Did You Wait In Line To See Santa?

If you went to the mall and waited with your kids in line to see Santa, then you need to go back to your mall and tell them that they’re doing it wrong.

mb-201112santaOne of the local malls has a no-waiting policy.  Instead, you go to the Santa desk and they give you a time to come back.  At that time, Santa is ready to see you.

Depending on how busy Santa is and all that, you typically have a couple of hours to kill before your scheduled appointment.

Time that you could be spending shopping.

Think about it.  If you’re ‘The Mall’, do you want your shoppers standing in line not spending money or do you want them walking around the store spending their bucks?  The answer is obvious.

Standing in line is counter-productive and it’s amazing to me that every mall that provides a Santa visit hasn’t figured this out yet.