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Best Delivery App Jobs20 Best Delivery App Jobs in 2019

Gone are the days that you have to employ the services FedEx or UPS to get stuff delivered to your door.

Today, you can have food, grocery, booze, and a lot more stuff that you’re too lazy to go out for delivered to your home without waiting for a few days for the delivery to arrive. And this is where you can come in…

You can be a delivery person as an independent contractor associated to any of the existing delivery apps. In the peer-to-peer economy, all you need to have is the right tool or equipment (in this case, a vehicle) to get started.

What’s so great about being a delivery person today?

Perhaps one of the best things about it is you don’t have to commit full-time. You can choose your own hours without a boss reprimanding you for being late. If you want to complete tons of deliveries today, great! If you don’t it’s no problem too.

And because people will always want convenience in their lives, there’s no threat of having no job tomorrow. In fact, as they get used to the convenience, they’ll want it more and more. The trend is going in favor of home delivery meals.

The tips are also a great incentive to keep working. Aside from what you already earn through the app, your tips can really accumulate even in just a month.

Whether you’re in between jobs, searching for a source of extra income, or just looking for a change of pace, being a delivery person for food delivery apps can be awesome.

Interested in trying your hand as a delivery person? Check out these 20 delivery job apps:



Why DoorDash?

  • Allows you to book your work schedule in advance
  • Gives a guaranteed minimum earning at peak times
  • Earns you an average of $15 per hour for a part-time work

Try DoorDash

1. DoorDash

Best Feature/s

You have a guaranteed minimum earning during peak times

How much you’ll earn

Their drivers report earning $15 to $25 per hour.

If you’re interested in discovering new places to eat and delivering food, DoorDash is for you. And if you have free time, you can book a work schedule with them in advance. You’ll have to hurry though because those slots run out fast.  Learn more about the company in our in-depth Doordash reviews.

Best Delivery App Jobs


2. Grubhub

Best Feature/s

If you’re qualified, you can earn a minimum wage of $10 an hour even if you don’t receive an order in an hour.

How much you’ll earn

The rate is $3.25 per delivery plus $0.50 per mile that you drive to complete the order.

Grubhub has been around since 2004, but it’s not until years later that they expanded into food delivery industry. And thanks to its large customer base that it built through the years, you’ll have no problem earning as much as you want.

Best Delivery App Jobs


3. UberEATS

Best Feature/s

You don’t have to use a separate app to view or to take delivery requests.

How much you’ll earn

Some drivers report earning about $10, but it depends on you as they pay per delivery.

UberEATS is pretty straightforward: you pick up the food and deliver it to the customer. And just like Uber the ridesharing app, you can use the UE app to take directions too.

Best Delivery App Jobs


4. Shipt

Best Feature/s

The app recommends a store that’s near the customer’s location so you can minimize your driving time.

How much you’ll earn

You get a flat rate of $5 per order and a generous 7.5% of the total bill.

With other grocery apps, you either shop for the products or deliver them. With Shipt, the customer will just give you a list of things you should shop for and you deliver them too.

5. OrderUp

Best Feature/s

After applying, you can start working within 7 or 14 days.

How much you’ll earn

Aside from an average rate of around $20 per hour, you get to keep all your tips as well.

OrderUp is a food delivery app that has a very simple application process: you sign up online with your personal information and schedule a phone call. Because of the huge rate, this can be a serious source of extra income.

6. Saucey

Best Feature/s

You get to choose the area you deliver to, which is great if you’re just using a bike.

How much you’ll earn

According to their couriers, they earn between $10 and $22 per hour.

If you want to bring happiness people’s lives with booze, Saucey is definitely a dream come true. This may only be available in a few areas, but if you’re lucky enough to belong in one of those areas, you can set your schedule and what you deliver.

7. Roadie

Best Feature/s

You can set gig alerts to notify app users that you’re in the area.

How much you’ll earn

It varies. But using the app, you can stroll to see the rate for each delivery.

Roadie is unlike other apps because it matches people with couriers who are headed the right direction. But it still has some of the best stuff we love about delivery apps like setting your own schedule and choosing the deliveries you make.

8. Favor

Best Feature/s

When you’re tired of delivering stuff you buy first, you can also get paid for other tasks like dry cleaning or picking up something you forgot in your office.

How much you’ll earn

Drivers working for Favor can earn $10 to $18 an hour plus 100% of your tips.

By working for Favor, you act like a personal assistant of sorts because your job isn’t limited to delivering things you buy. And aside from doing deliveries, you also get cash from referring people to sign up with them too.

9. Grabr

Best Feature/s

You can get paid even when you travel internationally.

How much you’ll earn

It’s up to you because you get to place your bid with the delivery you’re eyeing.

Do you love to travel? Make use of that extra luggage space by delivering items to people in other countries with Grabr. Another great thing is you get paid as soon as you make the delivery. There’s no payment schedule.

10. Caviar

Best Feature/s

It accommodates deliveries exclusively from high-end restaurants.

How much you’ll earn

Caviar drivers earn around $25 an hour.

With Caviar, you don’t need to work as much because the pay is bigger. While it isn’t as established yet, there are a lot of perks like parking ticket reimbursement and potentially bigger tips from relatively richer people.

11. Postmates

Best Feature/s

The tip is already included in the bill, so you’re highly likely to receive a tip for every delivery.

How much you’ll earn

According to their website, their drivers can earn up to $25 an hour.

Because of its partnership with local restaurants, Postmates earned a wide customer base. For you, that means more deliveries and more money. It may not be available in as many places as UberEATS, but where it is able, there are a lot of benefits for both the drivers and the customers.

12. Instacart

Best Feature/s

There are two ways that you can make money: do just the shopping or deliver the items too.

How much you’ll earn

You earn per delivery, and people in some states generally earn higher than the others.

Instacart lets you shift from shopping and delivering the food to simply shopping. This is a great perk because your vehicle needs repairs, you can still earn a little cash on the side.

13. Burpy

Best Feature/s

Unlike most delivery apps, you’re allowed to cash out your earnings anytime.

How much you’ll earn

According to their website, you can earn up to $25 an hour.

Burpy delivers only grocery items. While this feature is not unique to them, it is one of the few apps that require you to work part-time or full-time. If you’re looking for a full-time job that you can drop anytime, this is a great option.

14. Amazon Flex

Best Feature/s

You can schedule the deliveries you want in advance and work seven days a week if you want to.

How much you’ll earn

Their drivers earn between $18 to $25 an hour.

A product of free two-day delivery of Amazon Prime, the drivers of Amazon Flex delivers stuff that people ordered online. Because of how much you can make, this can be a decent full-time job too if you want.

15. GoShare

Best Feature/s

You have the option to work as either a driver or a GoShare helper.

How much you’ll earn

You can earn between $47.52 and $71.52 an hour, depending on the type of vehicle you have.

Because GoShare is a moving, hauling, and delivery service, they naturally require you to drive a pickup truck, a cargo van, or a box truck.

16. Tapingo

Best Feature/s

The focus of their service is delivering to campuses, so you can make a delivery even with a bike.

How much you’ll earn

You can make up to $25 per hour with Tapingo.

What sets Tapingo apart from its competitors in the food delivery industry is that it focuses on delivering to campuses. That means after you familiarize yourself with the place, you’d be able to get to your customer faster and get bigger tips.

17. Eaze

Best Feature/s

You work only for one of the dispensaries that works with Eaze, so you only work in one place.

How much you’ll earn

There is no available data, but you’ll be paid an hourly wage plus miles reimbursement.

If you always want to be greeted with a happy and chill customer when you deliver, Eaze is a great choice. While lots of apps are for delivering food or groceries, Eaze delivers weed. Unfortunately, for now, it’s only available in California.

18. Deliv

Best Feature/s

You use the app to tell them when you’re available and they only assign deliveries when you are.

How much you’ll earn

Deliv says their top delivery specialists earn $22 per hour.

Working mostly with individuals and small businesses, you can expect Deliv to have you deliver almost anything. With them, you will only be assigned deliveries within a 15-mile radius of where you live. You can also get first dibs on priority deliveries if you sign up ahead of time. And unlike most apps, you may only use a motorcycle with them (except in New York City). You may need to find cheap motorcycle insurance.

19. PeerShip

Best Feature/s

It uses Facebook for people to request deliveries and has a much more social element to it.

How much you’ll earn

It depends on the delivery’s agreed-upon price.

PeerShip is perhaps the only app that gets you to keep 100% of the profits which you may transfer to your PayPal account once it reaches $10. It works like Roadie which is also an on-the-way delivery app, but it doesn’t match you with a delivery. Instead, Facebook users request a delivery and you bid on it.

If you want a little extra money since you’re going someplace already anyway, this is a great app. But if you’re looking for a more regular gig, this may not be for you.

20. Burro

Best Feature/s

You can be hired either as a driver helper or a driver.

How much you’ll earn

According to Burro, you can earn as much as $1,600 a week with them. But for each delivery, you can earn a minimum of $40.

Burro is a same-day delivery service which takes care of heavy-duty stuff like furniture. This means you should be able to move all the heavy things that need to be delivered as well. To be able to apply as their driver, you would need a full-size truck that can hold items as high as seven feet tall.


There are a lot of ways for you to earn money. If you don’t want to let go of flexible working schedules, delivering stuff is for you.

And choosing the right delivery app to work with, consider your availability, the demands of the job, and how much you need to earn.

With the number of delivery apps constantly looking for drivers, you won’t have any problem with finding one that you’d enjoy working with.

These delivery apps all provide an opportunity: with their help, you can augment your budget and be more prepared for any financial emergencies that may come. To help you out, here's our guide to get free gas for your deliveries.


Is a delivery job right for you? Learn more about delivery job apps and delivery jobs in general through the questions below.

General Information on Delivery Jobs

Through the questions below, you will get basic information about delivery jobs.

Are delivery jobs worth it?

If you’re a college kid looking for extra money or are working and looking for extra pay, yes. A delivery job can help augment your income.

How much do delivery jobs pay?

It actually depends on what company you work for. Some earn as little as $5 an hour, while there are others who work part time and earn as much as $50 an hour.

Do delivery jobs pay well?

Considering that you can also get tips, it can be a good-paying job. If you have much better prospects, you can go for those and consider this a fallback plan.

Do all delivery jobs reimburse?

Most companies do offer reimbursement, but you will have to check with the one you’re eyeing to be sure.

Do delivery jobs pay for gas?

Again, you have to check with the company. There may also be different reimbursement schedules. Per mile and per delivery are the most common.

What category job is a delivery man?

A delivery job is considered a bluecollar job. In this category as well are cashiers, janitors, construction workers, and many more.

What delivery job makes the most money?

The heavier what you’re going to deliver and the more urgent the delivery is, the bigger the pay. So, delivery persons specializing in hauling services get the most money.

What is delivery partners job means?

This means you’re not considered an employee for the job. You’re an independent contractor who is not tied to a contractor or working hours.

What is a delivery cyclist job?

Simply, it is a delivery person who uses a bicycle to deliver what the customer asks for.

Can you do a delivery job on a motorcycle?

Yes. In fact, a lot of the delivery apps on the list above allow you to deliver on a motorcycle.

Best Delivery Job

Below are information on our recommendations for the best delivery job for you.

What is the best delivery job?

In the article, we have suggested 20 delivery job apps you can use to earn money. You can quickly scan the list by focusing on its best features and the amount you can earn.

What is the best delivery job with own van?

A lot of the items on the list, actually. We highly suggest apps that pay more like Caviar because a van would cost you more on gas.

Companies that have Delivery Jobs

The companies below may or may not have delivery apps but certainly do offer delivery jobs to people.

How does South Bend Tribune delivery job work?

Here, you can either be a delivery assistant or a driver. You’ll be dropping off newspapers to certain points in your locale.

How much does Tribune delivery jobs get paid?

As it is not a very big operation, there is no data on how much their delivery people are paid. However, it will be discussed with you once you get the job.

How is Domino's delivery job pay?

Domino’s pay its delivery persons between $5 to $9 an hour. You can earn extra through tips as well.

Is Domino’s delivery driver a good job?

As a starter job, Domino’s is a great way to make some money. However, you have to be a very skilled driver to minimize the odds of getting into an accident.

Is Uber delivery a good job?

Yes. Uber delivery does not force you to commit to work on certain hours. So, if you’re just looking to make extra money, this is a good job.

How do I get a job with Amazon Delivery?

You can sign up for Amazon Flex which allows you to take Amazon deliveries with just your phone and a car.

How do I apply for Amazon delivery jobs?

If you’re applying with Amazon Flex, you just have to fill out a form in their website and do a phone interview. After some time, you will receive confirmation on whether or not you got in.

How does Amazon delivery job work?

You are assigned deliveries on the times you say you’re free and get them. Of course, if you’re employed fulltime, the arrangement would be different.

Are there Amazon delivery jobs in Tampa?

Yes. In fact, you can work for Amazon through Amazon Flex in almost the entire United States as they always have a lot of pending deliveries.

Does insurance come with Amazon seasonal delivery associate jobs?

No. You only get an insurance with them if you’re employed fulltime.

How stable is a Pepsi delivery driver job?

Very. While it definitely will be harder as you get older, you can work there for a long time.

How do I get a UPS delivery job?

You can search for openings in your area and apply for that. They usually post on major job recruitment sites and their website, so you’d have no problem finding them.

Is Postmates delivery a good job?

Yes. And you’re almost always going to receive a tip as it’s already included in their bill (but can be removed manually).

How do I get a job as a Tesco delivery driver?

Tesco publishes job openings along with the minimum qualifications on many platforms, so you only have to see the details there as well as how you can apply.

Is NAPA delivery driver a good job?

According to reviews, it’s a very fast-paced environment. The pay is not that good, but a lot of them do enjoy the free lunch that comes with the job.

Is FedEx home delivery a good job?

Yes. Most former employees agree that the pay and the benefits are good. However, it can be hard to manage work and life especially during the holidays.

Different Types of Delivery Jobs

While the section above discusses delivery jobs on certain companies, this section would focus on the type of delivery job in general.

Is pizza delivery a good job?

It’s a good job for a college student. For example, with Pizza Hut, you get an hourly wage, tips, and $1.25 reimbursement per delivery.

How do I get a pizza delivery job?

Go to Indeed and other job posting sites, then limit the search to your area. You’ll find lots of openings for sure.

Is pizza delivery a dangerous job?

It can be. It requires you to brave the traffic, no matter what the weather, and get there before the delivery time.

How much do pizza delivery jobs pay per hour?

It varies. Including your tips, you can make $15 or even more per hour.

How do I quit a pizza delivery job?

You would have to give a two weeks’ notice. But if you don’t feel safe doing the job, state that in your letter as well as when you want the resignation to take effect.

How do I apply for newspaper delivery jobs?

Newspaper delivery jobs don’t have apps. So, it will require you to look for openings and do the interview in their HR office.

How much do newspaper delivery jobs pay?

According to listings on Indeed, you can earn $150 t0 $500 a week delivering newspapers.

How do I find airport delivery jobs?

It’s the same way as with any delivery job that you aren’t a delivery partner. You look for listings online or in newspapers, then know from there how you’d proceed with the application.

How hard is furniture delivery job?

It can be very physically demanding. Aside from actually driving, you may have to do the literal heavy lifting.

Is parcel delivery a good job?

For a self-employed courier, yes as your income would depend on the number of deliveries you make. As for a fulltime employment, it would largely depend on your work environment.

Is a cake delivery job an easy job?

It’s pretty much the same as any delivery job. However, you most likely be driving a bigger vehicle so it can be hard if you’re not comfortable with that.

Is a catering delivery driver a good job?

Yes. Some catering services even offer discount on food. On top of tips, an hourly wage, and possibly a delivery reimbursement, you can make decent money doing it.

Other Questions and Concerns about Delivery Jobs

Below, you will find answers to some of your concerns about delivery jobs. This includes potential disqualification, dressing for the job, and your insurance.

How many violations can you have for a delivery driver job?

It depends on the type of violation. Minor violations can only be a little issue at best, while driving without a license can be a cause of serious concern to your employer.

Will a speeding ticket disqualify me from a delivery job?

If it’s just one speeding ticket, you won’t be disqualified for the job right away. However, your employer may prefer someone with a spotless driving record over you.

How do I bid on delivery jobs?

With the different apps, the specific process is slightly different. But usually, it just means clicking on a delivery request and sending your bid.

How dress job for an interview as a delivery driver?

If you’re unsure, go for smart casual. But if you want to be a hundred percent sure, you can call them beforehand.

Can you carry a knife on a delivery job?

Unless otherwise stated, you are allowed. However, that doesn’t prevent your employer from firing you if they find out you do.

Can you not hire a deaf person to delivery job?

Yes. A delivery job requires driving, which requires your hearing faculties.

Do you have to tell insurance company about your delivery job?

Yes. While your employer is not legally compelled to inform your insurance, you are. Not telling them can lead to serious repercussions and incredibly high premiums.

Will delivery jobs be automated?

Almost every job is under threat of being automated, but I will take a very long time for that to happen to delivery jobs. It’s hard to create an efficient and cost-effective way to use machines for this.