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Why Dosh?

  • Emerging as one of the best ways to earn money online.
  • Enables you to earn cash back when you purchase using your credit card.
  • It is easy to use – no need to scan receipts, use coupons, etc.
  • It can offer 1% to as much as 5% cash back on participating stores.

Try Dosh

The Dosh app is one of the most popular apps used today to make money online. After its official launch back in late 2017, it has gotten a lot of buzz and a lot of people swear by it. There are plenty of people who are making decent money with it. But if you have come across many dosh app reviews online, then you probably have a few questions on your mind. You are most likely asking yourself is the dosh app safe to use? How does dosh work? Is dosh legit? How does registration for dosh cash work?

In this in-depth Dosh review, we are going to uncover everything you need to know about Dosh, from how it works to whether downloading the app is the best choice for you.

Dosh Cash App Review: Legit or Scam?The Dosh App Scam: Is It A True Scam?

The short answer is no. The Dosh scam is nothing more than just a name given by a few competitors.

What is the Dosh app? Dosh app is a smartphone app that is the cash back app to beat all cash back apps. It is an app that gives you cash back whenever you use your credit card at participating stores. Originally found by Ryan Wuerch, the founder of the best mlm companies known as Solavei, Dosh has become one of the most competitive apps in the smartphone marketplace today.

What Is the Dosh App?

The Dosh app is an app you can download on any smartphone that will allow you to earn cash back every time you make a purchase at various stores, as long as you use your credit card. What makes this app stand out above the competition is the lack of leg work required from the customer. There is no need to scan receipts, no need to input promo codes and no need to use coupons. It has a set it and forget functionality that can’t be beat.

Is Dosh Safe to Use?

So, how safe is the Dosh app to use?

Considering that you have to link a credit card to this app, it is easy to understand why there may be legitimate privacy and safety concerns. Be aware, while the Dosh app may be far from perfect, it has been proven that the Dosh app is a legitimate business and they take the privacy of your financial information very seriously. According to their privacy policy, any credit card information is shared with the payment processor Braintree, a provider owned by PayPal who has become one of the most trusted payment platforms online today. Any financial information given to Dosh is heavily encrypted, meaning that it cannot be easily accessed by third parties. You don’t have to worry about your information being given away to some third party that may use it for financial gain.

The Downside of Dosh Cash

While the Dosh app may be great, it does have a few drawbacks.

  1. Only Available to United States residents

At the time of writing this review, the Dosh app is strictly available only to those who currently live within the United States. However, as Dosh continues to grow in popularity, it could soon be open to the international public.

  1. Cannot Use Credit Cards Linked to Other Cash Back Apps

Another downside to using Dosh is that if you use other cash back apps such as Fetch Rewards, Berry Cart or Yelp Cash back, you won’t be able to link the same credit card with Dosh. It is strictly against their terms of service

How Does it Work?

Just like with other cash back apps out there, the Dosh app requires you to spend money in order to save it. Upon signing up for an account and linking your credit, you are automatically enrolled to receive cash back. Use the credit card registered with Dosh at participating retailers and automatically earn between 1% to 5% cash back on purchases.

That’s it.

Once the app is downloaded onto your smart device, you will be given a list of “offers” or business that are currently partnered with Dosh along with the percentage of cash you can earn with rewards. It is a great way to cut down on costs of online shopping. Once you have earned $25 in cash back purchases, you can cash out your earnings into your bank account or PayPal account.

Dosh Cash App Review: Legit or Scam?

Which Brands are Currently Partnered with Dosh?

There are plenty of popular brands partnered with Dosh. Some of these companies include:

  • Burger King
  • Microsoft
  • Hilton
  • Shutterfly
  • Turbo Tax
  • Auto Zone
  • Holiday Inn
  • Jiffylube
  • StraightTalk
  • National Geographic
  • Jack in the Box
  • Walmart
  • Target
  • Marriot Hotels
  • Dunkin’ Donuts
  • Staples
  • PetSmart

How to Make Money with the Dosh App?

There are four main ways that you can earn money with the Dosh app. I have covered these ways extensively below.

1. Automatic Cash Back

One of the best and most popular ways to earn with the Dosh app is with in store offers at participating retailers. Since the app shows offers or retailers that are location based, you can find businesses in your area that will earn you cash back on your purchases. While it may be harder to find offers if you live out in the middle of the sticks, if you live in a decent sized city, you should be able to find plenty of businesses that work with Dosh.

Remember, once you link your credit card to your Dosh account, you are ready to begin earning immediate cash back. Just visit the stores and spend money. I promise you will end up saving money in the end.

2. Receiving Cash Back Online

Aside from offering the chance to earn cash back through traditional brick and mortar stores, it will also help you to save money on online purchases. Some of the online saving options can earn you between 3% to 6% cashback on your entire purchase. As with retail locations, visit the online stores via a link offered within the app and make a purchase. Shop and earn cash back immediately for these prices.

Some of the online brands that Dosh works with include:

  • Fitbit
  • Nike
  • Overstock
  • Callaway
  • The Body Shop
  • Ray-Ban
  • and more.

3. Earn Cash Back on Travel Expenses

If you are the type of person who is always going on business related trips or vacations, the Dosh app can help you save money on these trips. You can book hotel rooms with the linked credit card via the Dosh app and earn cash back for each nightly purchase. It is important to note that this option isn’t just available for hotels in major cities. You can find cashback savings on hotels in smaller towns and can earn up to $50 a night in cashback savings.

4. Refer Your Friends and Family

In the Dosh app you will find a menu item labeled, “Refer”. When you click on this link you are shown your unique referral code which can be sent to friends and family via email, text or social media sharing. Just copy and paste it whenever you wish. When people click on this link, download the Dosh app and link one of their credit cards, you earn what is known as a referral bonus. In other words, it is free money. For every person that signs up to Dosh you earn a bonus of $5.

While this may not seem like much money, let’s do that math. Let’s say you have 30 friends that sign up for Dosh. That’s $150 in free money. Now, think if you multiply that number by 2. Think of how much money you can earn!

5. Refer a Business to Dosh

This is truly where the money is at! While referring your friends and family can bring in a nice chunk of change now and then, if you manage to refer a business to Dosh and they end up partnering with the company, you have the chance to earn up to 20% of the business’s fees for two whole years. Of course, in order to do this, you need to agree to specific terms and conditions on the app. Be aware, this opportunity comes once in a while. Unless you are a savvy business person with a knack of convincing others to buy whatever you are selling, I wouldn’t spend too much time and effort on this method. However, be on the lookout for opportunities in case they arise.

Dosh Cash App Review: Legit or Scam?

How Do You Get Paid from Dosh?

Getting your money from Dosh is actually pretty simple. Once you get into the habit of paying for your purchases and accumulating your cash back earnings into your Dosh account, it will eventually be time to payout. The minimum payout for Dosh is $25, and if you spend a lot of money, this can be an easy goal to reach. Once you reach the minimum payout, you can cash out your earnings via your own PayPal account or your bank account.

The Benefits of Using Dosh

It is better to use than the alternatives

Unlike other cashback apps that you can use, you don’t have to do any leg work in order to save money with Dosh. There is no need to scan a receipt or keep track of your own expenses. There is no need to follow hundreds of instructions in order to earn the money you are promised. Link your card and shop. That is it.

There are plenty of ways to save money

One of the major benefits to using the Dosh app is that since Dosh has partnered with thousands of retail stores, online companies and hotels, there are plenty of options to choose from in terms of saving money and earning cash back. The next time you need to spend money shopping, going on a vacation or whenever you have a date, simply open up the app and check out the latest offers near you.

Dosh Cash Reviews, Concerns and Complaints

For a lot of people who are concerned with linking their financial information online or with an app, there are plenty of concerns out there. There have also been a few complaints left on the Dosh cash reviews page on the app store, so I want to address those quickly in this section.

Linking Credit Card and Bank Information

One of the major concerns most people tend to have with this app is the fact that you have to link your credit card to the app in order to earn automatic cash back. As stated above and as per Dosh’s FAQ’s page, the credit card number or bank information that you put into the app is not saved on the app’s servers. Every transaction you make is heavily encrypted, making it one of the safest apps you can use today.

Of course, if you are still concerned with connecting your credit card or bank information to Dosh, there are plenty of other ways you can earn cashback on your purchases and we will discuss those in the next section.

Issues with the App

Regardless if you visit the Google Play store or the App Store on iOS devices, you are sure to come across plenty of negative reviews. Many of these negative reviews tend to be about the app not working. Upon further investigation, we found that it ultimately depends on the time frames of those reviews and when they were posted. During the apps official launch, it had been known to act up for new users once in a while and what app doesn’t? No app is perfect when it launches. But since then, Dosh has made it routine to constantly update their app to keep it in better working condition.

Dosh Cash App Review: Legit or Scam?

Other Cash Back Apps to Use Just Like Dosh

Keep in mind that cash back apps are not new. There are plenty of other programs out there similar to Dosh, but in our opinion, they are not as convenient. These other programs may require you to do a bit of work on your end in order to earn your cashback. That being said, there are plenty of other cash back apps that have their unique advantages and you may want to try them out if you have any reluctance about trying Dosh.


Aside from Dosh, Ibotta is one of the most popular cash back apps you can use. They have garnered a strong reputation for paying out the highest rates of cash back earnings. Customers are able to earn as little as 25 cents to as high as $5 per item in cash back savings. On top of that, most customers are able to get a $10 bonus just for scanning their first receipt within 30 days of registering for the app.

However, unlike Dosh, most of the cash back rewards you can earn tend to be from grocery purchases. Over the years the app has been expanding to include other categories such as electronics, medical prescriptions, restaurants or restaurant delivery service and retail stores. They have even included the option to earn cash back on other mobile apps such as Groupon or Best Buy. Some people even use it to have food delivered. Speaking of delivery services be sure to look at out Ubereats vs Grubhub review.

Keep in mind, this app is primarily used to help you earn money on more than one item on any given receipt. The moment you scan the receipt, you should see your cash back earning appears in your account anywhere between 24 to 48 hours. You can even earn money with a referral system that has some of the highest paying rewards out there. For every person you refer to Ibotta, you can earn a $5 referral bonus when your referrals scan their first receipt.

The minimum payout for Ibotta is $10 if you are redeeming your rewards for gift cards or $20 if you are redeeming for a PayPal cash deposit.

Make sure to read our in-depth Ibotta reviews. Check out Ibotta here.


Originally customers were meant to earn cash back with ShopKick for visiting local retail stores and checking into those locations using the location service on their phone. However, ShopKick has since expended its service to give customers the chance to earn cash back on specific items they purchase from specific retailers.

While their offers aren’t as abundant as you would find with other receipt scanning apps on the market place, the rewards you can earn from ShopKick are the highest you will find. Currently ShopKick is partnered with retailers such as:

  • Rite-Aid
  • Best Buy
  • Winco

ShopKick offers customers the chance to earn cash back in a variety of ways from scanning the barcodes of certain items, linking their credit card to receive a few points for every dollar spent and even watch a video from time to time to earn some extra cash.

To use ShopKick, customers have to earn points, also known as kicks, which can then be exchanged for lucrative rewards such as gift cards or physical rewards. You can earn anywhere from as little as 25 cents to 50 cents on every item that is scanned. ShopKick also offers a referral program that allows customers to earn 250 kicks per every person that signs up and completes their first task.

Check out ShopKick here.


You are able to earn cash back with Swagbucks, just like you would any other cash back app, with the exception of being able to earn rewards for things you do everyday online. Whether that is watching videos, conducting search engine searches, participating in online surveys or completing microtasks, you can find plenty of ways to earn a little extra cash with Swagbucks.

With the Swagbucks app, you earn a currency known as Swagbucks. You can redeem these Swagbucks for awesome rewards such as cash back on purchases from popular retailers like Walmart and Target or even exchange the Swagbucks for gift cards to your favorite retailers. If you prefer cold hard cash, redeem your Swagbucks for a PayPal cash deposit directly into your PayPal account.

Check out Swagbucks here.

Fetch Rewards

Fetch Rewards is relatively new in the cash back marketplace, but even as the new kids on the block,s they are proving to be one of the best receipt scanning apps you can use today. While they have limited offers currently available, you can always find their cash back earnings to be quite high. Typically used for grocery purchases, you can earn anywhere between $1.50 to as high as $4 in cash back earnings per offer. Of course, this can increase when you are claiming cash back rewards on more than one offer per receipt which tends to happen frequently.

One of the best things about Fetch Rewards is its low payout requirements. You are able to cash out rewards for as little as $3 for a gift card from one of your favorite retailers. This could take no more than 1 to 3 receipts and can be earned fairly quickly.

Check out Fetch Rewards here.

Dosh App Final Opinion

With millions of downloads to date and with a current rating of 4.7 stars on the Apple App Store, Dosh is perhaps one of the best if not the best when it comes to cashback apps. It works marvelously with hardly any issues and is constantly being approved upon all of the time.

Personally, I have downloaded Dosh, linked my own credit card and have cashed out plenty of times without any hassle. It is a great app to use if you want to make a little extra money on the side or if you want to save money on future purchases. Not only are the cash back savings the best in the business, but the referral bonuses are impressive as well.

It is one of the few apps we highly recommended, especially for those who use their credit cards everywhere they go and who want to earn a little extra money on the side. There are no hassles to go through and you can enjoy saving on costs without any of the extra leg work.

Be sure to check out Dosh for yourself here.

There are plenty of apps that help you earn cashback and more money on the side. Ebate, Inbox Dollars, and Shopkick are definitely worth looking into.


DOSH is an increasingly popular app, so we’re not surprised that so many people have questions about it. We’ve put together a list of the most commonly asked questions about the DOSH app for you to find the answers you’ve been looking for. Use this section to get a better understanding of this great way to get cash back on your purchases!

General DOSH Questions

This section covers the general questions people want to know about DOSH. Use it to understand more about the app so you can start saving right away.

What is the DOSH Cash App?

The DOSH Cash app is a cash back app that allows you to earn money back when you make purchases with a linked card at participating stores. You’ll get between 1% and 5% back on your purchase.

How Does DOSH Work?

It’s simple really. Just link your card to the DOSH app. Then, when you make a purchase at a DOSH-affiliated retailer, the app will give you cash back as a reward.

What is DOSH?

DOSH is a cash back app that you can use to get discounts and make money on the purchases you were already going to make. It connects to your credit or debit card and sends you cash back whenever you make a purchase at a participating retailer.

How to Use DOSH?

It’s actually really easy to use DOSH. Just create an account and/or download the app. Link your credit or debit card to your account, and you’re done. You can start making purchases and getting cash back at your favorite stories.

How Does the DOSH App Work?

The DOSH app works by tracking your purchases at major retailers and giving you cash back when you use your credit or debit card there. It shows you special offers and allows you to earn while you shop.

Does DOSH App Really Work?

Yes. The DOSH app totally works. You’ll get between 1% and 5% cash back on all the purchases you make. Once you’ve hit $25, you can transfer the money to your bank or PayPal account. Some consider this one of the best ways to earn extra money while you shop.

What is DOSH and Why Should I Use It?

DOSH is a cash back app that partners with thousands of retailers to reward you for your purchases. You should use it because it’s a great way to earn money on purchases you were going to make anyway.

Where Can I Use DOSH?

You can use DOSH with thousands of participating merchants. That includes places like Wal Mart, Auto Zone, Jack in the Box, Staples, Petsmart, Burger King, and more. You’ll need to check with them for a complete list of retailers.

DOSH Safety and Security Questions

It’s important to keep your money and information safe. This section covers all of the questions people have about the safety and security of using the DOSH app.

is the DOSH App Safe?

You bet. DOSH uses bank-level SSL encryption for their service. That means it’s all but impossible for someone to steal your information using your DOSH account.

is DOSH a Pyramid Scheme?

No, DOSH isn’t a pyramid scheme. The service shows deals and specials and gives you cash back at your favorite stores for making purchases. There’s no pyramid element involved.

is DOSH a Scam?

Nope. DOSH isn’t a scam. It’s a cash back app that makes money through affiliate deals and marketing agreements. Those deals and agreements let them give you cash back on your favorite purchases. If you're concerned about scams then its probably a good idea to protect your identity. Read more about how to protect yourself from identity theft.

is the DOSH App Legit?

The DOSH App is total legit. It’s been around since 2017 and thousands of people have used it to save money and earn cash back on the purchases they were going to make anyway. They also have on of the top affiliate programs if you refer people to them.

What Information Does DOSH Track?

DOSH monitors your linked card to see what stores you make purchases at. If you make a purchase at an eligible store, the app tracks how much cash back you get. You can get more information about the things they track by checking out their privacy policy.

DOSH Account Questions

Many people have questions about how to use their DOSH account. This section will help you navigate the DOSH app so you can start raking in the cash back.

How to Get $15 Referral Bonus on DOSH?

It’s really easy to get a $15 referral bonus on DOSH. You’ll get your bonus when you link your card and make your first purchase at an eligible retailer. That’s all you need to do.

How to Delete DOSH Account?

There’s an easy process to delete your DOSH account. You just need to go to your account page and scroll to delete account. Enter your password and you’re done.

What is a DOSH Verification Code?

A DOSH verification code is a code the company sends you to confirm your email address. This will allow you to complete your registration and start earning cash back on your purchases.

How to Contact DOSH App?

There are a few different ways to contact DOSH. You can go to their help desk at You can also send them a fax at 512-287-3097

How to Deactivate DOSH Account?

You can delete your DOSH account by following a few easy steps. You just need to log in to your account page and select my account. Then choose delete and enter your password to confirm.

How to Get a Phone Number for DOSH?

DOSH doesn’t have a publicly available phone number. You can contact them at their support page or you can send them a fax at 512-287-3097 if you have questions.

is it Worth Signing Up for DOSH?

For most people the answer is an easy yes. If you shop at major retailers and use your credit or debit card to make purchases, then you’ll earn easy cash back signing up for DOSH.

How to Unconnect a Card on DOSH?

You can manage your card connections to DOSH from your account page. Just log in to your account and you’ll see options to manage your linked cards under “My Account.”

What is the Best Prepaid Card to Use with DOSH?

The best card to use with DOSH is the one that you make the most purchases with at participating DOSH retailers. That will maximize your cash back and earn you the most money.

How to Remove Cards from DOSH?

You can remove cards from DOSH by going through your account settings. Log into the website and go to My Account. From there you should see an option to manage your linked cards on DOSH.

DOSH Payment Questions

The deals DOSH shows you are great, but the real reason people use the app is to get cash back. This section covers all of your questions about how to use the DOSH app to make money.

How to Use DOSH to Make Money?

It’s fast and easy to use DOSH to make money. Just link a card to your DOSH account and make purchases at eligible stores. DOSH will credit you between 1% and 5% of your purchase and you can transfer that money to your bank or PayPal account.

How to get DOSH Money?

To get your money from DOSH you’ll need to have at least $25 in credit in your account. Once that happens, you can have DOSH send the money to your bank account or to your PayPal account.

How to Cash Out on DOSH App?

You can get cash out of the DOSH app by logging into the app to see your account. Click on press the account balance and you’ll get options to transfer your money.

Does DOSH Accept PayPal?

DOSH will send your cash back to a PayPal account, however it’s unclear whether or not they’ll allow you to link your PayPal account to get cash back on your purchases.

How Long Does it Take DOSH to Pay?

DOSH uses ACH transfers to send money to your bank account. Bank transfers can take 2-5 business days to post to your account. PayPal transfers are instant.

How to Cash Out DOSH Through PayPal?

It’s really easy to get your DOSH cash through PayPal. Go to your account and follow the same steps you’d use to get money sent to your bank. Instead of selecting your bank, ask DOSH to send the money to PayPal.

How do You Get Cash Back on DOSH App?

You get cash back on the DOSH app just by signing up, linking your card to the account, and then using that card to make purchases at participating retailers. The cash will be saved in your DOSH account until you have at least $25. Then you can transfer it to your bank or PayPal.

Other DOSH Questions

There are other questions that people have about DOSH that don’t fit neatly into our other categories. We’ll cover the answers to those questions here.

How to Refer a Friend on DOSH App?

You can use the DOSH social function to refer friends and earn extra rewards. You can access this from your account or from the app on your mobile device.

How Does DOSH Make Money?

DOSH makes money through affiliate and marketing agreements it has with its participating retailers. These businesses pay for ads and deals to be displayed on the app.

How to Get DOSH Referrals?

The best way to get DOSH referrals is to find someone you know who doesn’t already have the app and wants to earn cash back on their purchases. Then, send them an invite through the app.

What is DOSH Social?

DOSH social is the referral function on the DOSH app. You can use it to invite other people to DOSH so they can also earn cash-back on their purchases and make some easy money.

What is the Best Debit Card to Use with DOSH?

The best debit card to use with the DOSH app is the one that you’ll use most often at participating stores. This will get you the biggest amount of cash back money so you can reap the most benefits from the app.

What are the DOSH Retail Stores?

DOSH retail stores are the businesses that participate in the DOSH cash-back program. There are thousands of DOSH-eligible stores across the country. Check out their site for a complete list.

Is DOSH Linked with Swagbucks?

DOSH is not linked with Swagbucks in any official way. They both use marketing and affiliate deals to make money, but DOSH doesn’t do any surveys.

How to Open DOSH in PC?

If you want to open DOSH on your PC then all you’ll need to do is go to their website. You can find them at From there you can go to your account and manage your money.

Is and the same?

DOSH and Swagbucks are different entities. DOSH gives you cash back on your purchases and Swagbucks gives you money for taking surveys and watching videos.

How to Refer a Business to DOSH?

You can refer a business to DOSH by filling out a few forms on the app. If the business joins the DOSH network, you’ll get 20% of their DOSH fees for two years.

What can You do with DOSH Money?

You can do anything you want with DOSH money. It’s just like real money. Once you’ve got $25 in DOSH cash you can transfer it to your bank or PayPal account and spend it how you like.

Who Created DOSH App?

DOSH was created by Ryan Wuerch, who founded an MLM company called Solavei. You can learn more about the history of the DOSH app by checking out their page.

Does Dosh work with Amazon?

We were unable to find information about a partnership with Amazon. However there are other ways to save money shopping on Amazon such as earning gift cards through survey companies like Survey Junkie. Learn more: Is Survey Junkie worth it? If you aren't already a Prime member then you can take a look at Amazon Prime membership discount offers.