and inform their members. Credit Sesame works hard to help guide their customers into making better financial decisions.

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There are many online services for getting free credit score reports and other credit card related statistics, such as Credit Sesame, Credit Karma, and Quizzle. It can be hard to figure out which one is the best to use, as they all have their ups and downs. Here all the answers you may have about Credit Karma will be answered, so that you can help figure out if it’s the right online credit tool for you, or if you already have it then these may answer your other questions.

About Credit Sesame

Here you will find necessary information on what Credit Sesame is, how it works, and how you can sign up.

What is Credit Sesame?

Credit Sesame is a free service which allows you to view your credit score online, along with other various statistics relating to your finances.

Is Credit Sesame free?

Yes, Credit Sesame is free. However, they do offer premium subscriptions with more benefits, such as more frequent credit score updates and live expert help.

How is Credit Sesame free?

Credit Sesame is free to use. However, it has premium subscriptions for people who want to get more out of the service, along with investors who provide money.

Is Credit Sesame safe?

Yes, Credit Sesame is safe, the company has been known and well trusted since 2010, and has many investors which invest in them for their trustworthiness.

Is Credit Sesame legit?

Credit Sesame is a trusted and reliable source for getting your credit information. It updates monthly and uses information from multiple credit bureaus to total your credit score.

How much does Credit Sesame charge for credit reports?

They don’t charge anything, once you make a free account you can get a free monthly credit report. They do however offer premium services, which give perks such as more frequent credit score updates.

Is Credit Sesame accurate?

Yes, Credit Sesame is very accurate. It shows you your credit score based on the VantageScore 3.0, which is an actual credit score.

How accurate is Credit Sesame?

Credit Sesame uses a real credit score to show you what your current credit score is, so Sesame Credit is as accurate as looking at a real credit score.

Is Credit Sesame a reliable score?

Yes, Credit Sesame uses a real credit score gathered from multiple credit bureaus to give you your information so you can be sure that it’s reliable. These scores are updated monthly.

How accurate is Credit Sesame approval odds?

Credit Sesame is very accurate since it uses a real credit score derived from multiple credit bureaus. There may be some small differences between your Credit Sesame score and your score with other services, but that’s due to differences in credit bureaus used, not inaccuracy.

What info does Credit Sesame show?

Credit Sesame lets you see your credit score, along with statistics relating to your credit card usage and earnings. Credit Sesame also shows if anyone is trying to use your credit card without your knowledge.

How often does Credit Sesame update?

For free users, it will update around once a month, usually near the beginning of the month. But if you pay for Credit Sesame premium, it will then update more frequently.

How to sign up for Credit Sesame?

You can sign up for Credit Sesame on their website Once there simply click the Get Started Now button and give the necessary information to get your account setup.

How to update Credit Sesame?

Credit Sesame updates itself once a month, or more often if you’re a premium user. Premium users can instead have their credit score updated daily.

Does Credit Sesame hurt your credit score?

No, using Credit Sesame doesn’t affect your Credit Score for better or worse. There is no risk to your credit card or score when you sign up, however your credit score can still change while using Credit Sesame as it would normally.

Is Credit Sesame real?

Yes, Credit Sesame is a real service and has been a widely trusted way of getting your credit score since 2010. You’ll be able to see your credit score as soon as an account is set up.

Who owns Credit Sesame?

The CEO of Credit Sesame is Adrian Nazari, previous founder of Financial Crossing Inc. There are also a multitude of investors which help keep the company running.

When was Credit Sesame made?

Credit Sesame was founded by Adrian Nazari, who was the  previous founder of Financial Crossing. Credit Sesame launched back in April of 2010.

How many people use Credit Sesame?

There is no exact number of how many users Credit Sesame has, but Credit Sesame is used by a large amount of people. The number has only been going up since they opened back in 2010.

How secure is Credit Sesame?

Credit Sesame is very secure, it’s been trusted since 2010 and is generally a safe place to keep your information. It even comes with built in tools to help prevent identity theft, which makes your card more secure.

What card is associated with Credit Sesame?

There is no specific card for Credit Sesame, you can use any credit card when signing up, you can even add more than one card if you have multiple cards you want to use.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Here are solutions to various issues that you may experience with Credit Sesame

Is Credit Sesame Down?

This question can’t update everytime the site goes down so you’ll have to check the site and see if it’s working or not. If you’re not sure what’s wrong with the site you can contact Credit Sesame support at [email protected] or through their support website.

What happened to Credit Sesame?

Credit Sesame is still up and running at the time of this question being answered, so nothing happened to it. If you’re not sure what’s wrong with the site you can contact Credit Sesame support at [email protected] or through their support website.

Why does my total debt say 0 on Credit Sesame?

If it says that you have 0 debt, then you most likely don’t have any debt, if you feel this is a mistake you can contact support at [email protected] or through their support site.

How to manage email preferences at Credit Sesame

You can change your email preferences by going to the website and navigating to your account settings. From there you’ll be able to change your connected email, or modify other settings relating to your connected email account.

Why can’t I log into Credit Sesame?

There are many reasons that one cannot log in. You could try contacting Credit Sesame either at their support email [email protected] or on their support site.

Why does Credit Sesame ask where you’re from?

So that it can get the proper information for your area. Without the proper information Credit Sesame won’t be able to give you the most accurate readings of your credit score.

How to add a credit card to Credit Sesame?

Once you make your free account, you’ll be able to go to your account settings on the website and add a credit card. If you have multiple credit cards you can also connect more than one.

Does Credit Sesame have a phone number?

Credit Sesame does not have a phone number. However, you can reach out to them by email them any time at [email protected] or use their support site to get help.

Why is Credit Sesame only showing one card?

If Credit Sesame is only showing one card, then you most likely need to add a second one in your account settings. If you still don’t see a second card after connecting your second card then you can try contacting support at [email protected] to get the problem resolved.

How do I unsubscribe from Credit Sesame?

You can click the ‘Deactivate Account’ button at the bottom of your profile settings page. If you have a premium account, you’ll need to contact support at [email protected] to figure out the proper steps to getting your subscription canceled so you don’t get billed again.

How to turn off Credit Sesame credit monitoring?

You cannot turn off credit monitoring since that’s the point of the service if you don’t want your credit monitored anymore you can contact support about getting your account closed. If you're looking for another service to replace it then consider Identityguard which has great reviews.

Why can’t Credit Sesame load correctly?

It could be one of many reasons, if Credit Sesame isn’t loading correctly you could try contacting Credit Sesame either at their support email [email protected] or on their support site.

How do you access Credit Sesames credit simulation?

Credit Sesame does not have a credit simulation built in. However, Credit Karma provides a free credit simulation if you’re looking for one.

Credit Score Sources

Learn more about where Credit Sesame gets its credit information

What scoring model does Credit Sesame use?

Credit Sesame uses the VantageScore 3.0 credit score, which is a real-life credit score derived from multiple credit bureaus, rather than a baseless estimate.

What credit bureau does Credit Sesame use?

Sesame Credit uses the VantageScore 3.0, a credit scoring system which was developed by Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion.

How close is Credit Sesame score to Fico?

Usually, the two scores are quite close, but there will be some small discrepancies as the scores are gathered from slightly different sources.

Does Credit Sesame use Experian?

Credit Sesame does use Experian, among a few other credit bureaus such as Equifax and TransUnion. Each of these provide unique information to the credit score.

Does Credit Sesame use Equifax?

Yes, Credit Sesame does use Equifax. But it also pulls information from other credit bureaus such as Experian and TransUnion.

Does Credit Sesame use TransUnion?

Yes, Credit Sesame does use TransUnion, among other credit unions such as Experian and Equifax. These combined help to give a better view of your overall credit score.

Where does Credit Sesame get their score from?

The credit score that Credit Sesame gives you is derived from the VantageScore 3.0, a real credit score made up of Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion.

Who is Credit Sesame powered by?

Credit Sesame is powered by the VantageScore 3.0, a real credit score derived from many credit bureaus, which include Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion.

What credit union does Credit Sesame use?

Credit Sesame uses information from multiple credit unions, including Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion, which are then averaged into a mean credit score called the VantageScore 3.0.

Other Credit Tools

Here are common questions on how Credit Sesame compares to other online credit tools.

Why are Credit Karma and Credit Sesame scores different?

The scores are generally similar, but Credit Karma uses a few different credit bureaus which changes the averages shown when checked.

Is Credit Karma or Credit Sesame more accurate?

Credit Karma tends to be more accurate, as it gets its scores from more sources. But both are an accurate enough method of getting your credit score online.

What’s better, Credit Karma or Credit Sesame?

It depends, Credit Karma tends to have more accurate credit scores while Credit Sesame has better security features, so it depends on what you are looking for, and which features mean more to you.