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Why DealDash?

  • Money-back guarantee on first bid package purchase
  • Adds another 10 seconds after you place bids so you won’t get outbid at the last second
  • No additional shipping costs to get your purchase
  • Many payment methods available

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There’s a lot of different ways the internet can help you save money and get free stuff. One popular type of website is the discount bid website. These sites let you place bids on merchandise so you can win it for pennies on the dollar.


DealDash is one of the more popular bidding websites. It’s been getting a lot of play on commercials and in publications, so we thought it was time to put together a guide to help you understand the service.

This review will help you understand DealDash, learn how it works, weigh the pros and cons of the service for you, and offer some useful advice on how to get the best results from DealDash if you decide it’s right for you. Use this information to make the best consumer choices possible and get the most for your hard-earned money!

Understanding DealDash

DealDash is a special type of auction website called a penny auction site. It started up in 2009 with the objective of bringing fair online auctions to people everywhere. The site was established in response to the way that some other penny auction sites operated.

The company introduced two huge changes to the penny auction format. First, they created a system that let you get your bids back if you didn’t win the auction and just purchased the item outright. Second, they offer a money-back guarantee for the first bid pack purchase on DealDash. That means if you don’t like the way the site operates, then you can get a refund on your first purchase if bids.

How Does DealDash Work?

DealDash is an auction site. They host a huge variety of auctions on different items. These items include things like gift cards, bedding, clothing, retail goods, and other popular consumer items.

The way a penny auction works is simple. You can place a bid on any item on auction. Every time you place a bid the price of the item goes up by $0.01.

Another thing that happens when you place a bid is that the timer for the auction to close gets another 10 seconds added to it. That gives people a chance to put in a competing bid. It also means you won’t be outbid at the last second by someone squeezing a bid in under the radar.

Additionally, you can buy bids in packs. A bid pack comes in fixed amounts, like 50, 100, 150, and so on. You buy the packs by paying a price per bid for the entire pack. That means you purchase bids from DealDash to use on items. The price of bids can vary depending on lots of different factors. Sometimes the price might be $0.05, in which case 100 bids would cost you $5.00. However, the bids can also run higher. If the bids are going for $0.60, for example, then you’d pay $60 for a pack of $100 bids.

DealDash Review

How Bidding Works for DealDash

One you’ve got some bids, it’s time to use them on some of the items that are being auctioned on DealDash. You can go to the item’s listing and click the button labeled “Bid Now.” This will increase the auction price by $0.01 and add 10 seconds to the auction.

In addition to bidding manually, you can also use DealDash’s “Bid buddy” to set how many bids you’re willing to make on an item in an auction. The service then puts in your bids at the best times for the item, usually in the last few seconds of its listing.

If you win the item, then you get time. This time translates to free bids. Any bid you place comes out of your bid pack. There’s an important thing to keep in mind here though – even though each bid only increases the price of an item by $0.01, the bids themselves also cost you money. That means you need to be sure to calculate the price of your bids into the total cost of the item you’re bidding on to make sure you’re actually saving money.

If you win the auction, then you’ll pay the final price for the item you were bidding on. The final price goes according to the bids, not the value of the bids used. That means each bid will only add one penny to the item’s price.

Another option you have, which is common to bid sites, is to buy the item you were bidding on if you lose the auction. Should you decide to purchase the item, then you’ll get a refund of the value of the bids you put on the item in the first place.

For example, if you purchased bids at $0.10 apiece, and lose an auction after putting in 10 bids, then you’ll receive $1 back if you just purchase the item after the auction is over.

The Benefits of DealDash

One of the best things about DealDash is that there aren’t any shipping costs. That means the price you pay for an item equals its auction price plus the value of the bids you used. This can let you get some great items at incredibly reasonable prices.

Additionally, the fact that you get the value of your bids back is an interesting feature you find on DealDash. Other penny auction sites allow you to apply the value of your bid towards purchasing the item.

DealDash Review

Special DealDash Features

There’s several things that set DealDash apart from some of the other penny auction sites. We’ll list those here so that people familiar with these sites can quickly see the different that DealDash offers.

Free Bids

One of the first, and best, special features of DealDash is the fact that you can earn free bids. When you fill up the time meter on your account you’ll get rewarded with free bids. You’ll also get this reward by advancing your level on the website.


Badges are another niffy feature you get with DealDash. You get badges by executing specific tasks. You can get badges for winning a certain number of auctions, posting reviews, finishing second in an auction, and more. These badges give you recognition on the site. They also earn you free bids.

Bid Buddy

Bid Buddy is an innovative system that lets you designate how many bids you want to put on an item during auction. That means you can set up your bid buddy and go about your day. You don’t need to sit around staring at the listing to make sure you can still get the item you want.


DealDash also offers some great promotions with its auctions. One of the most popular is the 50% off deal. With this you’ll pay half of the final bid price if you win the item you’re bidding on. As a result, you can pack on even more savings to an already great deal, if you play your cards correctly that is.

Payment Methods

DealDash accepts lots of different payment methods. These include Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover products. You can also pay via PayPal. Moreover, residents of states other than Minnesota or Illinois won’t pay sales tax on any items.

Potential Problems with DealDash

As with any service, there are a few drawbacks with DealDash. We’ll cover those and then some of the additional aspects of the service before telling you if we think that the site is worth your time and money.

The first issue with DealDash is that it doesn’t work internationally. You can only place or win bids on items from the United States. Additionally, the company only ships to the lower 48 states. That means you can’t get items sent to Alaska, Hawaii, or any other country. As a result, the audience for the site is limited. This can work out well, as fewer people bidding means a greater chance for you to win the auctions you bid on. However, it also limits the products that are on the site.

Another problem with DealDash is that it can be difficult to track how much you’re actually spending on an item. That’s because the price of bids changes, and you have to buy bids in packs. This is the same reason that casinos force you to use chips rather than actual money when you’re gambling. The chips let you dissociate the value they represent.

For example, if bids are going for $0.60, and you put 20 bids in on an item, then you’ve already spent $12 towards that auction. If you win the auction and get the item for less than $12 off the retail value, then you’ve cost yourself money instead of saving it.

Moreover, if you don’t win the bid and don’t buy the item at its regular price, then you’ve essentially thrown money away on bids that you can’t get back. This means that you might invest a substantial chunk of change and not actually come away with anything.

Finally, some of the merchandise and gift cards are a bit obscure. Instead of offering gift cards to popular retailers like Walmart you get cards from places like Total Trivia,, and others.

DealDash Review

Other Aspects of DealDash

There’s a few other aspects of DealDash we want to touch on before delivering our verdict. These are the intangible elements that are harder to quantify, but which are still important aspects of any business.

Customer Service

The first additional aspect of DealDash you should know about is their customer service. On the whole, we’ve found DealDash customer service to be incredibly responsive. You can get in touch with them many different ways. These options include email, online chat, and writing their office in MN.

You’ll need to get in touch with customer service if there’s a problem with your order. For example, if it was damaged during shipping or if it doesn’t match the description on the listing you were bidding on. Customer service is good at resolving these issues quickly and efficiently. Moreover, the return shipping on any item that’s damaged or doesn’t match is description is free.

How the Public Views DealDash

Like a lot of internet sites, people in the general public fall into one of two camps when it comes to DealDash. There are those that think it’s a scam and those that enjoy the service immensely. It’s actually very hard to find someone who knows about DealDash and has a neutral opinion.

The reason people think that the site is a scam is generally because they failed to understand how it worked before investing money in bids. While you can wind up losing money with DealDash, carefully managing and selecting how you use your bids will prevent that.

Additionally, most of the testimonials and reviews of the site are generally positive. Still, we recommend looking up some user reviews so you can be confident you understand what you’re getting into.

DealDash Verdict

The verdict on DealDash is mixed. If you’re careful about getting discount bids, keeping in mind how much you paid for those bids, and carefully considering the bid value plus the auction value, then you can get some great deals and savings on the site.

On the other hand, if you don’t want to or can’t devote some measure of time and attention to all the little aspects of the service, then it’s actually rather easy to lose money. Moreover, the bid system works to get consumers emotionally invested in the item. When they’ve put money towards the item in the form of the bids, they’re more likely to buy the item at regular price to get their bids back. This could result in saving some money on bids, but it mostly works as a way to get you to move pass the initial threshold of buying something and makes it more likely you’ll follow through with a purchase.

That being said, it’s up to each person to decide if DealDash is right for them. There’s a lot of potential for savings, but there’s also a great many ways that you can wind up spending more than you otherwise would to obtain a specific item or type of merchandise.

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General Deal Dash FAQ

In this frequently asked question section, you will find general questions pertaining to Deal Dash.

Is Deal Dash legit?

Yes, Deal Dash is legit. Deal Dash is a company that works as an auction bidding website where users can purchase bids in order to bid on a variety of items from television sets, computers, cars or household items.

What is is one of the longest running bidding auction sites online today. Customers use to bid on popular items and even if they lose an auction, they have the option to use those bids in order to purchase a similar item at retail cost.

Is a scam?

No. is a website that has been in operation since 2009. While it does cost money to utilize, users are able to use any bids they have used on a losing auction to bid on other auctions or to use to purchase other items. If you are concerned about being scammed then you may want to take a look at some paid or free identity theft protection options. We recently covered how much Lifelock cost which is just one service you could use.

Does Deal Dash really work?

Yes, Deal Dash really does work. However, you need to understand that the chances of winning an auction are low and it takes a lot of time spent on the site to learn how to win the auctions to get the best deals. Some people consider investing in the stock market to be just as risky. Read more: How do I invest in stocks?

Where does Deal Dash get their merchandise?

Deal Dash currently has partnerships with various supply partners such as Best Buy, Sears and Walmart. Once an auction has been won, an order is placed directly from Deal Dash itself and shipped to the winner of the auction directly. So it can be seen at least partly as a dropshipping business.

How to use a Deal Dash promo code?

In order to use a promo code on Deal Dash, you will have to purchase a bid pack and apply the promo code during regular checkout. Keep in mind that only one promo code can be used per every customer.

Where is Deal Dash located?

Deal Dash currently has two headquarters locations in the United States and in Finland. However, it currently operates for its customers online rather than having customers visit a retail location.

How do websites like Deal Dash work?

Websites like Deal Dash are considered penny auction sites. They all work similarly by requiring the customer to purchase “bids” that can range in price from 50 cents to $1 per bid. Customers use these bids to bid on products they are interested in.

How does Deal Dash work on Wish?

Deal Dash works on Wish by Wish having a few select items from the Deal Dash inventory listed on their website. It works as an intermediary between the manufacturer and the customer. A customer can purchase a Deal Dash product from Wish or sell any items they have won from Deal Dash on the site.

How safe is Deal Dash?

Deal Dash is incredibly safe to use. Any payments made on the site as covered under encryption, so you don’t have to worry about your financial information being stolen. On top of that, Deal Dash offers a 100% money back guarantee on any purchases made.

Is Deal Dash a safe site?

Yes. Deal Dash is a safe site and has been ever since its inception. It is covered under a money back guarantee and state-of-the-art encryption technology to keep all financial information safe.

Does Deal Dash have gaming computers?

Yes. While Deal Dash’s auction change regularly, they do offer auctions on gaming computers. Currently there are auctions on Dell Inspiron gaming laptops and desktops that can be one by bidding.

Does Deal Dash use bots?

According to the site, no they don’t use bots. However, there has been increasing skepticism that Deal Dash uses bots in order to increase the price on select auctions. Those claims have not been confirmed.

How easy is it to win on Deal Dash?

Not very easy. In fact, it is much easier to win on low-priced auctions than it is the higher priced auctions such as on products such as Apple or DSLR cameras. Winning on Deal Dash will require consistently checking the auctions and bidding prior to the clock running out on the auction.

What is Deal Dash BBB Rating?

The current rating of Deal Dash on the Better Business Bureau is an A+ rating. This rating is based on the little complaints that have been made against the company and their consistent attention to offering high quality customer service.

Is Deal Dash fair and honest?

This answer will be different depending on who you ask. Most people would consider Deal Dash to be fair with their auction while others question the safety and honesty of the penny stock concept. Sometimes you can find some really great deals in other places too though like Amazon deals of the day for example.

Is flipping items from Deal Dash legal?

Yes. As long as a customer purchases an item or wins an auction from Deal Dash, the items is considered to be theirs. As such, they have every legal right to sell the items if they wish.

What are people saying about

Most people have been saying that is a legitimate auction site that they recommend. Many people have had the chance to win popular items off of the site and thus have been satisfied with it.

What are the rules for Deal Dash?

The main rules for Deal Dash are:

  • Every bid is non-transferable and has a one-year time limit to place a bid on an auction.
  • Bids do not have monetary value and cannot be exchanged for money.

What is the catch with

There is no catch with Customers purchase bids to use on auctions on the site. Upon winning an auction, the items in question is sent directly to the winner of the auction.

Where is located? headquarters are currently located in two locations: Helsinki, Finland and Minneapolis, Minnesota. Deal Dash has been located at these two locations since the year 2013 with no current plans to add more locations.

Who wins on Deal Dash?

Both the customer and the company win on Deal Dash. For those who win auctions, they obviously win the product in question and the company wins whenever a customer successfully purchases a product off of the website.

Deal Dash Cost FAQ

In this section, you will find questions regarding the cost associated with using Deal Dash.

How much do 100 bids cost on Deal Dash?

There is currently no option to purchase only 100 bids on Deal Dash. The lowest bid option available is 300 bids with a price of $39, at a cost of 13 cents per bid.

How much do bids cost on Deal Dash?

The cost of bids on Deal Dash range as follows:

  • 300 bids-$39 or 13 cents per bid.
  • 600 bids-$78 or 13 cents per bid.
  • 1,000 bids-$130 or 13 cents per bid.
  • 2,000 bids-$260 or 13 cents per bid.
  • 4,000 bids-$520 or 13 cents per bid.

Does Deal Dash cost a monthly fee to use?

No. Deal Dash does not require a monthly charge or monthly subscription fee in order to bid on an auction. However, in order to bid on an auction, bids must be purchased beforehand.

How much do you really spend on Deal Dash?

The real price of spending money on Deal Dash is much lower than most people expect. Since each bid is only 13 cents per bid, most items that can be purchased on Deal Dash can be as low as $75 or less.

Deal Dash Account FAQ

In this frequently asked question section, you will find common questions pertaining to having a Deal Dash account.

How to close a Deal Dash account?

A Deal Dash account can be closed, deleted or deactivated at any time. This can be done through the membership dashboard upon login. Keep in mind the deletion of an account will result in any bids on the account being destroyed.

How do I cancel an account at

In order to cancel an account on, it will have to be canceled from the dashboard located in the members area. Any bids on the account will be destroyed upon cancellation of the account.

How to add an apartment number to address on Deal Dash account?

The best way to add an apartment number to your address on a Deal Dash account is to contact Deal Dash support directly via the link located at the bottom left hand corner of the website. There is currently no option to do so through the member dashboard.

How to change address on Deal Dash?

The best way to change an address on Deal Dash is to contact Deal Dash support directly using their support system. There is currently no option to change your address on the Deal Dash official website.

How to close an account and get refund with Deal Dash?

Before you can close an account on Deal Dash, you will have to contact customer support for a refund. To do this visit the support center at the bottom of the website. Once the refund has been issued, you can close the account through the member’s dashboard.

Deal Dash Functionality FAQ

In this frequently asked question section, you will find frequently asked questions pertaining to the functionality of Deal Dash.

How does Deal Dash work?

Deal Dash works similarly to other penny auction sites. Every item for auction on Deal Dash starts at a zero bid and then increases in price and time limit for every person that bids on it. Users bid with “bids” that are priced at 13 cents per bid.

How to win on Deal Dash?

The best way to win on Deal Dash is to have the winning bid on an auction. This can require bidding frequently on the same item or bidding faster than other bidders on the site.

How to get free bids on Deal Dash?

The best way to get free bids on Deal Dash is to use exclusive Deal Dash promo codes given out by the site directly. As of right now, there currently are no promo codes for free bids.

How to play Deal Dash?

The best way to play Deal Dash is to purchase a pack of bids that you can use on an auction of a product of your choice. Place your bid and watch the timer to see if anybody else places a bid. The highest bidder is the one who wins the auction.

How to sell on Deal Dash?

There currently is no way to sell items on Deal Dash. Deal Dash has agreements with certain manufactures to sell items at a low price. You can sell items you have won on Deal Dash on other sites such as eBay.

How to win bids on Deal Dash?

There is currently no way that you can win bids on Deal Dash. However, you can receive free bids on the website by being given exclusive promo codes by website administrators.

Do Deal Dash bids expire?

Yes. Deal Dash has a policy in place that only allows bids to have a lifespan of one year. Any bids held on past one year will be destroyed and you will be required to purchase new bids if this happens.

How does bid buddy work on Deal Dash?

Yes. In order to use bid buddy on Deal Dash, you will first need to make sure you have enough bids in your account to bid on auctions. Click on the page of the auction you want to win and input the number of bids you want to use in bid buddy. Then allow the program to do the hard work for you.

How many bids does it typically take to win on Deal Dash?

This depends on the product and on the product’s popularity. You can expect to use as many as 100 to 200 bids on one auction before winning it, if at all. Keep in mind, for highly popular items, you may end up paying close to the retail amount.

How many bids in order to win a TV on Deal Dash?

This will depend on the brand name of the TV and its size. However, you can expect to spend between 200 to 400 bids on a TV in an auction if you want to win.

How to enter a promo code on Deal Dash?

The only way to get a promo code to use on Deal Dash is to receive one from the company itself. You can do this by signing up as a new member or signing up for the Deal Dash email list.

How to get cash for a Deal Dash gift card?

There is currently no way to purchase a gift card for Deal Dash. However, you can bid on gift cards on Deal Dash. In fact, this is perhaps one of the easiest ways to get your money back on the site.

How to hire bid buddy on Deal Dash?

To use bid buddy on Deal Dash, you must first have access to bid buddy. Then add the link of the auction you want to bid on in the system and allow it to begin bidding on your behalf.

How to redeem codes on Deal Dash?

In order to redeem codes on Deal Dash, you will first have to purchase a bid pack on Deal Dash. In the checkout section, you can add in the code in the promo code section in order to redeem your reward.

Deal Dash Auction FAQ

In this section, you will find commonly asked questions regarding the auctions held on DealDash.

How long does a Deal Dash auction last?

An auction for a product will last depending on how many people are bidding on it. As a rule, the timer of an auction restarts every 10 seconds that a person places a bid.

How to bid on Deal Dash?

In order to place a bid on Deal Dash, you simply find the product you want to bid on and place your bid. In order to place a bid, you must first purchase a pack of bids beforehand.

How to win auctions on Deal Dash?

The best way to win auctions on Deal Dash is to remain consistently on the site and keep an eye out for every product you bid on. Place a bid before the timer runs out to increase your chances of winning the auction.

How long do auctions last on Deal Dash?

An auction can typically last from a few seconds to a few hours. It all depends on the amount of people bidding on the item and how often the timer for the auction is reset with every new bid.