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Say you drove a big rig or an equipment hauler.  You'd think that ‘Don't run into bridges' would be a pretty obvious rule.  Well, considering that we've had two incidents in the last week here around Detroit, maybe that's not so obvious.  I'm not just talking smashing into a bridge. I'm talking where the bridge is damaged so badly it has to come down.

Driving Your Finances

Think of your finances as a journey.

  • You have to get from point A to point B.
  • There are things along the way.
  • There are twists and turns.
  • You'll come across obstacles you have to avoid.
  •  You might hit some tight spots.
  • It's important not to get stuck.
  • You will have deadlines to meet.

These things all apply, and they're kind of like driving a truck, if you think about it.

See where I'm going with this?

How To Avoid Missing The Bridge

You have to wonder, how do these drivers not miss hitting a bridge?  It's so obvious, right?

Well, I haven't talked to the drivers.  But I have a feeling that if I did, they probably got distracted.  They likely got to thinking about something else.  Maybe they were running behind on getting where they needed to be.  Perhaps they found out there was a detour that they'd have to navigate around.

In these and many similar cases, they were so focused on something else, they lost sight of everything else.  They probably got some form of tunnel vision.

Know Where You're Going

Maybe the truckers didn't know where they were going.  Perhaps it was their first time on this route.  I don't know the circumstances, but an unfamiliar route can cause problems.

It's key to know your journey.  You can't know of every twist and turn, but having an idea of your path ahead is pretty important.

Look Behind You

There's always one thing anyone says when they hear about this type of accident.

How did they not see what was behind them?

See, in many of these cases, a simple look would have avoided the accident.  A dump truck was tilted upward.  A cherry picker was not fully retracted.  Had the driver simply looked back, they could have avoided the issue.

This is the same with your finances.  Heck, with life, if you really think about it. If we don't look back from time to time, we might miss something big.  What's behind us teaches us.  It warns us.  We use that information to make sure our path forward works.

And, if it's not working, if there's danger, then stop.  Figure it out, then get going again.

Whatever you do, wherever you're going, keep moving.  Just please, don't hit that bridge.

Readers, have you or someone you know of hit a figurative bridge?  Thanks for reading.  Let me know what you think in the comments below.