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by: Sean Michaels

Update: 09/2021 Review is one of the most popular credit repair services today. That’s not surprising, given how important credit scores are in the modern age.

This article will explain why the services offers are valuable. We’ll look at some basic information about the company and its program. That includes looking at the pros and cons of the company’s services. Finally, we’ll tell you what other popular review sites have to say about Use this information to make an informed decision about hiring to fix your credit. Don’t forget to check out some of the other reviews.

Why Does Credit Repair Matter?

Everyone knows that your credit score is important. However, many people don’t know why that’s the case. In order to understand how can benefit you, we’ve summed up some of the most important things your credit score influences.

Loans and Credit

The first and most obvious thing affected by your credit score is your ability to get loans and credit. Your credit score impacts this process in two ways. First, your score helps determine if you’ll be approved or denied for a loan or line of credit. Second, it determines the interest rates and terms you’re offered when you’re approved.

The higher your credit score, the better your chances of being approved. Also, higher credit scores get better terms on financial products. That means you’ll pay less overall to borrow money. As a result, small differences in your credit score can wind up costing you thousands of dollars over your life. That’s cash that goes to your bank and lender instead of into your pocket.


Loans and credit aren’t the only things influenced by your credit score. It’s becoming increasingly common for companies to check the credit of potential employees. That means your credit score can help separate you from the pack when you’re applying to new jobs.

Your credit score shows employers how well you handle money. It shows them if you can borrow money responsibly. It also shows them how good you are about paying your bills. They use this information to get a better idea about potential candidates before they’re hired.


You may think that a credit score affects housing because it influences your mortgage rates. That’s true. But that’s not all. Landlords also use credit scores and credit histories. This shows them if you’re likely to pay your rent on time or not. It also tells them whether you’ve had any problems in the past, like evictions or other issues.

That means your credit score can make or break your ability to find the apartment you’ve always wanted. Having a better credit score can also change how much you pay in rent. After all, if you’re at a lower risk of missing your rent payment, then the landlord can charge you less and not worry about taking a loss. For more information on how to boost credit score numbers to qualify for better rent or mortgages read our other articles. at a Glance offers a package deal of services. These services include a personalized credit consultation. They also give you access to your credit report summary and a free credit report evaluation on all of your accounts. The company also offers a score evaluation and recommended solution to improve your score. These services are all offered free of charge.

They work with all three major credit reporting bureaus. That means you’ll get information on your Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion reports. They claim that their members see an average improvement of 40 points over 4 months of membership. Review

If you're wondering how to repair credit then this company offers a wealth of educational resources as well. These include a blog, articles on credit improvement and debt solutions, and information about disputing items on your credit report. They also provide information on identity theft and preparing to apply for a loan or line of credit.

You get a personal online dashboard when you sign up for their service. It includes a score tracker and analysis. They also offer text and email alerts. Another perk is that the service includes credit monitoring from TransUnion, one of the “big three” credit reporting agencies. As a result, their services greatly improve your ability to track and improve your credit score. also works with the big three credit reporting agencies and your original creditors to remove negative items from your report. The fact that they work with the credit reporting agencies and your original creditor is a key aspect of the program. If the three bureaus remove a piece of information, the company can put it back on your report if it’s still in your records. Pros

There are several pros to working with They have an incredibly comprehensive program. That’s important. Credit and credit reporting are complicated and complex. A comprehensive program gives you the best chance at getting the results you want.

The fact that they work with your original creditors is a good example of how comprehensive their program is. Many credit repair services only work with the major credit reporting agencies. That means you might wind up paying to removing information, only for it to reappear later.

Another benefit of the program is the access they provide. You can track your progress and your score from anywhere. They even offer an app for your smartphone or tablet. That means you can get 24/7 access to your credit repair efforts from anywhere in the world.

The educational materials that offers are some of the best around. In addition to blog posts and articles you also get videos that explain different aspects of credit scoring and reporting. The videos serve as a guide to the confusing world of credit scoring. This gives people the information they need to make informed decisions about their credit and credit score. also sets itself apart when it comes to fees. Most credit repair services charge a series of small fees. You don’t get that at There’s no startup fee. There’s no activation fee, continuation fee, or anything else. Just your standard monthly rate.

Finally, you get an individual paralegal assigned to you when you enroll in the service. That means you have a regular point of contact. It also means you can talk to the same person about your case every time you call. That kind of consistency leads to better results. The paralegal you’re working with will be familiar with your situation. They’ll know your credit history. They’ll also know what steps you’ve taken in the past and what your plans and goals are for the future. Cons

No business is perfect. is no different. The biggest drawback of the company is the cost. charges $100 per month for their services. That’s one of the highest monthly rates in the industry.

Moreover, you pay that fee as long as you’re signed up with them. That means you’re spending money whether your credit score is improving or not. This payment model is good for people who need to do a lot of work on their credit history. For example, a victim of identity theft might have a lot of items they need to challenge on their reports.

However, if you only have a few items to challenge, then you might get a better deal working with a company that uses a pay-per-removal system. This model means you only pay when an item is removed from your report. Therefore, you’re paying for results instead of a monthly fee.

Another drawback is that the spousal discount offered by isn’t very good. The discount is a mere 8%. Other services will offer as much as 20% off if you sign up with your spouse. Therefore, if you’re looking for services for yourself and your significant other, you might find better options out there.

What Others Say About

We’ve done a lot of research to offer you this information on However, we don’t want you to just take our word for it. That’s why we’ve summarized some of the most popular reviews to give you the best idea about the service. After all, we want to make sure that you pick the credit repair service that’s best for you.

Better Business Bureau is not a BBB accredited business. This doesn’t mean that you can’t trust them though. The BBB charges a fee for accreditation, and the lack of it might just mean that wasn’t willing to pay.

The biggest issue that the BBB has with has to do with their advertising. The BBB states that they contacted the company on September 14, 2017, regarding claims that “On average, past members have seen 7% of their questionable credit report negatives removed per month.

The issue the BBB takes with this claim is that it’s not substantiated. That means there’s no proof or evidence that it’s true. Since that time, has changed their advertising to state that, on average, their customers see a 40 point improvement after 4 months.

The customer reviews on the BBB are mostly negative. This isn’t surprising. People rarely go out of their way to leave a good review for services like credit repair. People that have had a bad experience are much more likely to take their complaints to a place like the BBB.


Trustpilot is a site that collects customer reviews and uses them to generate an overall score for the company. gets four stars out of five from Trustpilot. 70% of the reviewers rated as excellent. 9% gave the company a “Great” 8% said it was average, 4% said it was poor, and 9% said it was bad. The overall trust score is an 8.5 out of 10.

Most of the bad reviews focus on the company’s inability to remove items from the reviewer’s credit report. That’s an important consideration. However, can’t get items removed if they’re accurate. You can only successfully dispute inaccurate items. Therefore, it’s hard to tell if the company is at fault or if the customer expected more than they could legally deliver.

Top Ten Reviews

Top Ten Reviews gives a 7.43/10. This means they ranked 2nd overall in credit repair services. On the whole, the people at Top Ten Reviews were impressed with the services that offers.

However, they didn’t like how much the service costs per month. It’s the most expensive service on their list. For comparison, the cheapest service costs half as much and offers many of the same features. Top Ten did give excellent marks for its app and its educational materials, which we fully agree with. They also were impressed that the company works with your original creditor or lender to resolve credit reporting issues.


Credit scores are more important every day. As more employers and landlords look to credit scores, having the best possible score can make a huge difference in your life. offers some excellent services. They do some things that you don’t normally find in the credit repair industry.

The biggest pluses for their service are the app, the educational materials, and the fact that they work with your original creditors and lenders. These services have the potential to create tremendous value for their clients.

The biggest drawbacks for the company are the steep monthly fees. They cost twice as much as some similar credit repair services. That means you’ll want to be sure that the app and 24/7 credit monitoring services are worth the extra money. You’ll also want to be sure that there’s enough they can do for you to justify the cost of their services. If you’re only worried about something like a wrong address on your credit report, you’re better off dealing with the issue yourself. However, if you’ve suffered identity theft and there are a ton of inaccurate entries on your report, then’s services might be an excellent option for you.

Your credit and credit score are important. Make sure you make the right choice for your credit history. Look into other reviews, including customer reviews, to decide if their service is the right one for you.

Sean Michaels

Sean brings a decade worth of experience in credit repair to our company. Sean started his career working in an accounting department for a major credit card company. This was a natural fit, given his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in accounting.