Delta Miles No Longer Expire

This one kind of flew under the radar for me, but I saw a notice in my monthly Delta SkyMiles report that said that their miles would no longer expire.

This is pretty huge as someone who doesn’t travel very often.

Last year, my miles were set to expire, and in order to avoid losing them, I redeemed some for a magazine subscription.  It was for Entertainment Weekly, a magazine that I’ve always enjoyed but realistically live without.  Still, it’s been a nice add.

My wife recently got a notice in the mail offering redemption of magazine subscriptions, and was mulling over getting one to avoid losing her miles.  I told her not to bother.

The companies that work with Delta and the airlines must certainly want to stay in business, but you have to imagine that their bottom line will be hurt as people hold on their miles versus redeeming them for a subscription just so they can keep their miles on ice.

Did you know about this switch?  Have any other carriers followed suit?

4 thoughts on “Delta Miles No Longer Expire”

  1. That sure is nice to know. I've built up a few Delta miles after this last trip to Europe. I sure don't need another magazine, sometimes they feel like reading assignments.

  2. Thanks for the heads up. Its good to know travel miles do not expire, putting an expiration date on 'earned rewards' seemed backwards to me anyway. I think this way Delta can expect a few more people choosing to pay a couple extra dollars each flight if they know their traveling is working towards a more extravagant personal vacation later on down the road at their discretion.

  3. Thanks for sharing this information. It will definitely sway me towards Delta when I book travel if there's no clear reason to book another airline.

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