Don’t Lose Track Of Your Great Ideas

One question I often get asked about Money Beagle is how I consistently come up with ideas.  I’ve been doing this for about three and a half years now, so coming up with fresh ideas isn’t always easy.

The best tool I have for this is a simple pad of paper. When an idea occurs to me about a possible blog post, I’m usually not in a position to write it right then and there.  But, just like a dream that slips away from you a few minutes after you wake up, without taking note of it at that moment, the idea would likely be gone.

So, I do just what I said above, I jot down the idea.

This works, because otherwise what has happened in the past is that when I do have some time and motivation to write, I would sit there unable to think of a single thing to write about.

So, essentially, the ideas and the time never were in alignment.  By writing the ideas down, it allowed them to harmonize.  If I’m in the mood to write and don’t have a particular idea in mind, I can look to my list.  Sometimes, I’ll be honest, the ideas I have written down are unappealing at that moment, but many times I’ll find one that hits that particular moment and away we go.  Chances are that even the unappealing ideas will turn into an appealing one somewhere down the line.  If an idea sits on my list for too long, I’ll generally drop it, figuring if it doesn’t get me motivated after a month or so, it’s probably not going to be a good post anyway.

The list serves as somewhat of a self-filter against bad posts as well.  Not bad!

16 thoughts on “Don’t Lose Track Of Your Great Ideas”

  1. Well said, MB. I also very frequently jot down ideas on bits and scraps of paper. While some of them end up unrecognizable, many are seeds for future blog posts.

  2. I do that, too. In the car, I record the idea into my phone. I find my post ideas come to me when I’m commuting or in the shower. It’s good to always have something with you to record them!

  3. I have been using Evernote now it is an app on the phones. You can sign into you computer to see what is saved so whether on your phone or computer they are both synced. I found that helps me a lot….it is really easy to just jot things down or attach a website for an idea.

    • I’ve heard of that. I have an awful Blackberry so I pretty much assume that any cool app is not available.

  4. Keeping lists is definitely helpful, but it can also be tricky. At this point, I have so many lists in so many different places (notepads, phone, computer, online apps) that I sometimes forget where to find the idea that I had! But I guess that’s my own fault. 🙂

    • I pretty much narrow it down to keeping a list on my phone using the Notes app built in, or at my desk at work. I agree that too many lists can be impossible to manage.

  5. We do this, too, but with Evernote. I prefer Evernote because I can access it on my phone and then pick it back up on my computer. I’m definitely a list person.

  6. I record my ideas in my notes app on my phone, but if I’m at home I still like the standard note pad. At work I record it on a note pad as well. Definitely good to keep track of ideas.

    • Whatever the method, go for it. As long as it works and leads to productivity, I’m all for it.

  7. I keep a page on my iPad for Blogging ideas. Anytime something pops in my head i write it on there, or in a notes section on my phone. Without writing it down, they would fly out into some open unknown space.

    I also write down business ideas, or anything that comes to mind that I want to look into at a future date. Helps me collect my thoughts, and come back to those ideas.

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