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I never really gave much thought to who my insurance agent was.  I have been with Allstate since 1996 when my parents booted me off their plan following my college graduation.  At the time, they were the cheapest I could find with a company name I trusted.

They've provided good service and when I've comparison shopped my policies a couple times since, I've never found a deal convincing enough to leave.

When I first signed up, I was assigned an agent that was most likely closest to where I lived.  At some point when I was living in my condo in the late 1990's or early 2000's, I got a letter stating that the agent I was with had retired and I was being assigned to a new agent that was the closest to where I lived.

Whatever, right?

I then got another letter from the new agent welcoming me as a customer.  More whatever, right?  They were all about looking out for my needs and what seemed standard stuff you put in a letter to make sure your new customer doesn't jump ship.

Except it wasn't just talk.  This agent has actually looked out for me over the years.

He calls me just to check in.  He sat down and reviewed our policy line by line when we added my wife to the policy around when we got married and again when we moved into our house.  When I call with any questions, both him and the lady that does the ‘grunt work' both know me by name.

Even though we moved about fifteen miles away, we still stuck with that agent because I felt that they really were actually looking out for us.

Recently, though, they really blew me away.

I got a call from the agent. He was obviously excited about something, so much that I thought he was calling to tell me that he had just finished a marathon or something (which, even though we're friendly, would have been odd).  But, as it turns out, he had proactively looked at our auto and homeowners policy, ran some numbers, and found that we could increase our coverage without paying more.

Wait, not just avoid paying more, but save roughly 15%.

By adding an umbrella policy over the top of our auto and home policies, we could reduce the liability coverage on those two policies, dropping them in cost substantially, but add it back in and then some with the umbrella policy.  The coverage stays the same.  All the deductibles stay the same.  Our liability coverage actually works in our favor.  The only changes are that we have three policies to pay instead of two and that the total amount over a year will be 15% less than what we paid last year.

Pretty cool, huh.  I did all the research I could.  I reviewed every line on the policies to make sure I wasn't missing something or setting myself up for a fall later.  So far as I can tell, it's all on the level!

The 15% stuck out in my head as memorable because of the ‘Fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more' tagline from Geico.  Turns out, with Allstate, I didn't even have to spend the fifteen minutes.  My agent did, and I still got the savings.

It's pretty hard to beat that!

Have you ever had a company go out of their way to save you money when they probably didn't have to?