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Discount Gift Cards for SaleHow Consumers Can Boost Their Savings on Everyday Purchases With Discounted Gift Cards For Sale

Gift card recipients often throw these plastic cards in a drawer after receiving them. Nothing is worse than receiving a card to an oft-visited retailer. These days, such gifts are commonplace in all situations and occasions. No single gift item is more popular than gift cards, and it's a multi-billion dollar industry. Most people don't particularly like these cards, but they're quite versatile and practical nonetheless. In fact, few people realize they can sell their unwanted gift cards for money with relative ease. Even if it's one of those free gift cards that you get from promotions and other schemes.

Gift Cards Are Available At Discounted Prices With Significant Savings Available

More importantly, it's possible to find discounted gift cards for sale. The goal here doesn't involve buying discounted cards and then gifting them to someone else. An individual can instead buy them and reap the added savings while using the balance. Virtually every retailer offers its own gift certificates, which can be utilized to buy almost anything in stores and online. For that reason, consumers can purchase gift cards to the stores they frequent while saving large sums of money in the process.

Savings Vary From Platform to Platform, But The Savings Add Up Over Time

Consumers need to focus on buying the necessities with discounted gift cards. Currently, it's possible to save anywhere from 5 to 25% on gift cards through various platforms. A given buyer might find a $5.00 gift card available for $4.75 on these websites. Five percent savings on such a small amount means nothing. However, a $500 gift card might be available for $450, and 10% savings is much more useful here. Buyers could take that 5 to 25% savings and save on their everyday purchases with a little bit of care and caution.

Buying In Bulk and Buying High Value Gift Cards The Keys To Success

Potential buyers need to focus on bulk purchases or high-value purchases to succeed here. Gift cards with low face value won't come with noticeable discounts. Without a doubt, an individual shouldn't spend effort on saving pennies for low-value gift cards. The most savings come from buying in bulk and buying high-value cards. Combining the two endeavors will lead to even further savings. Also, it's important to note that long-term savings are the goal here because a short-term approach won't lead to satisfying results.

Where Can Consumers Find Discounted Gift Cards For Sale?

Fortunately, numerous platforms sell discounted gift cards today. Some platforms buy and sell the gift cards themselves; others instead connect buyers with sellers. All of them provide protections and guarantees for buyers, though. If someone uses a reputable gift card buying platform, then they have very little to worry about. Every buyer needs to use a reputable platform in order to avoid problems. In that vein, platforms that offer pricing that's too good to be true should be avoided more often than not.

Discount Gift Cards for Sale

One Thing To Realize Before Choosing A Gift Card Buying Platform

Before getting started, consumers must realize that pricing and savings vary by platform. The savings will vary on individual platforms as well, so it's vital that consumers take advantage of pricing changes. Committing to a single gift card buying website means that an individual is leaving money and savings on the table. Pricing fluctuates on a daily basis, and today's noncompetitive platform may offer the best savings tomorrow. For that reason, a given person should find two or three platforms they want to follow.

Here's an overview of the best gift card buying and selling platforms right now:



Why Raise?

  • It comes with a shopper guarantee – you can get a refund if the card is inactive for up to 1 year.
  • A refund is also offered for shoppers who’ve been waiting for the physical gift card for 30 days.
  • Their website and mobile app both offer clean and easy-to-use interface.
  • You can still get a refund even if you’ve spent a percentage of the gift card value.

Try Raise

1. Raise

Raise offers gift cards from over a thousand popular retailers. Individual sellers set their own prices, which means that some gift cards don't feature a discount. Nonetheless, few platforms offer a wider selection of gift cards than Raise. Potential buyers will discover physical and digital gift cards as well as printable certificates. Cards found on Raise often sell within a few hours, meaning that buyers need to act quickly here. Otherwise, they might not find the deal they saw a few hours ago a second time.

Luckily, all physical gift cards on Raise come with free shipping. An abundant supply of gift cards means that excellent opportunities are available. Bulk buyers won't encounter problems pulling in large hauls of cards and certificates. Since sellers can select their discount amounts, competition among sellers can drive prices down even further. Of course, buyers reap the benefits of seeing even larger discounts on their purchases. Discount amounts vary based on inventory as well as supply and demand.



  • Perfect place for common and highly popular gift cards
  • Offers both physical and digital gift cards
  • Features over 100 merchants nationwide



With over 100 merchants, offers the gift cards that most consumers want. A buyer may experience troubles finding smaller retailers here, though. Both physical and digital offerings are available on the platform. For better or worse, shipping on physical purchases costs about $2 per item with 7-10 business day delivery times. It's hard to beat the platform for common gift cards, and most cards remain in stock today. Users may see discounts from five to ten percent on a semi-regular basis.

3. CardPool

CardPool focuses on the retailers that everyone seems to shop at these days. This includes Amazon, Target, Best Buy, and dozens of other merchants. Typically, these merchants will always feature gift cards in stock on CardPool. Few buyers will find themselves worrying about inventory and whether they can purchase what they want. Bulk buyers may struggle to find large quantities for the more popular retailers. Still, CardPool is a simple to use platform that usually has gift cards in stock.

Shipping is always free for physical gift cards on CardPool.

4. Gift Card Zen

When it comes to security, Gift Card Zen is the best platform. All users are verified before they can make their first purchase. The company only sells gift cards without an expiration date to ensure awkward situations never arise. Sadly, buyers won't receive a refund in situations other than a defective or non-working gift card. Savings from one to eight percent are readily found on the platform among 200 supported retailers. The fact that each user is vetted before being given access is a major benefit of Gift Card Zen.

5. CardCash

At the moment, CardCash touts some of the largest discounts on gift cards. Physical and digital cards are available throughout the site for most merchants. The former type of card ships free through the United States Postal Service, which is a nice benefit. On top of that, CardCash features some of the largest inventories for popular gift cards. Certain merchants may remain out of stock for gift cards on a revolving basis, though. CardCash offers cards for over 500 merchants, most of them popular nationwide.

6. Gift Card Granny

Gift Card Granny is one of the most popular gift card buying services on the web. The platform often features gift cards in high demand with a healthy level of inventory. Due to its size and popularity, discounts on the platform tend to trend lower. Buyers won't experience inventory problems, but they may not save as much money here. While other platforms offer better discounts, Gift Card Granny remains a secure marketplace. Name recognition and a large inventory make Gift Card Granny worth considering at all times.

Discount Gift Cards for Sale

What About Other Gift Card Platforms For Buying and Selling?

Dozens of other platforms allow people to buy and sell gift cards. Most of them allow sellers to discount individual gift cards. Should consumers consider these options instead of the ones already mentioned? Well, the answer varies by platform, and it's impossible to analyze every platform on the internet. If an individual wants to use a lesser known platform, they need to prioritize safety and security. Nobody wants to be scammed out of their time and money, and not all platforms value their users.

An individual needs to vet potential gift card buying platforms before using them. This may involve researching the platform's online reputation. Otherwise, a user might sign up and make a small purchase to test how the platform works. Potential users must do what they feel is necessary to feel confident in using a given platform. Few things are worse than an insecure platform, or one that allows fraud to persist throughout transactions. Failure to vet these platforms could lead to far more problems for users than lost money.

Potential users may want to focus on platforms that offer guarantees to their users. Most gift card platforms won't refund a buyer for buyer's remorse. However, reputable platforms will help users out in cases of fraud or defective gift cards. Gift card buyers need to feel confident that their platform of choice wants to protect users from fraud. A guarantee here and there helps instill such confidence. Buyers shouldn't hesitate to choose the platforms that make an effort to protect both buyers and sellers when possible.

Recognize That The Gift Card Market Constantly Fluctuates

Pricing on the secondhand gift card market changes every day, every week, and every year. The fluctuations are often subtle, but they do make a difference. On one day, an individual might find an incredible discount they won't see for another year. Other days each platform might offer similar, lackluster discounts. Buyers will want to try and find patterns in market fluctuations to find the best gift card pricing. In some cases, major savings might not be available for a short period of time due to supply and demand.

Never Forget To Choose Stores Visited On A Regular Basis

For obvious reasons, gift card buyers need to buy cards for the stores they actually shop at. Nothing is worse than buying a gift card and never using its balance. Buyers shouldn't take chances on retailers they don't visit a few times per month. Rather than wasting the money, they should focus on the merchants they love and patronize often. By taking this approach, they'll maximize their savings as well as their actual gift card usage. A gift card sitting in a drawer is useless to the person that bought it.

Discount Gift Cards for Sale

Discounted Gift Cards Are Great, But Aren't Always The Answer

While gift cards at a discount are always nice, they're not always the best solution. For responsible consumers, credit cards may provide a better opportunity from time to time. Target's REDCard provides 5% off every purchase, which is a hard discount to beat. Individuals that pay off their credit card balances immediately may see better results with this approach instead. With that in mind, consumers need to take a look at their own situation to see whether discounted gift cards work with their financial situation.

Reap The Best Results By Treating Gift Cards With A Reserved Approach

Obtaining these gift cards at a discount is only the first step in this process. To maximize the results, buyers need to be careful. Study after study has shown that consumers often spend gift cards with reckless abandon. These cards are a cash equivalent, but consumers often don't acknowledge that fact. After receiving a gift card, the average person either stores it or spends it in one shopping trip. A more cautious approach helps gift card owners maximize their savings and overall results.

By spending cautiously, an individual can increase their savings on a long-term basis. Saving money on the initial gift card purchase is a feat; finding savings opportunities on purchases with that gift card is a bonus, too. If an individual exercises self-control, then he or she stands to save even more money moving forward. Better money habits can turn discounted gift cards into a real savings opportunity. On the other hand, a lax approach to this endeavor could result in wasted time, money, and effort.

For optimal results, a given person needs to be cautious and manage their time well. Discounted gift cards for sale provide an excellent opportunity. It's possible to spend too much time and save too little money, though, wasting effort on lackluster opportunities. In the end, discounted gift card buyers need to pick and choose their purchases, knowing when they're getting an excellent deal. They can then save money with a few clicks on the computer and then find further savings opportunities later on.

You should also remember that there are a lot places where you can get free gift cards, and even get a free Amazon gift card which is so popular these days. You can also redeem gift cards for cash with the companies mentioned on this page. Sell gift cards if you feel that you won't really need them.


Discounted/Cheap Gift Cards

Finding discounted gift cards may be easier than you think, but it’s important to be wary of deals that may be scams. Besides completing online surveys and other requirements to earn discounts on gift cards, there are other ways to get a good deal, especially if you know where to look. Although you may have to put in a little effort, it will be greatly worth your time.

Where to buy discounted gift cards?

There are a few different places you can look to get discounted gift cards. Sites like and offer gift cards at a discounted price, but you’ll also want to check Yes, Staples offers a lot of gift cards at discounted prices.

Where to buy cheap gift cards?

There are different ways you can go about getting discounts on gift cards. You can try sites like if you want to take some time completing surveys, or you can look into sites like for cheap gift cards.

Where to buy gift cards at a discount online?

There are a few different options you have when it comes to finding legitimate gift cards at a discount online. If you want to put time in doing some work, you can try sites like Swagbucks or eBates; if not, you can try sites like Cardpool or

How to make sure discounted gift cards are real?

If you’re getting a gift card that sounds like an unreasonably good deal, that should be a red flag. Unless you’re shopping through a legitimate website like Costco or Sam’s Club, anything more than a 20% discount on a gift card is probably a scam.

How to buy numerous gift cards at discount?

If you’re looking to buy gift cards in bulk, you might want to consider becoming a Costco ( or Sam’s Club ( member to take advantage of their gift card discounts.  Warehouse clubs typically offer great discounts when you buy numerous gift cards at once.

How do companies make money off of discount gift cards?

There are multiple ways companies make money even if you buy their gift cards at a discounted price. Most people either leave unused balances on their card, or they spend more than the amount of the gift card, thus providing additional business to the company. You can also use a save money app which can get you discounts.

Where to find cheap gift cards?

You might be surprised to learn that Staples offers fairly significant discounted gift cards for stores like the Gap, Sephora, and iTunes at Obviously when they have these offers, the gift cards go quickly, so you have to act fast. You could also earn free gift cards through companies like Survey Junkie. Another popular one is Swagbucks surveys.

Where to buy discounted gas gift cards?

Other than checking the sites of individual companies that might offer discounts on gift card purchases, you can look at for gas gift cards at up to a 20% discount.  They have discounted offers for several different gas companies available.


Many of the warehouse membership clubs and discount department stores have discounts and specials when you buy gift cards from them. Costco and Sam’s Club offer discounts on gift cards to their members, especially if they buy the gift cards in bulk. The more you buy, the more you save. Other stores allow you to use your rewards or points toward discounts on gift cards.

Do you get Red Card discount on gift cards?

Yes. If you use your Red Card to purchase gift cards, you’ll get a minimum of a 5% discount. There have been times when this is only applicable to online purchases and not in-store purchases, so you might want to check your card details before you make your purchase.

Does Target discount gift cards?

If you have a Target Red Card, then you can use your card to buy gift cards at a discount. You can see the details at Without a Red Card, you’ll have to use other means like online survey sites to find gift cards at a discount at Target. You can also check stores like Kroger and Sam’s Club for discounted gift card offers.

Do Target discounts work on gift cards?

The only discount Target allows on gift card purchases is if you use your Red Card to make the purchase. Otherwise, discounts or coupons don’t apply when you’re buying a gift card at Target. You can save around 10% when using your Red Card. You can find the details here:

Does Costco sell discounted gift cards?

Yes, if you have a Costco membership, you can find some great deals on discounted gift cards. You can find all the info you need at Costco has a wide variety of gift cards and discounts available to its members.

Where to buy Walmart gift cards at a discount?

To find Walmart gift cards at a discount, you may want to check This site allows people to sell unwanted gift cards at a discounted price, and the sellers are verified before they are permitted to post their gift cards.

How to apply JC Penny gift card discount online?

You’ll find all the information you need at You can apply your JC Penny gift card discount online by using the code on the back of the card. JC Penny has offers on their webpage that allow you to save money when using and/or buying gift cards.

How to buy discounted gift card for JC Penney?

For discounted JC Penny gift cards, you can check sites like for 20% discounts. The official site for JC Penny gift cards also has discounted offers when purchasing gift cards at

Does Sam’s Club sell discounted gift cards?

Yes, if you are a Sam’s club member then you have access to hundreds of different gift cards at a discounted cost. You can get a 20% discount on gift cards if you purchase them through Sam’s Club. For more information, check out their website at

How to get a discount on Lowes gift cards?

At you can find Lowe’s gift cards at a 6% discount. While this may not sound like a lot, it is still cheaper than paying full price. Let’s be honest, there aren’t too many legitimate ways to find gift cards at a discount.

How to use Home Depot gift card in discount code?

You’ll find all the information you need about Home Depot gift card discounts and codes at In most cases, you can use the code on the back of your gift card to make purchases online, and you can also use coupons and other discounts when making purchases with a Home Depot gift card.

Where to buy discounted Best Buy gift cards

Unfortunately, there aren’t many legitimate ways to get a discounted Best Buy gift card unless you’re willing to put in work completing surve3ys and other online tasks on sites like Swagbucks or eBates. The best way to take advantage of discounts at Best Buy is to visit

How are gift cards used at Kohls with discounts?

When you use a discount at or in a Kohl’s department store, you can apply all other discounts like Kohl’s cash and Yes2You rewards prior to cashing out, so you can still maximize your discounts even if you’re using a gift card.

How much should a TJ Maxx gift card be discounted?

It depends, but typically 10-20% discounts are considered to be a good deal when it comes to TJ Maxx gift cards. If you are looking to purchase TJ Maxx gift cards at a discount, you may want to check for legitimate offers.


Online shopping and gaming are huge, so many consumers are looking for ways to get the most for their money. Many companies offer free gift cards with the purchase of gift cards of a certain value. There are some discount gift card sites that offer discounts on certain gift cards, but you may have to jump through a few hoops to actually get the gift card.

Where can I buy discounted Amazon gift cards?

To find discounted Amazon gift cards, you can look in a few different places like and, but you may be able to find deals directly from Amazon where you purchase a certain dollar amount of gift cards and get one free.

Where to buy discounted iTunes gift cards?

It’s not very easy to find iTunes gift cards at a discounted price. If you’re willing to put in some time completing surveys and other online offers, you might want to check sites like You may find special offers and promotions at at times.

Where to buy discount Xbox gift cards?

You may want to check gaming sites like for discounted Xbox gift cards from a legitimate website. Microsoft does offer promotional offers for discounted Xbox gift cards, so you may also want to check occasionally for special offers.

How to buy Steam gift card at discount?

Right now, you can buy a $10 Steam gift card for less than $7 at This is a PC game supply center that offers discounts on several different PC games and gaming systems from time to time.

How to get Xbox gift cards cheap?

It’s not very easy to find Xbox gift cards at a cheap or discounted price. At times, you can find promotional offers through discount department stores or at It’s important to avoid scams, and if a deal seems too good to be true, then it probably is.

Where to buy cheap iTunes gift cards online?

You may buy cheap iTunes gift cards using rewards programs or discounts at stores like Target, Costco, Staples, and Sam’s Club, depending on the area you live in and if you have a membership where it’s required.  At times, you may find discounts at

How to get cheap iTunes gift cards?

Surprisingly, offers discounts on iTunes, Gap, Sephora and other stores when you purchase their gift cards. These deals go fast, so you need to act quickly, and you may want to purchase as many as you can to take advantage of the deal.

Where to buy cheap Amazon gift cards?

There are many different sites you can try to buy cheap Amazon gift cards, but you should be wary of scams. You may want to try for buy Amazon gift cards at up to a 35% discount, but there may be a few hoops you have to jump through first. You might want to check for promotional offers and discounts on gift cards directly from Amazon. Remember you can also shop on Amazon and contribute Smile Amazon donations at the same time without a price increase.

How to buy discounted Apple gift cards?

If you’re a Costco member you can get up to 15% off when you buy Apple gift cards. You may also find even larger discounts (up to 35%) at sites like, but you’ll have to be careful to make sure you don’t fall for a scam.

Does Spotify take gift cards for student discount?

No, the student discount only applies to monthly subscription fees; it does not apply to Spotify gift cards. You won’t get the student discount when using a gift card for any Spotify service.  Review the terms here:

How can I get a Google Play discount gift card?

Stores like Walmart and Costco occasionally have discounts on Google Play gift cards, but you must be lucky to catch the deal when they offer $100 gift cards for $77 or as low as $50 at times.  You may want to look at for discounted Google Play gift cards on a more consistent basis.

Does GameStop discount their own gift cards?

There are times when GameStop will offer discounts on gift card purchases, but it’s not often. Most discounts and coupons won’t apply when it comes to buying a gift card, but you can find out the details at their official site at

How to buy discount PlayStation gift cards?

There aren’t many legitimate deals on PlayStation gift cards, unless you are willing to put in some work on sites like InboxDollars or MyPoints completing surveys in exchange for discounts. The best bet is to go to and see what promotional offers and discounts on gift card purchases from the official PlayStation site.


It’s always nice when you can save money on everyday expenses like food and entertainment, or even traveling. From Disney gift cards to Chipotle, we have the answers to your most common questions related to discount gift cards below. Keep in mind that many companies have promotional offers throughout the year, so you may want to make a habit of checking the sites of the places you frequent the most.

Where to buy Disney gift cards at discount?

The only legitimate way to score discount Disney gift cards is to take advantage of rewards programs through stores like Kroger, Target and Sam’s Club. Kroger allows you to use fuel points toward discounts on Disney gift cards, and Sam’s Club allows you to purchase bulk gift cards at a discounted price. You can also use your Target Red Card to purchase Disney gift cards at a discount.

How to get Disney gift cards cheap?

To get Disney gift cards for cheap, you may have to do a little work. Stores like Kroger ( and Sam’s Club, as well as Costco, allow you to earn rewards (or become a member) so you can use your rewards toward purchasing Disney gift cards for a cheap price.

Where to buy discounted Starbucks gift cards?

Starbucks often has promotional offers and discounts at You may also be able to find discounted Starbucks gift cards on websites like Gift Card Granny. The most common discounted Starbucks gift card you’ll find are when you purchase gift cards in a certain amount, you can receive one for free.

Where can I buy discounted Carnival Cruise gift cards?

If you go to, you can usually find discounted Carnival Cruise gift cards and other discounted gift cards. The most recent offer includes a $200 Carnival Cruise gift card for only $185, which is almost a 10% discount.

Where to buy discounted Southwest gift cards?

There is currently an offer for a $200 Southwest gift card for the purchase price of $170 at This amounts to 15% discount, which is one of the best offers you will find for discount airline gift cards.

Where to buy discounted Uber gift cards?

The best deal on discounted Uber gift cards is with Groupon at You can get a 50% discount on a $20 gift card with Groupon, which is the best deal you’ll find on nearly any gift card.

Can you buy discount Chipotle gift cards?

The official site for Chipotle gift cards is, and they typically offer deals and discounts on gift card purchases. You can also find deals on sites like Cardpool or GiftCardGranny, but often Chipotle offers the best discounts on gift cards.

What happened to all the discounted McDonald's gift cards?

McDonald’s changes their specials and discounts frequently, so if you heard of a deal that is now gone, you shouldn’t be surprised. The best place to check first is, because they have discounts on gift card purchases and other coupons available that add up to more than any other discount website.

Where to find Ruth's Chris discount gift cards?

The best deal on discounted Ruth’s Chris Steak house gift cards is at their official site: You can usually get at least a 10% discount when you purchase gift cards above a certain amount.

How to get discounted Wholefoods gift cards?

Discounted Whole Foods gift cards can be found at, but you may want to check the official Whole Food site at, because you may find an even bigger discount with the specials and promotional offers they have throughout the year. If you're searching for food delivery near me there may be other ways to save.

Special Circumstances

You may encounter some special circumstances in your search for discounted gift cards. If you already have a gift card, you can usually find all the details on the website of the company you have the card for. If you’re not sure about using the gift card with other discounts, you’re best off going in-store to get the most accurate information if you can’t find it online.

Do Starbucks employees get discounts on gift cards?

Starbucks employees get benefits like 30% off food and drinks, and a free pound of coffee or tea each week, but that discount doesn’t apply when purchasing gift cards. You can see the benefits offered to Starbucks employees at

Does Lowe’s military discount apply to gift cards?

Yes.  The 10% military discount offered by Lowe’s applies to all purchases including gift cards. You may have to create an account and then purchase the gift cards in-store in order to apply your military discount at Lowe’s, but you can review the details at

Do Victoria's Secret employees get discounts on gift cards?

No, you cannot use your employee discount toward the purchase of a Victoria’s Secret gift card. You are also prohibited from using a gift card to purchase items you did receive your employee discount on.  See the details here:

Do you get an eBates discount with Walmart gift card?

In most cases, the answer is yes, but it could depend on the situation. eBates and Walmart often offer discounts and promotional offers with each other. You can find more info about eBates at

Where to buy discount Visa gift cards?

It will be difficult to find a legitimate offer for a Visa gift card at a discount. You can see a list of the gift cards offered by Visa at There are typically fees associated with the initial purchase of a Visa gift card, but future recharging of the card is free.

Can I use discount plus gift card at Gold Shop?

Yes, you can use your discount in addition to using a gift card for your purchase at the Gold Shop. You can find information about Gold Shop gift cards at