Do You File For All Eligible Class Action Lawsuits?

We recently got a couple of class action law suit notifications:

Our bank just recently sent us something about filing for something if you’ve ever paid overdraft fees.  My wife paid one a few years back but we both agreed that it wasn’t worth the hassle and paperwork so we threw it out.

ame with one we got last year that claimed that the horsepower listed on the lawn mower we bought had been exaggerated.  The mower works great, that fact wasn’t one that had factored into my decision, so again, in the garbage it went.

I will only send them in if I feel getting compensation back is justified.   For both of those, my wife and I agreed that there wasn’t an issue that justified us participating.  So we threw the notifications away, thus waiving our right to participate.

In the past, I have participated in class action lawsuits where I felt it was something that affected me.

A few years back, Netflix admitted to throttling their high volume users, waiting a day or so longer to send movies to them and often skipping them over for new release titles.  I had witnessed this with my account firsthand, as I was a big movie watcher a few years back, especially when I was doing some traveling.  All I got out of that was a bump-up in my plan for a few months, but I felt it was justified.

I also sent in the paperwork on the diamond (DeBeers) class action lawsuit, where DeBeers admitted to creating a monopoly situation on diamonds, thus inflating the price.  Having purchased a rather expensive diamond engagement ring at the tail end of the eligibility period, I was more than happy to send that in.  To date, nothing has come of that and I’m not holding my breath.

What about you?  Do you send in all of your class action suit notifications that come your way, or do you pick and choose?

3 thoughts on “Do You File For All Eligible Class Action Lawsuits?”

  1. I never do but there is one for AT&T that I'll do since I KNEW the charges were bogus. It's on principle.

  2. I always throw these away because I worry they are scams. Ironically, the one that I have used was for a free credit monitoring service because of a possible security breach

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