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Updated: 02/2022

Joanna is an expert on understanding how the different laws and regulations in the car insurance industry shape the way that policies work.


Citations and tickets are very similar when it comes to a court document. Citations are based on the accused showing up in court because of an official summons. A ticket lets a driver or pedestrian know that they have violated a law in the county they live in. Mainly, the police use both terms to describe a document. In most cases, a citation or ticket cause your insurance to increase if written up and found guilty, your insurance is notified.

Shortly after, a letter will be sent to you from your insurance stating how much your increase is. If you ever have to deal with a speeding ticket, the offense is placed on your driving record. On the other hand, if you receive a ticket and the judge is willing to send you to traffic school, there's a great chance that you won't have to pay for the ticket. In turn, the judge will dismiss your case.

When entering the court, your MVR or Motor Vehicle Record is pulled in order for the judge to discuss your past history with you. If you decided to get a lawyer, you may not have to appear in court

In most states, violations have to be taken care of within a certain amount of time. Specifically, you have to plead guilty and pay the fine or fight it in court. Luckily, the Internet allows you to search to see where you have your court date. Preferably, you need to know the name of the courthouse that you have to go to.

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Citations And Tickets In Detail

If you continue to receive citations or tickets, the courts will decide if you should take a driving class or if you should have your license temporarily suspended. In extreme cases, some drivers are subject to turning in their driver license for one year. If a person continues to violate the driving laws and is caught, police can suggest that your license is suspended for good. With that being said, it goes to show that the best drivers abide by every driving law.

Tickets can cause the same result if left unpaid by the accused. Most likely, the driver will have an increase in their car insurance which will force them to either stop driving or find a way to pay for their car insurance premium. In the effort of teaching a person to be responsible, the accused may be subject to paying increased penalties due to lack of payment.

At some point, traffic citations and tickets become a public record. As a result, your job can pull up your records to discuss your court status with you. In the same fashion, a citation or ticket could prevent you from gaining employment. Uniquely, some companies will support until your record is clear. It depends on the company that you work for.

Citations can also reflect your credit score. If you choose not to pay your ticket or citation, you could be subject to having a collection agency call you to see if they can make arrangements with you. Tickets and citations can also lead to jail time. Although all of this may be true, if you ever reach this point, you will have to get a criminal attorney to represent you in court. This could end up costing a fortune.

Most importantly, you could end up losing your job because of spending time in jail.

As mentioned before, speeding tickets are issued by a policeman. These tickets are issued by a policeman. These tickets can be dismissed by the judge if it is your first time receiving a ticket. According to the Freedom of Information Act of 1966, most public records can be ordered, especially for those who are looking for a job.

In contrast, it is important to keep up with your own driving record. If there is an instance where you are unsure of your charge, you can go to the courthouse and ask for a print out of what they have on file. Equally important, you have to make sure that you are at the right courthouse. Your car insurance will depend on your making it to the right court room at the right time.

The following are reasons why a person would receive a traffic ticket or citation:

  • speeding
  • driving without a license
  • running a red light
  • no stopping at a stop sign
  • driving 15 miles under the speed limit
  • driving with no seatbelt
  • driving with no tag
  • driving with no insurance

As far as a ticket is concerned, there may be several violations listed on one ticket, but a citation will only have one listed on it. You can pay tickets prior to court and not have to go if you're guilty and can't afford an attorney to represent you. The Department of Motor Vehicles in your town or city has a copy of your ticket or citation in case you need it. It won't go into a lot of detail as the courthouse would but their print outs will show you when your citation or ticket was received and your court date.

In court, you can ask the judge for more time to pay your citation or ticket. In some cases, the judge may order for you to receive a prayer or judgment. By asking for a prayer of judgment, you asking for more time because of being guilty. Judges may also bend the rule if you need more time by temporary placing a prayer of judgment on your case until you return to court.

It's important to show up in court if you have decided not to pay your ticket or citation. If your lawyer is going for you, a copy of an agreement will be needed in case you receive a letter in the mail stating that you have a failure to appear in court. A failure to appear is on your record until you clear it up through a lawyer. Instead of being able to clear it up through an expungement, you have to get a lawyer to represent you to ask for another court date. At that point, your lawyer can explain what happen that caused you to miss your court date. In some cases, it can be resolved outside of court. In the end, you will have to pay a fine and lawyer's fee for your missed court date.

How Tickets And Citations Affect Your Car Insurance

First of all, the DMV is standing by to notify your car insurance that is within their digital system. To emphasize how much your car insurance will increase, most drivers will have to pay anywhere from $50 more per year on up. There have been cases where a person had to pay $800 more per year because of a ticket left unpaid on their driving record. A lot of times, drivers try to switch to another car insurance company to see if their payments will go down, but they will be in for a surprise to know that all car insurance companies have the same database that's connected to the DMV. The database lets them know what you have been charged with. Basically, your payment increase will not be avoided unless you decline your driving privileges.

Reduced Citation and Ticket Fine

Sometimes, your lawyer can get your fee reduced ahead of time. In turn, you won't have to attend court. A reduced citation or ticket means that you won't have any surprise bills later on from that one incident. Mainly, a judge reduces the first offender to help them out. A reduced citation and ticket fine can be paid in the courthouse as soon as the judge dismisses you from the court case.

If you have been charged with a minor offense, you can see the judge and have it waived, or your lawyer can have it waived for you. If a wavering occurs, it is similar to a dismissal. Despite having a lawyer, there may be a request from the court asking you to write a letter to explain your side of the story. In general, you would have to contact the clerk of court or wait for a hearing to hear the response through the Department of Motor Vehicles. Your car insurance will still be notified, but you may not have an increase in your insurance payments. Learn more about how to find auto insurance rates that work with your current record.


In conclusion, if you receive a citation or ticket from a policeman, it's best to take care of the matter as soon as possible. That way, you won't have anything on your record. If you choose not to take care of your outstanding court issue, you may forget and be charged with a failure to appear in court. Significantly, as long as you abide by the court rules, you will not have to worry about appearing in court or paying fines. Particularly, the DMV or Department of Motor Vehicles will allow you to pay for a copy of your driving record every year. Overall, it helps to keep you away from the courts and stress-free. Henceforth, your driving records stay clean, and you will be able to continue to drive without any court record issues. If you leave your case open, it will affect your car insurance premium and down payments.


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Understanding Tickets and Citations

This section covers the basic differences between a citation and a ticket.

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Is a citation a ticket or a warning?

A citation is the same thing as a ticket. A particular citation may or may not come with a fine or a court appearance though.

What is a citation ticket?

A citation ticket is a written notification that the law is charging you with breaking some kind of traffic law. It will tell you what law you’re accused of breaking and when your court date is or fine is due by.

What is the difference between a citation and a ticket?

There actually isn’t any difference between a citation and a ticket. Both of these things mean the state is accusing you of breaking some kind of law.

Is a citation the same as a ticket?

Yes, a citation and a ticket are the same thing. They’re just different words that mean you’ve been accused of breaking a traffic law.

Is a police citation a ticket?

Yes, a police citation is the same thing as a ticket. The only potential difference is that a citation can require you to appear in court while you may be able to pay a ticket and avoid a court date. However, this changes from state to state and based on your particular situation.

Is a speeding ticket a traffic citation?

Yes, a speeding ticket is a traffic citation. It cites how fast you were going and what the speed limit was on the stretch of road where you were speeding.

Is a fix-it ticket a traffic citation?

Yes, a fix-it ticket is a traffic citation. However, it’s not a moving violation, so it may not be reported to your insurance company. Moreover, the ticket will say where you just have to fix the issue or if you still have to pay a fine and/or appear in court.

Is a citation worse than a ticket?

No, citation and ticket are pretty much the same thing. Both of them require action on your part to continue to drive legally, and each may or may not come with an associated fine, court date, punishment, or jail time. This could also affect your insurance rates which would possibly make it necessary to search for cheap insurance bad driving record options.

Is a parking ticket a traffic citation?

A parking ticket is a traffic citation, but it’s not a moving violation. That means that it probably won’t affect your insurance rates.

Is a speeding ticket a criminal citation?

Yes, speeding is a criminal violation of the law. That means a speeding ticket is a criminal citation.

Is seatbelt citation a traffic ticket?

Yes, a seatbelt citation is a traffic ticket. It isn’t a moving violation. However, unlike most citations for non-moving violations, a seatbelt ticket can cause your insurance prices to jump up.

What is ticket citation 147551?

It’s impossible to say because of the different codes and jurisdictions for traffic laws. However, it’s most probably the ticket number that is used to track your case in court.

Are automated tickets considered traffic citations?

Yes, automated tickets are considered traffic citations. Whether or not the ticket affects your insurance depends on what it was issued for. Overstaying your parking won’t affect your insurance, but speeding will.

Is a citation a ticket or a charge?

Both, a citation is a ticket and a charge. That’s why most citations list out your fine and/or court date. You usually have the option to either show up in court or to pay the fine.

Paying Tickets and Citations

We’ll help you understand how to pay tickets and citations in this section.

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How to pay a citation ticket?

That depends on your particular situation. We recommending contacting the courthouse for the jurisdiction that issued your citation ticket to find out how to pay it.

How to pay a parking ticket without citation number?

You’ll need to contact the courthouse that handles parking tickets in the jurisdiction that you received a ticket to get an answer to this question, as each jurisdiction has their own policies and procedures.

How to pay citation ticket online?

While many jurisdictions allow you to pay tickets online, some do not. Moreover, there are times when you don’t have a choice and must appear in court. Check with the courthouse for government that issued your citation to get more information.

Reading Citations and Tickets

Traffic tickets and citations can be difficult to understand. We’ll help you figure out how to read traffic tickets and citations here.

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Where is the citation number on a speeding ticket?

That depends on how the ticket is organized. Usually there will be a blank that the officer fills in with the specific traffic code that you are accused of violating. The number for the citation itself is usually in a different color and font in the top left or right hand corner of the paper.

Where is the citation number on a parking ticket?

Oftentimes the citation number on a parking ticket can be found in the top left or right hand corner of the paper you’re given. If you don’t see anything labeled as the citation number, then look for a number printed in a different color or font.

How to find citation number on ticket?

You can find the citation number of a ticket by looking for a number that stands out in some way, usually by being in a different color or font, and that isn’t tied to any other field which says it’s a number other than the citation number.

What is a citation number for a parking ticket?

The citation number is the number on the ticket that is used to track your specific case. It identifies your case from other parking ticket cases in the area you got the ticket.

How to find citation number on lost ticket?

That depends on what systems that the agency who issued the ticket uses. You should check with the courthouse for the relevant jurisdiction for more information.

How do I find my ticket citation number online?

You’ll need to contact your local courthouse or prosecutors office to find out this information, as each jurisdiction uses its own system for handling tickets online.

How to read a citation ticket?

A citation ticket is actually pretty easy to read. You should look for the description of the violation you’re accused of committing, check the information about your car, name, license plate, location, and so on. Any mistakes in this information could void the ticket.

What is the ticket city when it’s a citation?

You should be able to find the ticket city by checking which courthouse you need to go to if you want to challenge the ticket. That will tell you what city issued the citation to you.

Where do cops sign on citation for fix it ticket?

The rules for this change from state to state. In most cases, the cops don’t sign off on the ticket, but the DMV does. You’ll need to check with your state laws to find out where you need to go to get verification you’ve fixed the issue for a fix it ticket.

Where is the citation due date on a speeding ticket?

The due date and the court date are the same in most jurisdictions. Paying the ticket before your court date counts as pleading guilty to the fine, so be careful before you pay a ticket and skip the court date.

How to find tickets details through citation number?

This depends on the jurisdiction that issued your ticket. We recommend contacting the local prosecutor’s office or courthouse to get the information that you need.

How long is a citation number on a ticket?

This can change depending on local and state laws. It also changes based on what you mean by a citation number. Usually, a citation number can be any length, as it’s just used to identify a particular case.

What to do if parking ticket does not have citation number?

You should contact the authority that issued the parking ticket to find out what to do in your situation. After all, you don’t want to face a larger fine for not paying your ticket on time.

Where is the citation complaint number on a ticket?

In most cases the citation complaint number can be found on the upper right or upper left hand corner of a ticket. Look for a number that isn’t labeled or that stands out from the rest of the printing on the ticket.

Other Questions about Tickets and Citations

This section covers questions about tickets and citations that don’t fit into our other categories.

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How to appeal citation ticket?

The best way to appeal a citation or ticket is to go to the court date that’s indicated on your ticket. Depending on your case, you may want to hire a lawyer to fight the charge for you.

How to write a letter to appeal ticket or citation?

You can write a letter to appeal a ticket or citation by addressing it to the local prosecutor’s office. You should briefly and clearly explain the reasons why you don’t think the ticket is valid, and ask the official to contact you back with their response so your situation can be involved in a timely manner. Avoid extra and unnecessary details and stay away from opinions and threats.

How to appeal citation ticket on campus?

You’ll need to talk to your campus police department or the local or state jurisdiction that governs your campus. Usually you can appeal the ticket by going to your court date and arguing your case before a judge.

What agency uses AA for citation traffic tickets?

This could be any agency, as each jurisdiction gets to pick its own formatting and language for traffic tickets. The most common results for AA on citation traffic tickets on the internet are for the New York DMV.

How to find your citation ticket history?

You can find your citation ticket history by using internet tools and websites to search for your driving record. Depending on your state laws, you may also be entitled to a free copy of your driving record from your DMV.

How to get rid of citation driving ticket?

That depends on your particular circumstance. We aren’t lawyers, and don’t provide specific legal advice. You should contact an attorney if you have legal questions regarding your specific case.

Why was my trespassing citation written on a traffic ticket?

Citations usually come in bulk pads and are used for any crime. The most common use for a citation is a traffic ticket, so it’s likely that the police have their citations pre-formatted for traffic tickets to save officers time and make paperwork easier.

How to contest parking citation tickets?

You should contact a lawyer for legal advice regarding your situation. Each ticket is different and the laws in your area may be different from the laws in another area.

How much is a citation ticket for driving without headlights?

That depends on the laws in the jurisdiction where you were cited for driving without headlights. You should call the courthouse number on the ticket to find out what your fine will be.

Can I pay red light ticket without citation number?

Sometimes, however every police department handles things differently. Call the number for the courthouse or the prosecutor’s office that’s on your ticket to find out what your options are.

How to find red light signal jump citation tickets?

The best way to find a list of tickets for people who jumped a signal light is to look at the public court records for every date that traffic court is held. These cases are usually considered public information, so the data you seek can probably be found there.

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